Even from far away, it was plain to see something was going on in the Candy Kingdom that night.
It was lit up like a beacon among the dusky landscape, and everyone was busy running around making last minute preparations;
fixing decorations, greeting guests, setting up snacks, the whole deal. This was going to be one heck of a party!

Marshall and Fiona walked hand in hand all the way to the Candy Kingdom,
just strolling along and talking beneath the stars that were just beginning to peek out of the sky.
Neither of them knew what the night could bring, but they both hoped it would be something good.

"I'm nervous. Are you nervous? maybe I shouldn't be nervous.." Fionna mumbled, as they approached the entrance to the Kingdom.
She glanced back in the direction of the tree house. She was nervous, but she wasn't exactly sure why.
No way she was going to miss this night though. Not a chance!

"Mmm, Don't be nervous. You look absolutely beautiful, love. Just wait until that Gumball lays his eyes on you!
Ohhh I can't wait to see the jealous look on his face.." Marshall laughed, a sparkle of excitement in his smiling eyes.
Fionna was beautiful all right, and she was all his. Gumball didn't know what he was missing out on yet, but he was about to.

They walked up the stairs leading to the castle's entrance, arm in arm. Just before going inside,
Marshall leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Lets do this, gorgeous." She giggled as the two of them,
glowing with happiness, walked through the doors to the ballroom.

Suddenly, the beauty of Science filled the air. Tables were full of beakered beverages and scrumptious looking pastries
resembling the elements. Streamers of Pi were strung across the ceiling, and flasks attached to the walls emitted soft
pastel pink light over the guests. It all looked positively algebraic. Fionna and Marshall looked around in amazement at the hall.
Then the crowd noticed them. It was safe to say the entire room was stunned. First of all, there was Fionna, in a dress of all things.
Then they noticed she was with the Vampire King, not to mention the both of them looking absolutely flawless.
A collective gasp was followed by several other "ooh's" "ahhh's" and a few wolf whistles from the rowdier two glanced at each other again,
blushing, then joined the festivities.

After a while of socializing, food, and science, the dancing began. Couples, groups and soloists filled the floor as music entranced the room.
Marshall took Fionna by the hand and lead her to the dance floor. "Shall we?" he asked, pulling her close.

"Oh, we shall," She looked him the eyes and winked playfully.

And then they danced, letting the melody move them at will with the fast tempo of the song, turning and twirling around the room,
captivating the other guests with their perfectly timed duet. Others stopped their own dancing just to witness the two promenade over the floor.
Soon enough, the entire hall was watching them. They didn't even notice. As the song finally ended, Marshall gave her one final twirl and bent down to kiss her hand. They were greeted with a barrage of applause, along with more hoots and whistles. Looking around in shock, they laughed.

"Well, that was certainly fun!" Marshall glanced nervously around and laughed again.
"Did you notice everyone else stopped dancing to watch us?"

"That was definitely so crazy awesome!" Fionna beamed at him. "Aaand no I most certainly did not, thank glob.
I probably would have messed up or something stupid!"

Marshall was about to reply, when another song came on and both were instantly swept away by new partners.

After a few more songs passed, the music faded and Prince Gumball made his first appearance,
stepping onto the accurately named "Stage of Science".

"Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to welcome you to this years Celebration of Science Ball.
I see you have all been enjoying your night, and I assure you, it's only just begun! More dancing,
snacks and science will soon be on it's way, but first, let me take the time to thank each and every one of you for showing up this evening!
Without you folk, this wouldn't be very fun at all now, would it? All alone in this big old room with snacks, dancing by myself.
No fun at all I say!" Fionna glanced over at Marshall and the both held back laughter. Prince Gumball was a weirdo sometimes,
she had to admit. "Anyways, thank you all again so very much, and don't forget about the special fireworks display at the end of the night!"
With that, the Prince walked off the stage and joined his guests as the music resumed.

After a few more hours of music, friends, and food, Fionna found herself once again with Marshall, dancing to a bit of a slower song this time.
He laid his hands on her waist as they stepped to the music and began to talk.

