Silent Avenger

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters in this story. They all belong to Takahashi Hiroshi.

He's quiet. Not many can get more that four sentences out of him let alone have a whole conversation with him. Some find silence unnerving, but with

him it's like the calm before the storm. When he found out one of his close friends was nearly killed and all he did was stand there the other crows knew

what was coming. He was one step away from a massive supernova and as he walked out of the hospital doors down to the empty lot where they were

waiting his face was seemingly set in stone. They laughed and told him to cut the crap and signal the other obsidian deviants out of hiding. When he told

them he was more than enough for scum like them their laughter ceased and their faces hardened. He removed his glasses and assumed his stance. As

he lifted his head and looked into the eyes of his opponents they all felt a chill sweep up their spines for in his eyes they saw no soul and they

immediately knew that no mercy would be bestowed upon them. However, their egos knocked their survival instincts out cold and they all rushed forward

to their deaths*. He limped with his head held high; glasses broken, teeth missing, and eyes blackened, back to the hospital to wait for his best friend's

recovery. No questions were asked because they knew that none would be answered. There was no need for an explanation. The next day everyone

knew just what happened as they looked out onto the empty lot and saw the bloodied, broken bodies. From that day forth Mako was looked upon with

respect and fear for he was the Silent Avenger.

*Author's Note: okay no one really died it just seemed to fit the mood. They actually rushed forward to their brutal beatings.