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Chapter 1 - Loner


Rikku stood on the edge of a Mt. Gagazet cliff, securing her newly acquired Hot Knuckles and NulFrost Targe, ready to tackle anything frozen that Seymour sent her way. She turned back to where the others were packing up. Lulu was commanding her mog doll to load up her belongings while Wakka was engaging in a snowball fight with Tidus. Yuna watched with amusement as Kimahri cast his stern, watchful gaze over the group from a nearby ledge. He was always cautious, but his latest encounter with his Ronso brethren had made him even stronger. Rikku supposed this strength was contributing to the fact that he always watched over that he was more powerful, they had become all the more weak to him.

She dodged a wayward snowball flung by Tidus and scampered up the ledge to sit at the Ronso's feet. "Are you glad you came?" she asked, looking up at the beast. "Kimahri glad...met brothers...won back pride." he replied in his gruff monotone, not bothering to look down at the small girl by his feet. She smiled and leaned back against one furry blue leg as she watched the others. Lulu sat surveying the antics of Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka as they attempted to build a snowman. Suddenly, Rikku noticed that no one was working any longer...everyone was ready to go, but they weren't leaving.

Hopping down from the ledge, she ran over to the others in time for a snowball to graze her left ear. Wakka snickered as he ducked behind the snowman. Rikku grabbed a fistful of snow and gave chase, catching up to her fellow guardian and stuffing a generous amount down his pants. "Rikku! That's cold! It was a joke, ya?!" Wakka protested, shaking bits of white powder from his shorts. Lulu stood and walked between the two to prevent further confrontation, giving Wakka a stern yet slightly amused look as he danced about trying to warm his nether-regions back up. "We're waiting for Sir Auron to return..." Lulu commented, almost as if she could read Rikku's mind. Yes, Auron...always going off to mysterious places alone, never talking, and always stern...that Auron. Funny how the one who was supposed to be most responsible in the group was also the one always wandering off on his own.

/I'm tired of hearing about him wandering off...I'm gonna see what's up.../

Rikku patted Wakka on the back and walked back to where Kimahri was. She glanced back to make sure no one was looking and then dashed off away from the camp. Plodding through large snowdrifts, she found Auron's trademark boot prints and followed them. She came upon a small cave with a strange glow coming from inside. She peered down into it and found Auron watching a sphere. He was absorbed in whatever it was appearing before him and took no notice of the blonde head peering down at him from above the cave entrance. She watched a moment longer until the wind died down and she could hear. The sound coming from the sphere seemed a cacophony of human sighs and moans. It was then that she realized that neither of his hands was outside his cloak.

Blushing, Rikku sat back up and leaned against the rocks.

/Was he just doing what I thought...? No, this is Auron...not some teenage boy..../

She sat there for a moment longer before she realized that it was now she who was being watched. Auron glared down at her, dark glasses covering the cold gaze that Rikku knew undoubtedly knew was there. She looked up a little sheepishly, "Hiya Auron...." she swallowed hard, trying not to show any of the embarrassment that was welling up inside her. "People go off alone to be alone..." he growled, stepping over her and walking back toward camp.

/*gulp* He knows I was watching..../


Yeah, first chapter is a little short…but I just wanted to establish the theme. Chapter 2 coming…later?