My fingers tighten over the flesh they grasp as I'm startled awake, thinking I heard the sound of knocking. I go to move my arm and attempt to rub the sleep from my eyes but I remember that it's curled around a slim waist. My head settles back into the fluffed pillow as I try to dive back into sleep before it's out of my reach. But as another harsh knock is pounded onto my door I realize that going back to sleep just won't be possible at this point. As careful as I can I slip my arm out from under Zexion's side and push the sheets around him instead. The cool air hits my warm skin fiercely, my mind telling me to just lie back down even though I know that I have to get up. I drag on a pair of boxers and push myself up from the bed, wobbling slightly.

I comb my fingers through my ebony spikes as I walk to the door, unlocking it and opening it enough to see who's there. Bright crimson hits my eyes first followed by angry emerald eyes. I flash a smirk at his frown as I lean against the doorframe. "Have you seen Zexion?"

Without another thought I tilt my head to the side, holding the door as I lean against the frame, "Yeah, last night when he came over." Axel tilts his head suspiciously, trying to look over my shoulder. Not quite thinking I narrow my eyes, pretty sure that he can't see my bed, or so I hope since I'm shorter than he is. "Do you mind? I was sleeping. Leave."

The door slams in his face as I stalk back over to the bed, plopping back down in my spot. Zexion's lashes twitch against his cheeks as deep ash-blue eyes blurrily look over at me. I roll my eyes and slip back beneath the covers and pull him close; leaving a kiss on his cheek and a grin on my face. He closes his eyes and instinctively curls against me as I look for a clock, noting that it's way before noon and that I deserve more sleep than what I got.


I roll away from the warmth, aggravated that once again I'm being waked up when it seems that I just went to asleep.

"Get up!"

A grunt follows that statement as the bed suddenly slips out from under me and my back slams against the ground. Stars spot behind my eyelids and even as I open my eyes I have to blink several times to make the stars and black spots vanish from my sight. A snort of laughter is all that greets my ears as that laughter is attempted to be held in, not giving the humiliation of outright laughter. I glare up at the petite body leaning over the bed, the sheets pooled around him like a skirt. "You didn't have to push me off the bed you ass."

"You wouldn't wake up."


"You're phone wouldn't stop making noises, they woke me up."

I growl at him and sit up where I'm sitting, rubbing the back of my head as I do. I give a slight wince as my fingers brush over where my head hit the floor before pushing myself to stand up. "Next time I get up first, I'm pushing you out of the bed."

The words roll off my tongue without my mind able to stop them in time, instantly wondering why I would make such a ridiculous joke. Never in my life have I stayed with someone more than once besides ... besides ... Zexion. Friend wise he's the only one I've managed to keep; the others running off because of their stupidity and annoyance.

Giving a 'tsk' I walk over to my phone and flip it open. Scrolling down to where my message alerts are I can see the one in particular that must have waked Zexion up, a message from Sora. My eyes scan over the letters and I immediately set it back down. I go straight to my bathroom and glance over my shoulder over at Zexion. "Oh yeah before I forget, Axel came here earlier looking for you; might want to make sure that he isn't throwing a hissy fit because you didn't cook him breakfast."

His apathetic countenance doesn't phase me anymore than my sadistic grin; both of us taking that comment as a signal to part ways until we've taken care of things. We crossed a line that relationships probably shouldn't cross when things are as complicated as things can get. But it's been done and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Why just have pieces of eyecandy when a brain can be included in that package with a good personality along with it? I say have it all and I'm going to steal it if I have to.

The door to my apartment shuts followed by me walking into the bathroom and shutting that door as well, knowing that I have to play my cards right and not show my hand. But the text on the screen bothers me slightly, raising more than enough suspicion and foreboding than I can handle. 'ComeoverwhenyoucanloveSora.'

I slip my hands out of the pockets of my jeans and knock on Sora's door. I raise my eyebrows as muffled voices and thuds. I let a couple more knocks pound against his door until it opens, a disheveled Sora standing in the doorway, "H-Hey Van." He looks up at me, clearly not knowing why I'm here and I realize that he wasn't the one who sent me the text in the first place.

"Yeah, hey Van." That poisonous voice reaches my ears and every muscle in my body instantly tense. I glare up at that tall, lanky frame with disgust. My eyes slowly scan down Sora's body, realizing that the love bites on his collarbone aren't from me as well as the hickey on his neck. But as I watch Axel's arm slip around Sora's waist, I can't even form a coherent sentence, only continue to glare at him as he talks so sickeningly nice to me. "Didn't mean for you to come so soon, we just managed to crawl out of bed, glad to see you managed to get out of bed though. Took ya long enough didn't it?"

