The two Uchiha boys had been with the Senju for three months now. As promised, Tobirama had booked Izuna in for an experimental double eye transplant, and today was the big day for him.

Izuna and Tobirama were up early, too excited to sleep past five, and Hashirama and Madara were still fast asleep. Madara had been very unwell the night before, and he had a doctor's appointment during Izuna's operation.

Hours later, once everyone had awoken, Madara was eating his breakfast in the living room, not wanting to chance making Izuna sick.

It wasn't long later when Madara and Hashirama found themselves sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's clinic. The raven-haired boy was wrapped in a red blanket, sitting on Hashirama's lap as he shivered and sniffled.

"You okay, Madara-chan?" Hashirama asked in a gentle manner, running his hand through the spikey hair. "Can I get you anything?"

Madara shook his head as he cuddled in closer. He moaned miserably, "S-sick..."

"I know... Shh..."

"Uchiha Madara?"

Both Senju and Uchiha perked up at Madara's name. Hashirama picked the ill male up and carried him after the blond doctor that was waiting for them patiently.

"This way, please," the doctor smiled, his glasses slipping down his nose.

Madara groaned softly as he reached up and grabbed his throbbing head. The second Hashirama let go of him to lay him down on the bed, he whimpered and reached out for the Senju, not wanting to be away from him.

Hashirama sat down on the bed beside his underage lover, smiling as the boy snuggled in against him.

"It appears he has the flu," the doctor observed as he pulled on gloves and moved closer to the boy to examine him.

Madara whined when the doctor started to touch him. He weakly resisted, not wanting the hands on him.

"I apologise," Hashirama said as he noticed this behaviour. "He only lets his brother and myself touch him."

"That's okay. May I ask you a few personal questions about his health?"

Hashirama nodded. "Of course."

"Is he sexually active?"

The Senju bit his lip; how was he supposed to answer that? "...I believe so... He has a partner, but I don't know anything else..."

The doctor nodded. "I'd like to run a few blood tests to be on the safe side."

"That's fine."

Madara barely moved when the syringe pierced his skin a few minutes later; he was too busy trying to ease the ache in his head.

"We'll have his results in a few weeks," the doctor explained. "We'll call you."

Hashirama nodded. He wrapped Uchiha up in the blanket and carried him out of the room.

With Izuna~~

Tobirama entered the room Izuna was resting in, finding the bot laying on the hospital bed with bandages over his eyes. The surgeon who had done the transplant moved to Izuna's side and shook the child awake.

"Mm..." Izuna groaned as he stirred.

"How do you feel, Izu-koi?" Tobirama asked as he sat on the bed beside the boy.

"...Sore..." Izuna whined as he rubbed at the bandages.

The doctor unravelled the bandages and, once Tobirama saw the eyes that were now sitting in once-empty sockets, he gasped; the doctors were incredibly lucky to find eyes identical to Madara's black ones, and they looked gorgeous.

"I..." Izuna's eyes welled up with tears as he saw his surroundings for the first time in years. "I can see!"

Tobirama let pulled Izuna into a tight hug, relieved to know that his precious boyfriend was no longer blind.

"Wait until Hashi-nii and Madara hear about this," Tobirama whispered to Izuna.

"Yeah!" Izuna exclaimed, his eyes shining with excitement. "They'll be so happy!"

Tobirama thanked the doctor many times, just so thankful that they had been able to help the boy and, soon enough, he was carrying the teenager out to the car, ready to take him home and parade him around his family.

That night

That night, as they cuddled together, Izuna said the words that Tobirama had been dying to hear.

"You're so cute, Tobi." Izuna smiled before he kissed the Senju's lips. "I'm so glad I said yes to your question. I want to make love with you like Mada-nii and Hashi-sama are."

Tobirama chuckled and pulled Izuna down to lay beside him. "I have waited a long time to hear these words. I'll make love, but nothing more to you, Izuna-koi."

Izuna giggled and, soon enough, new moans and cries of pleasure rang through the air, joining the ones that already resonated from Hashirama's bedroom.

~~Time skip~~

Weeks had passed by and the two Uchiha couldn't have been happier. This was evidenced by the way Izuna approached his brother, wrapping his arms around the elder with a soft giggle.

"I love you, aniki!"

Madara couldn't help but smile as he returned the hug. "I love you, too, Izuna. ...I wonder what they're talking about up there."

Izuna pulled away, a slight frown on his face. He knew the Senju were in question, having been on the phone in the bedroom for a while now. "The phone rang and Tobi answered it. When he hung up, he asked me to leave so he could talk to Hashi-sama. Do you think something is wrong?"

Madara couldn't help but feel as if that was indeed the case, but he didn't want to worry Izuna. Instead, he shook his head in reassurance. "I'm sure it's nothing. Let's go and see what they're talking about."

"But maybe it's between them and we can't know, aniki!" Izuna hesitated, shifting his feet uneasily; he was used to being abused if he accidentally overheard something he shouldn't have, and he was scared the same scenario could potentially happen again.

"Izuna, I –" Before Madara could finish speaking, Tobirama's voice floated down from upstairs.

"Boys?" the younger Senju called. Madara couldn't help but note that the usually clam voice was shaking. "Come upstairs. It's urgent."

The brothers glanced at each other before they hurried up the stairs and into Hashirama's room, almost frightened to hear what was to be said. The concern only increased as they immediately saw the brunet's tear-stained face.

"Hashi-san, why are you crying?" Madara couldn't help but whimper, the horror at seeing such a cheerful person so sad.

Hashirama looked to his lover before he opened his arms wide, silently asking Madara to climb into them.

"Hashi-san, please don't cry," Madara whimpered again. "I'm sure that whatever it is will be okay."

Hashirama shook his head, tightening his hold on Madara. "No... It will never be okay..."

Izuna looked up at Tobirama. "What is wrong with Hashi-sama?"

Tobirama closed his eyes as he picked the boy up. "...I got a call from Madara's doctor..."

"So?" Izuna mumbled, not understanding what could be so bad.

"...The results of his blood test... Madara... has AIDS..."

Hashirama cried loudly at this while Madara could only gasp.

"AIDS?" Izuna asked, his head tilting. "What's that?"

"It's a disease... It makes people very sick, and... they eventually... die..."

Izuna gasped as realisation hit him. "...My... aniki..."

Tobirama held the boy tighter, letting him cry. He looked at his brother and was heartbroken to see him cry. While the aforementioned Uchiha wasn't displaying such raw emotion, the pain was obvious as his bit his lip, his eyes half-lidded.

"...I..." Madara stuttered. "...I f-finally have a good life... I... I don't want to die anymore..."