Strength That Lies Within

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters! They all belong to Takahashi Hiroshi. Enjoy!

WARNING: Minor cursing. Nothing you wouldn't find in the manga.

"If you don't have faith in yourself, no one will!" These are the exact words Hiromi shouted at him right before he rushed towards Rindaman with his fists

held high. Make was right alongside him ready for whatever came their way. Pon just stood there motionless. He saw Rindaman take them out and

they'd jump right back up as though they didn't just get a tooth knocked out. They'd charge Rindaman again as if their noses weren't bleeding and their

eyes weren't swollen. He doubted he could land a punch on Rindaman let alone win the fight. "Gyaa!" He was snapped out of his thoughts by Mako's

pained cry and he saw him holding his right eye. He then heard a sickening crack as Rindaman's fist connected with Hiromi's face dead center. It was

then a strange feeling washed over him seeing his fallen comrades. "Oraa!" He yelled rushing forward. Rindaman whipped his head around startled and

right before Pon's fist rammed into the left side of his face he could have sworn he saw flames flickering in Pon's eyes. Pon threw punches left and right,

but none of the connected. Rindaman threw a flurry of punches and after a half hour Pon lay bloodied and barely breathing on the ground right behind

the storage room. Mako and Hiromi helped him up. "Heh, you did it." Hiromi gasped putting Pon's right shoulder over him and holding his injured side with

his free hand.

"Did what? Get beat up?" Pon wheezed.

"No, you found your inner badass." He smirked. Pon made a face and said, "I'm badass inside and out." Hiromi just sighed and shook his head. "I mean

your strength that lies within." He chuckled wincing slightly.

"That's one of the lamest things I've ever heard. You've failed at trying to look cool." Pon smirked.

"Oh shut the hell up and let's get patched up." Hiromi scowled.

"Guys does it look bad?" Mako asked looking in their direction.

"Well aren't you talkative?" Hiromi teased.

"Oh kiss my ass! I hope you bleed to death!" Mako shouted.

"What's your deal?" Hiromi glared sneering.

"This was your idea dumbass!" the battered boy yelled. "It's hard enough gettin' the ladies with my normal face. God knows if I can even approach 'em

without 'em runnin' away! Seriously tell me right now is it bad dammit?" he seethed.

"You may want to try wearing glasses from now on." Hiromi frowned slightly shocked, but mostly annoyed. Pon burst out into laughter and then groaned

when his bruises started to throb in pain. "What the hell're you laughing at? Your face is so fucked up you'll need to wear a mask just to leave your

house dumbass!" Mako shouted.

"Ugh, just shut up you two." Hiromi groaned.

"You shut up! Ya tryin ta pick a fight? Huh!" Pon yelled then winced. The trio argued all the way to the nurse's office and even while they were being

bandaged up. Even though Mako and Hiromi would never tell him, they were both extremely proud of Pon. He found his courage; he found himself.

*Author's note: I really, really had fun with this one! I tried to keep them in character as much as possible. If they're even a tad OOC I'm sorry, but it's been a while since I've read the manga.