Before Madara had been diagnosed with AIDS, Hashirama had always dreamt that he would be spending his birthday with Tobirama and the Uchiha, having a great time.

Instead, the brunet was at the hospital getting tested for AIDS. Tobirama had begged him to get a test as he was unable to bear the mere thought of losing his brother in such a cruel manner.

Hashirama thanked the doctor for his time as he pulled his jacket back on and left the hospital by himself, ready to spend his birthday with his family.

Senju was quiet when he returned home. He was greeted by Madara with a hug and kiss, and he couldn't help but return them, wanting to spend as much time as he could before the raven passed.

"I love you," Madara whispered. "Happy birthday."

"Thank you, love." Hashirama smiled. "I love you, too. Are the other two ready?"

"Yes, Hashi-san." Madara smiled back as he leant into the man's hold, soothed by his gentleness. "They want to make today as good as they can."

Hashirama nodded as he observed his lover. Madara was wearing a blood-red shirt, black shorts that defined his skinny legs, and a black jacket the Uchiha had left open, hanging around him. Tobirama must have taken him shopping as the younger didn't have these clothes earlier.

Someone had helped Madara with his unruly hair, straightening it so it lay flat down his back as a bang covered his right eye.

"You look so beautiful." Hashirama smiled.

Madara smiled brightly at the compliment, glad his lover thought so; it meant the world to him. "Your brother did my hair."

The brunet was overjoyed by these words, having always wanted the two to behave. "I'm glad you're getting along together."

"Well, he makes my brother very happy." Madara shrugged as if it weren't a big deal. "He's protected him from so many people."

"Izuna-kun found a great person in my baby brother," Hashirama agreed.

Madara frowned before he spoke again, a thoughtful look in his onyx eyes. "…I don't like that they make love. I wish he left my otouto innocent just a little longer… But I guess the important thing is that Izuna enjoys it."

"It is. Let's go check on the two lovebirds."

Madara followed his lover upstairs and to Izuna and Tobirama's bedroom. Once they pushed the door open just a few minutes later, they found the younger Uchiha atop Tobirama, the two naked, sweaty and panting.

"Didn't I tell you guys to be ready for when I got home?" Hashirama joked around.

Tobirama chuckled, reaching up to grab his lover's hips and still the boy's movements. "Well, we would be ready, but I was giving Izuna-koi oral and he wanted more."

Madara looked away in uneasiness as he heard his brother giggle.

"Well, as good as it is that you are looking after him," Hashirama started, "you both need to learn a little restraint. Go and have a shower. Mada-chan and I will wait for you."

As the two younger brothers headed into the joined bathroom together, it left just Madara and Hashirama together.

"Izu-kun is much different compared to when he first came here," Hashirama pointed out.

"Yes. I guess I must thank Tobi for brightening up Izuna's life"

Hashirama kissed Madara and took the younger's hand, guiding him out of the bedroom and downstairs.

The two cuddled on the couch for a while until their brothers came downstairs, freshly bathed from their shower.

Tobirama had spiked his hair up more than usual while some of it fell into his eyes, and he was wearing a blue yukata with a bracelet on his left wrist.

Izuna's hair had been dried and straightened, hanging loosely over his shoulder while the back of his head spiked up as usual. Tobirama had dressed him in a black kimono, and the mascara that highlighted his features topped it all off.

"Otouto, you look gorgeous!" Madara cheered at the sight of his baby brother.

"Thanks, nii-san," Izuna uttered shyly, a blush coating his cheeks.

"Are we all ready to go?" Tobirama questioned.

"Madara, are you ready?" the brunet asked.

Madara smiled brightly as he nodded. "Let's go."

Everyone smiled and walked out to Hashirama's car, and the talk on the way to the restaurant was full of joy.

But things weren't going to be so simple.