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Opening from "A Wrench In The Works, Part 4"

How many lives had been torn apart around him? How many lay dead because he had not been able to save them? How many faces turned to him with such sorrow in their optics that it seared him to the core?

Broad shoulders rested back against the wall behind his simple berth, the cold concrete sapped the strength and the heat slowly out of his frame, yet he didn't even seem to realise it. A hand reached out to lightly palm the small communications device he had fashioned himself, the simple empty room was suddenly filled with sound, the darkness no longer so empty. Sagging slightly, he allowed his blue optics to slowly shutter, his audio receptors scanning the different frequencies playing over the open channel, some natural from stars and pulsars… others of alien origin, like the radio signals from Earth, stretching across the void to be picked up by the base's communication's array.

He searched for the sound of Cybertronians. Any voice that could span the distance and reach him.


A shiver fluttered through him at the sound of a voice he had longed to hear. His fingers clenched slightly as he almost thought he did hear it, the tickle of that rough almost husky purr against his audio, a heated breath slipped out from between his lips as he shivered with a desire for more.

"Say my name." He pleaded with the darkness, Optimus's head tipping back and he swallowed the choked sound that wanted to slip out. "Please…"


His spark clenched at the response. He wanted what Ratchet had… he desperately wanted… the other half of himself. He desperately wanted Ironhide, a voice of reason in the darkness that encased his spark. And in the privacy of his chambers, he allowed the first tear to slide down his cheekplate as his spark shattered into a thousand pieces. While recharge reached out to claim him, another stray tear trickled downwards to hit his chassis, as he longed to dream of something more than just the screams of war.

"How long has it been?" A low husky growl rumbled against Optimus Prime's audio, his entire body quivered with the anticipation and hungry that he felt slowly growing within his frame. "How long since you have relinquished your grip on your control and lived?"

A half strangled little groan slipped out of the Prime's lips while he arched and squirmed, only to feel hands clamp even more tightly around his wrists, pinning them against the cool concrete wall. His head twisted, attempting to see the face of his lover, yet couldn't make it out in the deep shadows that swarmed around the sleeping base. Blue optics shuttered tightly, Optimus's frame shivering with the sensations being evoked within him.

"Answer me, Prime." It was a fierce demand, his wrists been tugged higher, forcing him to almost stand on the tips of his pedes to prevent himself from literally dangling from the grip of his companion. A burning hot frame pressed against the length of his back, searing his sensor net with the imprint of that sexual heat and tightly coiled strength. "How long since someone took that tight valve of yours and forced you to submit?"

The rough words did everything to him all at once, the heat flowed right into him, uncoiling from where it had been shoved aside for so long and he felt the slickness within him at the promise of pleasure at the hands of his captor. His ankle was shoved one way, spreading him and hips slipped in, keeping him in an extremely vulnerable position, yet he loved it, his frame vibrating with the desire for more.

"Answer me, Orion Pax or I'll tear the answer from your lips." A mouth stroked across the back of one shoulder, denta scraping and that clever glossa finding all the hidden sensitive spots along his throat and shoulders, every sensor node was tormented and set on fire by his lover. "Or maybe I should get it from your body." Hips pressed forwards, rocking a hard rhythm against heated plating and left the Prime practically gasping and struggling again to turn and find the mech's hot mouth. "Your body never lies to me."

"Please!" Gasping, he squirmed, tugging hard on that grip, but even he could not break it, as both his wrists were being pinned by one large hand, the other sliding down along his side and hip, fingertips coaxing and caressing the Prime's inner thighs, lightly brushing against his heated codpiece. Thrusting forwards into the touches, he quivered with need. It had been so long since he had felt those hands on him, felt the tender brushes of those rough battle hardened servos on his frame. "Please… I'll do anything…" As long as his lover didn't leave him, as long as that strong presence didn't move away from him. "Anything you wish of me." Pleading was not something the Prime would ever do for anyone other than this dark mech.

