I am warning you now because I would hate for you to get into the story and when it ends you're upset and/or angry. This will be a TRAGEDY. I am not giving you more information so I don't ruin anything, but it will be TRAGEDY.

Hashirama knew that he should say no to his brother. Making bets with Tobirama almost always meant trouble if you were the one who lost against him.

Tobirama's dares for the losers were always absolutely insane and bordered on suicidal three-quarters of the time. Hashirama had already spent several weeks in hospital because of the dares he had made for him, such as playing chicken in a busy street – getting hit by that car didn't tickle…

So when Hashirama lost to Tobirama in a battle of shougi after betting that he would beat the younger Senju, he was prepared to be told to do something absolutely reckless, suicidal and just plain stupid. But what he wasn't expecting was for Tobirama to give him his worst dare yet – yes, worse than that dare that made Hashirama walk through the busiest street in town naked.

"I dare you to…" Tobirama thought for a few seconds before a large, crazy smile appeared on his face. "…to go take a prostitute – any prostitute – and see if you can actually fall in love with them! There's no time-limit, but if it takes longer than a month, than you should consider getting a new one to try! And you have to keep on trying and trying until you do find one!"

Hashirama's eyes widened in shock. What the fuck was Tobirama thinking?

"Tobi, I am not getting a prostitute." Hashirama said sternly, trying to get out of a dare for the first time – Hashirama was a man true to his word, and no matter what he was told to do, if he makes a bet and loses it, then he will face the consequences – but not this time. "They're usually full of diseases!"

"Na-ah!" Tobirama taunted, waving his finger around from side to side. "You can't back out on a dare now, aniki! You have to do it! You always do all the other ones!"

Hashirama sighed, but he knew that his brother was right. But… what if he went through with this dare and something horrible happened because of it? Hashirama would never be able to blame his otouto, but…

"Fine." Hashirama groaned in annoyance. "I'll do it. But I sincerely hope that nothing happens because of this, Tobi, or else you will be the one taking the blame."

Tobirama grinned happily, disregarding his brother's last comment. "Remember, aniki - you don't have to have sex with them but see how much you can fall for each other!"

"Something tells me I'm gonna regret this…" Hashirama whispered to himself with another groan, getting up to his feet to grab the phone and order a prostitute. Hashirama didn't think that he would ever fall in love with a prostitute, but soon enough, he was about to be proved wrong.


Sixteen-year-old Uchiha Madara walked timidly up the steps of the Senju mansion. He was frightened - though he had been with many others as a whore, the ones with money bursting out of the walls (the Senju were the richest family in town) were the worst.

All of the other rich bastards had only ever been cruel and insensitive and loved to torture Madara, so why would this Senju be any different?

Madara had only been in this business for a few years now - since he was ten, to be exact - but he had always hated every second of it, and he hated his own parents even more for being the ones who had gotten him into this situation.

"Stupid fuckers…" The Uchiha hissed under his breath as he shook timidly, walking up to the door of the mansion. "Some parents they are… sold their own son just for more money…"

Madara reluctantly raised his hand and timidly rang the doorbell. He waited only seconds for the door to be opened and a man stood before him.

The man smirked at Madara, beckoning him in, almost like he knew what was about to happen and was excited to hear about it the next morning – whatever it was that was going to happen… Pervert probably only wanted to hear in details how Madara had his brains fucked out viciously…

"Come in." The man said slyly. Madara did as he was told and quickly noticed that he had silver hair that was falling into his eyes and spiked up pretty high. He wore an expensive-looking yukata, only furthering Madara's distrust of these people already – showing off their money to an outsider... Madara hated it. "My brother is expecting you."

Madara shivered softly as he followed the man inside of the mansion – he wanted nothing to do with this man.

Madara was silent as the silver-haired man led him up a long flight of stairs, and after what felt like forever – and even more showing off of their various expensive belongings, of course – the man stopped Madara outside of a room with large double doors.

"Just in here." As the man pointed at the room, he smirked knowingly at Madara, making the Uchiha's jaw clench. "Oh… I'm Senju Tobirama by the way."

Madara glared at this Tobirama guy and pushed the doors open tentatively. He looked in the room before he entered, finding a man with long, brown hair sprawled lazily on a king size bed.

The man looked up and smiled at the teenager standing in the doorway, rolling over onto his side to presumably make room for the Uchiha on the bed.

