Warning; This story will contain violence, smut, coarse language and homophobic behavior. Please keep in mind that this is all fictional and that the author doesn't approve of such antics. You have been warned. Please keep all this in mind as you read.

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A pair of captivating amethyst green eyes flickered about, catching the eyes of many others and looking over the unfamiliar building. The owner scoffed softly to himself as he reached up and smoothed down his unruly blond hair, running his fingers over the locks before lightly grazing down past his frightening dark eyebrows and further down past his smooth cheek. The boy cleared his throat, straightening his tie and pushing back his shoulders, seemingly trying make himself appear proper and more important than the several students around him. He glanced down at his uniform, making sure everything was in check before sauntering forward, a glare etched onto his face.

The name was Arthur Kirkland. A student transferring from a higher academy located in London, England; to think that his parents thought that he could ever adjust to such American filth. He walked past a number of students, some snickering and some gawking. Le Monde Academy was an international private school situated in the depths of American forestry. The french name gave it a sort of grace that was unmistakeably misplaced as though the school was exquisite in size and architecture, the students behaviors wiped away any means of beauty that the school had managed to gain. Arthur had heard rumors about the school. Horrible and complete abysmal rumors that made his toes curl and his heart race in fear. However, shaking off whatever worries he had, he continued to walk through the courtyard, keeping his head straight and his glare unwavering.

As he walked forward he noted on a rather large group near the fountain. A cluster full of girls with twirled tangles that puffed out all the way down to the small of their back's and bundle of boys with cheeky grins plastered on their pale lips, their muscle builds practically screaming from underneath their unbuttoned shirts. However, out of all this busyness, the one person to really catch Arthur's eye was the boy seated in the heart of the posse.

The boy had short, dirty blond hair with cowlicks sticking up in random places. He had flushed cheeks accompanied with a soft, easy going grin and a pair of sky blue eyes that seemed to dance with laughter. The boy's uniform was unbuttoned and tousled like the rest, but well put together as it hung off his body in an alluring way. How he accomplished to look so enticing boggled Arthur, making the boy stop in his tracks and just plain ogle at the other. After a moment or two, the other felt Arthur's burning gaze, turning his head and locking their eyes together. Arthur felt his heart stop completely as he was caught in the act. He flushed something bad, breaking the gaze and frowning down at the ground. Sadly though, his curiosity got the better of him and he glanced back up at the boy. The other quirked his head to the side at first before breaking out into a tantalizing grin that made Arthur's heart speed up at a painful pace.

"Bugger.." The Briton breathed out, before trying to return the smile. Through all this, a wandering hand slung its way around his waist whilst the other cupped Arthur's ass, giving a tiny squeeze in greeting.

"Ah, bonjour mon petite lapin. You 'ave come back to me, non?" A heavily accented voice purred in his ear, caressing his rump as a chuckle slipped past. Arthur's face exploded into a mortifying blush before he elbowed the stranger in the face, growling lowly as he did so.

"Oi, watch where that hand goes, you bloody tosser!" He snarled, turning around and glaring at the pervert that had touched him. This was no stranger, but indeed a pervert. Francis Bonnefoy cried out in pain, holding onto his cheek and pouting down at the fuming Briton.

"'Ey, why are you so mean to such a gorgeous face? I was just trying to say a friendly "'Ello" to you since it was your first day here, Arthur."

"Well excuse me for defending myself from a bleeding pervert. Seriously, after all this time Francis, you had to greet me in such a grotesque way?" Francis cocked an eyebrow at the other, grunting and crossing his hands over his torso, turning his head the other way as he grumbled.

"That was 'ardly "grotesque" mon ami. Vous avez aimé, admit it!" He seethed as he stepped closer, feeling up the others chest and loosening up his tie. Arthur could feel his eyebrow twitch from anger as he slapped the hand away, stepping back cautiously.

"Hm, whatever. How have you been, frog?" He asked as he redid his tie, allowing his eyes to fall back onto the mysterious boy. He was mildly surprised to see the boy staring hard down at him, causing another blush to flame on his cheeks. Francis leaned around Arthur, checking out the boy and laughing softly to himself.

"Ah, it appears you 'ave already got your eyes on someone, oui?" He hummed, gathering his hands together and bringing them to rest behind him. He stood at the tip of his toes, swaying back and forth on the balls of his feet as he watched Arthur react. It was priceless. His face got even redder, his caterpillar like eyebrows furrowing together in disbelief. Arthur babbled on unintelligible things before clearing his throat and smacking the other on the arm.

"S-Shut it, it's not like that okay? Just s-sod off you." He stuttered, unaware of the arm that was now slung around his shoulder casually.

"Ah, you shouldn't want that boy though~" Francis said in a sing song voice, looking over and waving enthusiastically at said person. Arthur frowned, trying to shrug off the arm.

"And why is that?"

"'E is not someone who...would understand your condition." The frenchman said, blowing a kiss to the crowd and ignoring Arthur's accusing stares.

"What in the hell do y-"

"Hey, faggot!" The boy called out, his voice full of promise and resounding through the large courtyard. It broke through conversations, echoing through the air and bringing in a handful of snickers.

'Oh. That was what he meant.'

"Oui, what can I 'elp you with, Alfred~?" Francis called back playfully, wiggling his hips and waving the other over to him. Alfred looked up and laughed loudly with his friends, later pushing off the wall and skipping over to the two. He raised an eyebrow at the Frenchman, checking him out and shaking his head.