"Anything?" Amusement tinged the rumbling baritone, the mech trailed his lips along the curve of Optimus's throat and to his audio, glossa sliding across it slowly. "Oh… now that is quite an offer."

Their hips rubbed together erotically, friction growing between them quickly, heating their armour and making Optimus practically pant with the tension that was building within him.

"I want you to touch yourself."

Heat actually flushed through his facial plates at that request, his fingers curling slightly, it was only when his companion stopped that he actually panicked for a moment, all his calm and pose shattered by just the mere threat of losing those hands on him, losing the mech who had backed up a step. "I…" His vocals almost cracked at the struggle for power within this particular situation.

"Touch yourself, or I'll stop."

A sexy little groan escaped him at those words, a shiver running up along his spinal plating at the words as he was slowly released, his legs almost buckling under him as he was practically strutless after what his lover had done to him. The mech managed to stumble forwards, his body ending up sprawled across one of the large crates that were scattered around the base, his body dropping belly down across it.

Heat seared through him so fierce he barely thought he would survive it when he glanced back and this time was rewarded with a glimpse of that handsome face, that massive frame half hidden by the shadows. Crimson and the deepest black armour stood as a warning to the world just how dangerous this mech was. Long scars ran the length of the massive chassis, his large hands were marred with a thousand tiny scratches running across his fingers and lay thick across his knuckle joints. Dark blue optics blazed from out of the darkness, watching him with that thrilling intensity that saw right through him, his spark flared bright at the sight of a mech he had lost too long ago to the war.


Love swam through him, his body responding even more intensely to the sight of this mech who would not take any distance between them, who would force him, coerce him and lay claim to every inch of his frame and spark if only he let him.

"Let me watch you, Orion." Dark blue optics were almost navy with desire and that smouldering heat that nothing could ever extinguish in the old warrior. "Show me what you want."

Someone would never expect it of him, but here in the dark shadows he felt no fear, no worries about anything or anyone, he wanted to please his lover, see those dark optics so dark they were almost black with raw desire for only him. Stripping off his armour, he presented himself to his lover, belly down across the crate, his lips parting as his own hand slipped behind him. A finger brushed against his entrance, feeling the wetness just there and he arched helplessly, a strangled groan escaped him as he slowly slipped a finger into his valve, feeling just how tight he was just there.

A startling cry of pleasure escaped him as his finger found his sweetspot and he stroked it, the wetness spreading out from his entrance, his back arching helplessly. Another digit was added, thrusting into himself lightly, his optics were bright with the sensation, mouth parted while he attempted to cool his overheating circuits.

Suddenly large hands were on him again, tugging him backwards and spinning him. The massive mech dropping to his knee joints before the Prime, his mouth tender as it brushed across his spark casing reverently before gliding downwards, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Optimus's hands dropped to rest on the massive shoulders, using them to keep himself upright as his own finger was replaced by a larger one, which circled and aroused the flames of desire so high that the Prime didn't know what was happening. One of his legs was lifted, spreading him to allow for that finger to more deeply penetrate, creating a slick friction against his sweetspot.

That hungry mouth closed around the tip of Optimus's spike, working it with a skill that left the Prime quivering helplessly as he felt one of his hands being drawn back from one broad shoulder to his own valve, two of Optimus's own fingers were being slipped in beside Ironhide's as their hands were curled together. A strangled cry of delight echoed from the mech as he was being swallowed to the hilt and worked quickly by a mouth that burned down the length of him, demanding his complete and utter surrender.

It was all too hot. So hot… burning him up.

And he overloaded sharply, spilling scorching hot fluids into that waiting mouth, denta scrapping along the length of sensitive flesh, drawing every last drop from him as fluids wet the fingers inside of him, muscle cables clamping down. The world swirled around him for a moment, when a wall of ecstasy slammed into his chestplate and knocked him sideways from the force of it.

