Overcome and Empowered

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters in this story. They all belong to Takahashi Hiroshi.

When someone says they have overcome have they really? Or is it all a lie? Is it just a way for them to reassure themselves that they can no longer be

hurt? When they speak the words is it for them or for you? They thought they could win, they thought they were on top of the world. That is until he

knocked them off their battle horse. He punched, he kicked, he broke, and he bled; he even shed tears. Not once did he brag or bask in his glory. He was

always striving to become even better; even stronger. That is what it means to overcome. If someone overcomes their difficulties and says to hell with

everyone else then what have they really accomplished? When you can defeat everyone standing in the way of your goal and drag those you broke

down with you on your path to greatness then you have truly overcome. Not many people can do something like this; it takes someone extremely

special. It takes a leader. This boy, no this man, has done just that. He has overcome and dragged many through the dirt with him. He has empowered

them and by doing so empowered himself. The very first punch he threw sealed his fate. He may not have known, but Bouya did, Chiaki knew. So did

Maruyama and Kadozumi. Hell pretty much everyone knew and that's why so many people looked up to him (many of which were too stubborn to ever

admit to it). They knew he would one of the strongest men in Japan. He'd go on to become head of one of the Four Powers. Bulldog would become leader

of the Kurotaki alliance; leader of an empire.