"Come in." He said kindly, gesturing for the raven to enter the room.

Madara obeyed, knowing that the littlest form of disobedience could result in a severe punishment – it had happened before and he wasn't willing to get anymore. He bowed to the man lying before him before stepping into the room warily, slowly making his way over to the bed.

"Uchiha Madara…" Madara said softly, avoiding eye contact. He didn't care that his name hadn't been asked just yet - he just wanted to get this over and done with.

The man sat up on the bed, smirking amusedly at Madara. "Senju Hashirama. Aren't you an anxious child?"

"Don't call me a child!" Madara snapped before realising his blunder - he could be beaten savagely for that. At that thought, he cowered slightly, closing his eyes and bracing himself for whatever could be thrown his way.

Hashirama chuckled softly and smiled at Madara, running a hand through his chocolate locks. "Well, you certainly are becoming a man. I'm sorry, Uchiha-kun."

"Don't…" Madara took a deep breath, trying to control his anger, "… call me by my clan name… Please."

"Oh? Why not?" Hashirama genuinely was curious about this – what reason could Madara have to not want to be referred to by his family name?

"…" Madara was silent, glaring daggers at the ground.

"I see." Hashirama smiled, getting off the bed and walking to Madara's side. "We all have something about us we don't like. It is a sad thing that we cannot change who or what we are, is it not, Madara-kun?"

Madara looked up at Hashirama. The Senju wasn't taunting Madara at all… In fact, he was agreeing with him. No one ever agreed with Madara because all he was was a whore for them to satisfy themselves with and then leave once they were done. Madara looked back down at the ground.

"…" Madara was silent, still staring at the ground but his expression softened just a little.

Hashirama chuckled sadly, his eyes full of sympathy for the young prostitute. "Not very talkative, are you?"


Hashirama frowned, sensing the sadness wafting from the Uchiha. "Are you okay…?"

"… I just want to get this over and done with so I can go to sleep…" Madara said quietly, speaking the truth – sleeping after a session was his way of coping with the stress.

"Oh, really? Why not go to sleep right now? I didn't want to do anything with you anyway."

Madara's eyes flashed dangerously, almost as if he were offended. He looked back up the Senju, his eyes narrowed, his black eyes glinting almost blood-red.

"What makes you say that?" Madara spat through gritted teeth.

Hashirama raised an eyebrow at Madara's behaviour – he just couldn't seem to work this kid out. "I am sorry if I offended you, Madara-kun - it's just that I didn't ask for a prostitute to my home to have sex with. I think you're a very handsome young man, but I really only wanted someone to spend the night with. Not for sex, but… more of a friend type of thing, you know?"

Madara's gaze dropped once more, not sure if he could trust this Senju or not. "…"

"Come." Hashirama walked back to the bed and patted it, smiling. "You are tired, right? This bed is very large - you're welcome to go to sleep. It's what a bed is for, right?"

"Among other things…" Madara muttered softly, sorrow deep in his voice.

Hashirama felt his heart drop at those words - such a young child and already experienced in the way of sexual gratification. How could anyone live like that? If he were in Madara's position, the Senju would rather kill himself than live like that.

As Madara warily climbed onto the bed warily beside Hashirama, said Senju didn't miss the way Madara trembled as he brushed past the Senju. It seemed that Madara was actually scared of his job.

Hashirama didn't blame the poor thing - he would hate to have to sell his body for money, too.

Madara quickly climbed to the other end of the bed, jumping under the covers and without hesitation, closed his eyes.

How often did this child actually get to sleep in a safe environment, Hashirama wondered. He couldn't have thought it would be many times.

No – Madara would probably be used to sleeping in the gutter or somewhere else where he could assaulted at any time by anyone, considering his profession.

"Good night, Madara-kun." Hashirama smiled, watching as the boy laid down quickly on his side, his back facing the Senju.

"…" Madara ignored Hashirama, but the Senju didn't mind - the teen probably wasn't used to such kindness at all - because of that, he probably wouldn't know how to react to kindness.

Hashirama knew three things right now as he watched the Uchiha sleep. One; he had fallen in love with this unloved child at first sight. Two; Tobirama seriously had to chill out with his stupid dares or one day he really would kill Hashirama by accident. And three; Hashirama felt such a strong attachment to this probably very damaged child that right now, all he could think about was trying to help him out.