Fall from Grace

Authors Note: I own none of these characters! They all belong to Takahashi Hiroshi. Enjoy!

He was one of the top dogs at Suzuran. People talked about what they would do to him if he started getting cocky, thinking he owned the place, but

of course none of them would actually do what they said they would. They merely smiled at him when he passed them in the halls and flipped him the

bird when he rounded a corner. If he happened to turn back around they'd run like hell. He had many underlings. In fact, his faction was one of the

largest at Suzuran. Out of all those people he thought were loyal once the shit hit the fan only a handful stayed by his side. Things didn't just stop there.

It was bad enough being beat by Bouya Harumichi, losing his standing at Suzuran, but once the Bitou Brothers no longer had a need for him he was

tossed aside by The Front of Armament. After the whole ordeal he no longer struts down Suzuran's halls without having other crows mock and belittle

him. He'd throw punches at whoever dared even look at him the wrong way. However, the damage was done. His reign at Suzuran was over. His fall

from grace was quick and brutal, but it didn't last for long. Bandou had long since admitted defeat, but that didn't stop him from attending the 26th

graduation ceremony at theschool of crows. He fell off his pedestal, but in a way he gained it all back and then some.