Dazed, he didn't realise until something infinitely hard was pressed against his valve that he was sprawled out again across that crate, his wrists caught in one large hand and his legs spread. And in the next instant he couldn't think of anything but the sudden sensation of being stretched. It was like nothing else he could describe, his valve was spread to its limit and almost beyond as Ironhide filled him from behind in one swift thrust. His body jerked forwards with each pounding thrust, his spike being worked over one the other rough hand, the lines of wear across that palm only increasing the friction as the hard thrusts jerked him forwards into that grip.

There was no escape from that relentless thrusting, the angle sharp and penetrating, rubbing every inch of that thick spike along his sweetspot and driving him insane from the raw pleasure he was experiencing. His fingers curled, wrists twisting in that grip onto to feel it tighten.

"Harder." He demanded, arching upwards, the length of Ironhide's body spread across his back, solid and warm, their sparks pounding loudly with the intensity of their coupling. "Show me that I'm alive!"

He was rewarded by rough thrusts that had him practically keening within moments, his head arched backwards, unable to help the sudden overwhelming sensations that assaulted him. It had been far too long… far too long since he had felt the burn of that penetration that ran all the way into his spark, the feeling of those skilled hands on his body, both rough and tender all at the same time.

Screaming the mech's name, he came so fiercely that he actually blacked out for a moment, body shivering and shaking with the force of his overwhelming overload.

The next time his optics opened, he was greeted by a sight that made him smile.

His ankles were hooked over those broad shoulders, being practically bent double as he lay on his back on the same crate, his head resting back against it with Ironhide thrusting into him, body straining with the force of his movements, grinding them together. It was so forceful that his body jerked and slid slightly along the top of the crate only to be dragged back and thrust into again, impaled on that hot spike all the way to the hilt, Ironhide's hips thumping against his own, the slick sounds of their joining filling the air.

"Yes…" He breathed.

His hands lifting upwards, being allowed to touch the handsome face only a few feet above his own. His servos tracing over the handsome features, thumb sweeping across the scar that ran from one lip to the other. Ironhide's face turned into the touches, his glossa brushing the pad of Optimus's thumb gingerly, before catching it between his denta and biting down erotically.

"Mine." Ironhide growled out low in his throat, dipping his head down so that he could claim the Prime's mouth with his own, their glossas tangling in an intimate dance. Ironhide shared the taste of Optimus with his lover, the sweet fluid still on his glossa as it claimed every inch of the mouth beneath his own, dominating it, stealing all the cool air out of the mech's systems. "Say it." It was a hot little demand against the Prime's lips. "Say. It."

Hard thrusts had him so deep within his lover that they were almost a single being, Ironhide keeping himself buried as he rolled his hips, forcing that valve to take everything that he offered with no relief from the relentless slide of hot metal against liquid heat.

"I'm… yours!" It was a whimpering cry, the Prime's entire body on fire as he was being stroked and touched everywhere, his body thrumming with the sensations that coaxed so much from within him, cracking him open and bearing him to the world again. It was only here in Ironhide's grip that everything seemed bright again, the world seeing to find some sense of completion, the darkness being forced away and replaced with the solid warmth of Ironhide's presence. "I always have been." His hands clutched at those broad shoulders, fingertips digging in and drawing that head back down to catch that mouth.

Ironhide bucked hard, and suddenly overloaded with a roar that was swallowed by his lover, fluids filling that tight valve, creating a delicious pressure deep within him as he continued to thrust and rock against Optimus as the mech overloaded for a third time, both of them slumping limply down.

Optimus Prime swore he was floating in ecstasy, every sensor node alive with that unstoppable fire and he felt his legs being allowed to curl around the back of his lover's hips, hooking there and keeping his lover buried to the hilt within his body. His arms curled around the broad shoulders, clinging desperately to his rock in the storm of his existence. Revelling in the rush of heated air brushing across his jaw, he turned, catching the look of satisfaction that covered those strong features and his spark melted.

"I love you." His hand stroked against the back of that dark helm, kissing the corner of that smirking mouth.

