Air traffic control unit – London Heathrow

"Sir I've got an, well frankly sir I'm not absolutely sure what I've got." A frowning young man stares at his air traffic control station.

An older man with far too much facial hair moves behind him and glances down at the blip on the screen. "Dam, what ever it is it's moving at one hell of a lick."

Behind them the door opens and two men step into the control room. The older man turns to see who's entered. "Emm excuse me gentlemen this is a restricted area you'll have to leave."

One of the men, steps forward and smiles. "It's OK." He pauses remembering the detail. "Bernard. We are from the department of defence. We understand you have something strange on the radar."

The young man who has not lifted his gaze from the console shouts out. "It's gone!"

Bernard turns and looks back at the screen. "It can't just disappear, not unless it crashed."

The second slightly older man steps forward, showing his ID. "Gentlemen, what you saw here must go no further, just trust that your government has it all in hand."

A blacked out figure watches the scene below. A crowed of mixed aged men throw bottles and yell taunts at the thin line of police 100 yards down the street.

"Alfred are you getting these pictures?"

The comms link crackles. "Yes sir, seems to be a little bit of a stalemate."

"I want you to run the faces through the crime computer, see if any of these thugs have got links to someone bigger."

"Running the scan, will report back when and if I have anything sir."

"Good, time I un-stalemated this situation."

Scanning the scene below, the street is too well lit and not ideal for working in, well not for someone like him. He scans the road, just behind the group of men an alley, looks promising.

"You stinking pigs, this is our town, got it our town!"

A line zipps out from the alley and wraps around the shouting youths legs. Before he has time to react he is pulled off his feet and begins to be dragged rapidly towards the alley.

The group notices their comrade being pulled away by some mystery assailant.

"Hey, what gives?" shouts one of the group and begins to follow quickly the individual who is about to disappear into the alley.

"Whoever you are man, we are going to fuck you up good." Calls the group leader to the alley.

The group of 10 youths swagger into the mouth of the alley. Before them the dragged protester is hanging upside down thirty feet up from the roof top.

The group look around, but see no one.

Out of the shadows a caped figure steps into the dim light. "This is your only warning boys, go home!"

The group look at each other and then laughter erupts from the group.

A large man, noticeable bigger and cockier than the rest steps forward. "Fuck you man, this is our town tonight, no frigging whatever the hell you are is going to stop us."

A small boy, no more than 10 tries to warn the group. "Hey, listen, you don't want to mess with this guy!"

"Shut up Justin!" says the large man stepping towards Batman.

"You my friend are going to be eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner through a straw when I'm done with you." And with that statement the large man rushes forward.

His body clears the floor as a black gloved arm drops the large man in one swift movement. Now the others rush forward, safety presumed in numbers.

"THAWK" a sweeping kick 4 down but not out

"STAMP" A boot lands on the groin of a wiggling youth, 1 out

A fist fly's towards the black mask. A side step ensures it never makes contact, followed by "CRACK" a knee to the stomach. 2 out.

A spin across the back of two youths and gloved hands bring two heads together "SMACK!". 4 out.

A punch flys in from the right, Batman blocks and "SNAP" an arms bones no longer line up, 5 out.

"Arrhhhh your going to die FREAK!" a gun is pulled from across the alley.

"Ping" it leaves the owners hand, followed up with a "THUD" as a kick to the offenders chest causes a set of cracked ribs, 6 down.

"Fuck this man, this is some freaky dude, lets go guys." The 4 remaining youths leave and as they pass the line of other youths word spreads and half leave.

"THUNK" a canaster rolls into the group and the remaining figures fall to the ground.

Comms link: "Sir was that absolutely necessary?"

"Sleeping gas, they'll be fine."

Comms Link: "If you say so sir."

Batman returns to the depth of the alley and finds the large man still out. "Anything on this guy?"

"Name: Jacob Peeps, AKA Black Fists, wanted for pretty crimes including car theft and breaking and entry. No known links."

Batman bends down and cracks a small vile under the mans nose. The man quickly shakes his head and looks up into the masked face. He try's to stand, but a heavy boot thrusts him back firmly.

"Now listen good, I need to know who you're working for. Who's behind this trouble?"

"Fuck you man!"

Batman wonders 'Defiance, or just stupid.'

"I ain't telling you shit." A white glob of flem shoots from the mans mouth and lands on the rapidly moved palm of Batman's glove.

"STAMP" a leg twists in a shape that's not meant to be.

"Arrhhhh, I don't know anything man, we just got the feed man." The man writhers in pain but Batman's boot remains firmly in place.


"Yeah, twitter you know man, the feed. Some dude posted some shit and well here we are."

The man is rapidly lifted into the air, a hand pats him down until the item is located. A blackberry is pulled out and inspected.

Pulling the mans face to his Batman asks. "Mind if I hand onto this?"

The man shakes his head and is dumped back onto the ground. A sound from the far end of the alley. Time to go; police might not be so friendly around these parts.