"Had fun so far?" Fionna asked, glancing around the room. Everyone was having fun, it seemed. Silly question..

"Of course!" He laughed, winking. "Especially now that I'm dancing with the Belle of the ball."

Fionna could not get over his smirky little half smile he had on his face whenever he wanted to make her blush.
Of course, it worked. "I am not! You just want to make me blush."

"Well, I suppose both are true... You do look lovely when you blush. You look lovely all the time, mind you."
He smiled at her, and she nervously looked at the ground again, dancing closer. He really thought it, too. In his eyes,
she was the Belle of the ball no matter where she was. That almost scared him the first time he thought about it,
until he realized just how amazing she truly was.

"Excuse me," A voice cut through their thoughts and they looked up, surprised. It was Prince Gumball.
"Ah, hello Marshall, mind if I take Fionna for a dance?" Marshall looked at Fionna with an awkward shrug and reluctantly nodded,
backing away as Gumball took his place.

"Oh, hi Prince Gumball.." Fionna mumbled, clumsily taking his hand as they took up the dance where she and Marshall had left off.
It all felt very awkward, dancing with him. The way he held his hand on her back, and how he tried to guide her where to go.
It wasn't natural at all.

"Hello, Fionna! Don't you look marvelous this evening. Where did you get that dress?"

Fionna thought it was a strange thing to ask, but answered it anyways. "Thank you, and it was a gift from someone who was very nice."

"Ah, I thought perhaps you had plundered it from someone on one of those crazy adventures you're always off on."
He laughed unpleasantly, and Fionna stared at him.

"Excuse me, but I don't plunder. And besides, what's it to you?"

"Oh, nothing, just making small talk!" He looked at her reassuringly. She didn't buy it, but let it go. For now, at least.
"I am curious though, why on earth did you come with him of all people? I thought you'd go for someone..." He paused,
as though searching for the right words. ".. Someone more like me!" He looked pleased with his result, and looked back at Fionna.

"What on earth would posses me to wanna come with someone like you?" She asked him. She no longer cared if he thought she was being rude.
He deserved it anyways.

"Oh goodness! Well, I mean, you like me, don't you?" He asked, confused. "I mean, what do you even see in him?
A Vampire King? Hah! What good is that? At least I actually rule something." Fionna looked at him in disbelief, but he continued.
"Anyways, what do you think? Watch the fireworks with the real deal, or hang out with a clammy skinned looser? Your choice!"

Fionna pushed him away in disgust, seething."No, I do not like you! Not since I found out you're a jerk! What the lump, Gumball?
Marshall is ten times the man you'll ever be, and you've got a colder heart than any vampire.
It'll be a hot day in the Ice Kingdom before I watch ANYTHING with you." He opened his mouth as though to rebut,
but she turned and stormed away, leaving him gaping on the dance floor. Thankfully, nobody else seemed to have noticed their little dispute.
Nobody except Marshall, that is.

"Wow. That was something." He said, floating beside her.

"I..um.. yeah. I guess so." She stared awkwardly at her feet, until something grabbed her hand.

"Come on, I want to show you something." He led her outside, and she followed quietly.

After a little while, she found herself on a hillside with Marshall, facing the Candy Kingdom. The faint hum of the music was still barely audible in the background as they laid in the grass and found themselves again looking at the stars together. Marshall rolled over so he was facing her.

"I really do think you're beautiful, you know."

"And you're crazy for it" Fionna smiled at him. He was exactly what she needed.

They stayed that way for a few minutes, just looking at each other, and then the fireworks began.

They sat up as streams of light poured from the castle like nothing anyone had ever seen, exploding into millions of sparkling lights that danced around the sky. Colours filled the air as the display continued, wave after wave of magnificent light. They sat hand in hand in silence, Fionna's head rested on Marshall's shoulder. The had the best view in the Land of Aaa.



"I think I might love you."

"I think... I think I love you too."