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Madara's eyes snapped open slowly the next morning. He yawned and smiled, stretching. He had a great dream last night. He had dreamt that Hashirama had made love to him.

Madara smiled and snuggled in closer to his brother at the memory. He was unaware of the mess that he had coated no only himself and the bed in, but his brother also sometime during the night.

Madara's eyes widened as he felt the stickiness of his own baby brother's pyjamas against his own naked body. He sincerely hoped that Izuna had slept through the wet-dream and was none-the-wiser.

With a frown, Madara leapt out of the bed and ran to Tobirama's bedroom. He knew that Hashirama was sleeping with his brother until Izuna could share the bed.

"Hashirama-sama!" Madara whimpered as he ran to the Senju's side. "Hashirama-sama, I need to talk to you!"

Hashirama's eyes opened, concern in them. "What is it, Madara-kun?"

Madara sobbed and crawled into Hashirama's lap. He buried his face in the blue shirt. He felt too embarrassed about what had happened to tell the older man, but he also needed to speak about it, too.

"Shh…" Hashirama held Madara, rubbing the Uchiha's back. "Would you rather I guess as to what is causing you such distress, Madara-kun?"

"Please…" Madara whispered.

Hashirama smiled and moved to whisper into Madara's ear. "You had a wet dream, didn't you?"

Madara blushed and nodded amidst his tears. "…It's all over Izuna… How did you know…?"

Hashirama nuzzled Madara's cheek, pointing at Tobirama. "He had a wet dream, too. Woke me up, so I went downstairs until he had reached completion. I passed by my bedroom and heard you moaning and crying out my name. Was that your first wet dream?"

Madara nodded, blushing darker. "Yes…"

Hashirama chuckled and kissed the Uchiha's lips. "Would you like to experience my hand pleasuring you…?"

Madara gulped and nodded, unable to meet Hashirama's gaze. "…Y-yes, Hashirama-sama…"