I reach out and grab Sora's wrist, yanking him out into the hallway so that only Axel is standing in the doorway. With a manic grin spreading across my lips I launch my fist straight into his gut, forcing him to gasp and take a couple steps back. "Asshole," is all that I let mumble over my tongue as I turn around and begin going back the way I had come, letting Sora run over to Axel to make sure he's okay.

I stomp down the stairs of Sora's apartment complex, aching to get to the first floor before I turn around and beat the snot out of that dumb redhead. A quick and light-footed pitter patter starts catching up to me and my stomach churns. The soles of my boots smack down on the metal landing and I turn around sharply, glaring at the brunet. A pout tugs at Sora's bottom lip as he gets closer to me, palms pressing against my chest and pushing my back against the metal railing. My fingers wrap around Sora's wrists trying to push Sora away, not wanting to deal with any of it. "Go away Sora, I'm going home."

"I said I'm sorry Van!"

"It's Axel's fault! I never know what that dumbass is going to do next! Just wait till he finds out I slept with his boyfrie-...I mean..."

Sora grips at my shirt, clearing angry with me. "Why would you do that? I thought you loved me?"

I stare down at his wide blue eyes, this boy far too good for anyone narrows his eyes up at me, suspicious and a little heart broken. "Do you love me?" His eyes fall down to his bare feet, the large t-shirt swishes around his knees and his boxers. "You know Sora," I glance over my shoulder, "I don't give a shit."


"I didn't 'love' you to begin with. I'll be honest; you probably fit better with that psycho than anyone ever could. Go have fun with him."


"Nah whatever, that fruit is gonna need someone to nurse his wounds when he tries to beat the crap out of me later."

Sora's arms wind around my waist, hugging me tight as he laughs. "You're a real jerk sometimes. But you're not half bad." His arms wrap around himself as he walks back up the stairs, not even waiting for my reaction.

I can only stand still, not quite sure what to even say to that besides scowl at his back as he jogs up the stairs. My hands find their way back into the pockets of my black jeans as I start walking down the stairs once again, determined to get down them this time without being interrupted. The black shirt on my slim frame billows around me as the breeze whips around me, far more brutal than the day before, leaving the only option being a storm coming in off the ocean. People avoid bumping into me as I walk, giving me that sense of loneliness that I never noticed before.

Just like that day that seems so long ago the rain explodes from the clouds and beats down on the city and its citizens relentlessly, as usually, my unlucky butt caught in the lightning storm like always. The crackle of the lightning makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, the ache to just stand outside in the rain and take my chances of getting hit by the lightning growing bigger and bigger. That is, until an umbrella cuts off my view of the sky that I'm staring up at as raindrops roll down my face. I turn my head to the side, a lazy look on my face as I raise an eyebrow, almost angry with the interruption of the cold water seeming to wake me up out of life in a sense.

"You'll catch a cold."

The stagnant statement fades into silence quickly, my lips seeming to be stuck and my tongue like a cotton ball in my mouth. I drag my tongue over my lips in an attempt to moisten my lips, to make it easier to ask him what happened. I turn around and take the umbrella from his grasp, "Did you talk to Axel?"

"No. He was busy, I left a message."

"Need a place to crash? I'll even let you stay in my bed with me."

"Not afraid I'll shove you out of it again?"


I turn my eyes away from his hypnotic blues, trying to get away from his gaze. Zexion starts walking and I stay beside him, holding the umbrella over us both. Unlike Sora he doesn't even flinch as a strike of lightning streaks through the sky. The cold skin of his hand is pressed against my clammy one, our fingers twisting together even though we refuse to meet each others eyes, not that I could with my face abnormally hot. To think he could to make my heart beat faster in more ways than anyone has before.

Zexion finally stops walking as we stand in front of my apartment complex and I glance at him, the first time since we started walking. "Lightning; beautiful from afar, but dangerous up close to the point of possibly getting killed."


"You're just like lightning Van, a little dumber, but just like it."

"That's it; you can sleep on the floor."

A malicious grin spreads across Zexion's countenance and frankly it scares me just a little. He pulls away from me and yanks the door open, "Not if I lock you out completely." The keys dangle from his slim fingers as the door swishes shut behind him. I let the umbrella drop to the ground as I slip inside of the building after him, determined to not let him beat me there.