His Knowledge is Power

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters in this story. They all belong to Takahashi Hiroshi.

He saw the little things no one else bothered to think about. That's what made him so deadly and effective in battle. He stands up for what he believes

in; unity. He fights for it, he takes punches for it, and he even follows someone like Bouya Harumichi for it*. Whatever it takes he's game. His friends are

always right by his side. Even though they'll never admit it they look to him whenever they find themselves in a sticky situation. Be it a miscalculation and

facing forty guys instead of twenty or preventing one of the strongest powers that can rival Suzuran from breaking apart over a few lousy insults. He's

the one they look to for a solution. He is without question one of the strongest among those at Suzuran, Housen, and even the Front of Armament. His

strength is rivaled by no other for his strength comes from not only throwing punches, but that which is the foundation of the growth of man. His

strength lies within his knowledge. Using sheer strength alone he may seem like any other average delinquent; below Rindaman, Bouya, and even

Ryuushin. However, when it comes to the workings of the mind that is where Hiromi's strength shines through. For his strength lies within his knowledge

and his knowledge can bring Suzuran to its knees for his knowledge is power.

*Authors Note: I have nothing against Bouya Harumichi in fact I strive to be like him. So all you die hard Harumichi fans don't come swingin at me.