"Dude, seriously. Stop being such a fucking queer to the new kid. You'll scare him away from even coming to school." He looked like he was joking, but those eyes that once held Arthur at a still were filled with hatred and ice. They pierced through him, causing him to shiver from fright. He kept his eyes to the ground, hoping and pleading with God that this was all just a dream. That his worst fear was not coming true before his very eyes.

Yes, Arthur Kirkland was gay. And he had just encountered one of the most homophobic teenagers at Le Monde Academy.

Francis held a smirk on his lips, giving a small squeeze to the boy's shoulder as he felt Arthur tremble underneath him. "Ah, Alfred, you misunderstand~ Arthur 'ere is my friend. We've been friends since birth, 'e doesn't mind me playing around." He chuckled, never once pulling his eyes away from Alfred's. The American scoffed, rolling his eyes and stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Pfft, either way you better stop. It's sick to watch you act out your filthy dreams out on inoccent people. Seriously, when will you stop being such a fag?" He laughed cruely, looking back and grinning at the group that was silently cheering him on. He returned back to two, giving Francis a grimace before moving over to Arthur.

"Hey, are you going to be okay?" He asked softly as if talking to a child. Francis gave a loud laugh, throwing back his head and shaking his head at the teenager.

"Really, Alfred? Always the 'ero, non?"

"Fuck off, Frenchy." Alfred snarled before looking back at Arthur for a reply. The boy struggled with his words, swallowing down a large lump that had somehow lodged itself in his throat. He cleared his throat, making himself look the other in the eye. He winced softly before nodding.

"Y-Yes, I'll be fine. Francis' actions m-may be intolerable to watch b-but you'll get used to it with time, I'm sure."

"Holy shit, your accent is flippin' awesome" The American gushed, chuckling and grinning at the other, oblivious to how scared he really was of him. "Well...I need to get going. Just call anytime you need help with mister touchy feely over here, okay?" Alfred finished off with a small pat onto the others head, giving one last dirty look to Francis before turning on his heel and walking away. Once free, Arthur let out a huge breath he didn't know he was holding, leaning onto the other unknowingly as he felt his legs tremble underneath him. Francis gave a small, knowing smile to Arthur, turning them over and walking in the opposite direction.

"See what I mean?" He mumbled as they finally entered the building, stirring themselves through the small crowd.

"I-I just..Don't understand." Arthur retorted back, staring down to the ground and glaring. Francis sighed, stopping and pushing the Briton up against a locker gently. He leaned over his childhood friend, almost protectively. He checked both of his sides and once he deemed it safe began to talk.

"Arthur, ever since you came out to me when we were ten, I've worried over things like this, 'ave I not? I know what you are afraid of chers. I know what will get you 'urt. Alfred is a prime example of what I am trying to save you from." He spoke slowly, wanting Arthur to understand him. Glaring, Arthur scoffed, not meeting his eyes.

"P-Please, like I was scared back there." He protested half halfheartedly, frowning deeply.

"You were trembling." Francis answered, lifting the others head by his chin. "Listen to my words, Arthur. Stay away from Alfred F. Jones." Arthur felt his glare waver and he finally broke his veneer, giving his friend a questioning look.

"B-But...you're bisexual...Why was h-"

"It doesn't matter to 'im. If you are not straight, you are considered unworthy and a 'faggot."

"Then what in God's name am I supposed to do?" Arthur cried out, biting down on his lip as fear washed over him. Francis shushed him, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone heard the boy. "Francis...Please. What am I supposed to do now? What will they do if they find out about me?" Arthur repeated in a much quieter voice. Francis sighed, lowering his arms from cornering the other and he gave a sad smile.

"If you wish not to be ridiculed, Arthur, I'm afraid you're going to 'ave to 'ide the small fact that you're gay."

"How am I supposed to hide that? Just pretend that I never came out? Just pretend to date some woman to clear up any suspicion? Are you seriously expecting me to keep up that facade for the rest of my high school life?" Arthur whispered in a harsh tone. Francis gave a silly half grin, making Arthur have a strong urge to slap the other silly. Though, he should consider the fact that his unfortunate friend was merely trying to warn him, to save him from coming to a new school and having to be bullied out of it once again. He blinked back tears, mentally shaking himself as he pulled himself together. With an agitated sigh, he met the others gaze and nodded.

"Whatever frog." He muttered, pushing past him into the flood of students coming in for class. Francis grinned, catching up to Arthur and nudging him playfully.

"You sure you can do it~?" He called out, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Arthur rolled his eyes, nudging him back hard in the ribs.

"Bugger off why don't you?" Although Arthur's tone was sour, his heart jumped in his chest painfully as he waltzed through the crowd.

All the rumors were true about Le Monde Academy. They held the most homophobic, judgmental number of students in the state. It made Arthur want to sprint off out the door and all the way back to his new house on Denver street a mile or so away. However, despite himself, he pushed out his shoulders and straightened up his posture, holding himself as if he was proper and more important than the students surrounding him. All he did was to hide his sexuality for the next two years, easy enough. All he had to do was clench whatever fear/attraction he had for this Alfred F. Jones, piece of cake. All he had to do was throw away whatever he had back in England and embrace the depressing fact that he was now in America with no way out, right?

With a shuddering sigh, Arthur turned the corner and into his morning class.

Little did he know what exactly he had in stored for him.

The name was Arthur Kirkland and this is his story.


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