"I would expect nothing less after that." A deep rumbling laugh came from deep within Ironhide, his dark optics twinkling with merriment. "I love you, Orion Pax. I always have and always will. Despite the fact you keep changing your name on me and your frame…"

"And you keep getting more scars." A finger brushed against the one that crossed over the inviting lips. "I've missed you so." Optimus Prime had longed since that day Ironhide had been lost to him to have his beloved with him once more. Ironhide had stood behind him since the beginning, being the rock on which he stood, supporting him no matter how bad things got, he had been there. Reassuring and solid. "There is not an astrosecond that passes that I do not long for you to be at my side once more."

Not even Ratchet knew of what he had shared with Ironhide. No one knew of this precious secret he carried, of a love that would never die within his spark.

"And I have longed to be no where else." Dark optics shimmered with emotions for a moment, before his head dipped and he kissed Optimus once more, lingering there, heartfelt and loving.

Yet, the warmth that had soaked into his frame was beginning to fade, Optimus jerking sharply as the solid weight of Ironhide resting against him was lifting. Fading away as if it had been nothing more than…

A spark-wrenching scream of agony came from Optimus Prime's lips as Ironhide suddenly evaporated from his grip, the dark blue optics wide with… surprise when it had happened. His hands were stretching out towards the mech, desperately to draw Ironhide back to him, desperate not to lose that presence, to be once more alone.

"Ironhide!" He was screaming, raw tears of anguish burning down his cheekplates as he heard Ironhide's furious bellow of rage at being dragged away as well, sucked back into that darkness. No matter how hard he tried to hold onto the mech's servo, it was rapidly becoming nothing more than a ghostly shimmer and then… he was alone once more.

Optimus Prime jerked back into consciousness with a scream on his lips and his entire frame shaking as if half of his spark had been sliced away from him and it had. His blue optics swept the room, desperate to find any sign of his beloved, any hint that… he had not been alone for another night.

The blankets were tangled around his half unarmoured frame, his body throbbing softly with the unexplainable sensations of having been well loved. His valve ached deliciously, his sensor net on fire from the slightest brush of the fabric across his plating, his body trembling with the sensations only Ironhide could excite in him.

Suddenly the lights flared on in his quarters, as Ratchet came in through the doorway, his blue optics scanning the place for danger, others were soon standing behind Ratchet, clearly attempting to look in over the mech's shoulders as he stared at Optimus in shock.

"Optimus." The medic breathed, stunned by the sight of the Prime sprawled amongst badly tangled sheets, trembling like a leaf with tears streaking down his cheekplates hotly, unable to be stopped even if they had been noticed by the mech in question. "Are you well?"

"First Aid." The mech rasped, his entire body trembling as he scanned the space, desperate to find any lingering trace that his beloved had been there, yet there wasn't even a hint of that all too familiar scent of gun oil and dry powder charges. The sheets were cool around him, no evidence other than his body's own tingling response suggested that Ironhide had been present. "I need… to…"

The slender little medic was soon appearing in the doorway after slipping beneath Ratchet's arm, his head cocked slightly as concern instantly flared to life in his optics. One glance over the Prime's form and he actually turning and shooing everyone out, even giving Ratchet a look that convinced him to leave without further question as to what had so startled the Prime to have caused such a reaction.

"Optimus?" First Aid stood to one side of the large berth, his optical ridges drawn together in concern as he paused there not wanting to rush the clearly distraught mech, though he was already sending reassurances to Ratchet through his spark bond to the other medic.

"Ironhide." Optimus breathed the name, swallowing hard as he desperately tried to control the flood of tears that streaked down over his cheekplates and refused to stop. "Have you seen Ironhide? Even… just glimpsed him…" He had wanted to ask that question since the mech's arrival on base. "Aid…"

Surprised by the question, he considered it before nodding once. "I did see him about a vorn ago." The mech admitted softly. However, his expression sobered as he gazed deeply into the Prime's optics. "He was in the hands of the Decepticons."

And in the background, the quiet whisper of the scanner continued to sound, crackling softly a little like static.

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