Fionna slumped in a disappointing fashion against the wall.

"Caaake. Dude, what the melon is wrong with me? Seriously. I have relationship poo-brain." Fionna moaned again,
sliding further down the wall until she was laying on her back, staring blankly at the ceiling.

"Naah, girl, don't be telling' yourself that. Prince Gumball is the one with poo-brain." Cake assured her, curling up beside
the disgruntled teenager.

"Yeah… " Fionna said slowly, "I guess your right. But still! I made myself look like such a tool!"

Laughing, Cake responded "Yeah you kind of did!" Then, realizing the seriousness of the matter,
she corrected herself. "Uh, I mean nope. You looked totally awesome!"

Fionna slowly turned and looked at Cake. She wasn't impressed.

"Cake. I don't think it's remotely possible to look "totally awesome"
when you're running into the woods crying. I was lame as dirt balls. Besides, you weren't even there!"
She was referring what had happened earlier that day, the results of which hadn't exactly gone as planned. At all.

Simply put, Prince Gumball had called Fionna up to his castle, claiming he had something important to tell her.
Fionna, of course, was ecstatic. This was it! Finally Prince Gumball was going to reveal his secret love for her!
Unfortunately for Fionna, however, events didn't exactly live up to her expectations. In the end, Fionna was left
having embarrassed herself in front of her now ex-crush.

Once she had arrived at the castle, he told her all he needed her to do was deliver some cupcakes to the hotdog prince.

She nervously stuttered out, "Y-you… You mean.. you d-didn't… you didn't want to tell me that you l-like me..?"

The prince casually responded, "Oh, Fionna! We both know how ridiculous that would be! Me liking you?"
He laughed, "Let's be serious, we're just pals! That's all we'll ever be!" He said all this in a reather pleasant tone,
and then, seemingly oblivious to Fionna's already streaming eyes, he turned and walked away. Fionna on the other hand,
was already sprinting out of the castle. Adventurers weren't supposed to cry! Adventurers were supposed to... adventure,
and do awesome things, and… and… and not get rejected, or shut down, or whatever it was that had just happened.

"… Bleh." Fionna picked herself up off the floor, and walked to the fridge. She was in need of some serious snack food.
She opened the door, and pulled out some leftover 'whatever's in the refrigerator taco's that her and Cake had made the night before.

"Shmwowzers! I completes forgot we made these!" She exclaimed in a sudden outburst of excitement.

"Made what?" A smooth voice asked from the head floating over her shoulder.

"AHG!" She fell over in surprise, and demanded the person floating over her,
"What the brick are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know, just checking up on my favourite human." Marshall Lee the vampire winked at her,
and held out his hand to help her up.

"I didn't need help, thanks." Was Fionna's attempted cold response, but she let him help her up,
and was blushing like mad anyways.

"You just wanted to hold my hand then, right?" He allowed himself a small smirk.

Her cheeks were glowing redder than ever as Marshal added "Your cheeks look delicious,
you're lucky I'm on a strict no-blood diet" He winked again.

Fionna, getting a hold of herself, retorted "Shut up, Marshall!" Giving him a playful shove as she stuck out her tongue at him.

He laughed, swept Fionna onto his shoulders in a rather playful manner, and promptly floated out the window with her,
all the while ignoring her protests. Once she looked up, however, she seemed to change her mind.

"Wowzers! Marshall! This is totally algebraic!" The sky above them was filled with millions of tiny stars,
sparkling different colours like there was a florescent rainbow hiding behind a black sheet in the sky. It was brilliant, beautiful,
and according to Fionna, pretty freaking awesome.

Marshall was now holding Fionna in his arms, but she didn't appear to notice, and it didn't seem like he did either.
They were both staring in awe at the view overhead.

"This is actually…pretty amazing." Marshall said softly. Fionna, not sure if he was talking about the sky, her being in his arms,
or possibly a combination, just nodded in agreement. It was definitely cool. It might have even been considered romantic,
if not for Fionna suddenly deciding to flip out of Marshall's arms and down to the ground. She was blushing again.
Marshall gave her a small sly smile as he floated down to join her. They lay looking up at the vibrant sky,
and Fionna, having forgotten all about Prince Gumball (for now, at least), was in the best mood she had been in since her and
Cake had found out the Ice Queen was afraid of dancing bugs and had proceeded to torture her with them for a week.

Marshall turned and looked at her. He had a weird look on his face... Fionna nervously returned his gaze.

"what are you looking at..?" she asked, thrown slightly off guard by his content stare.

"I was just thinking…" He replied, his small smirk returning.

"About?" She hesitantly asked him, not sure if she wanted an answer or not.

"Your face looks pretty delicious even when you're not blushing" Marshall said laughing, as he got punched in the leg by a
once again furiously blushing Fionna.

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