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Ivory Bar, Jasper, Nevada, Earth

Ironhide's fingers lightly tapped against the table, his navy blue eyes trailing across the line of the man's body, enjoying the sensual sway of a rather tight rear in leather pants. The long fall of raven locks spilled down over broad shoulders, curling in damp waves. A cowboy hat sat perched on his head, the electric blue eyes flashing in Ironhide's direction as he turned, one hand against his hip and sliding down his thigh, the other over his head. Muscles rippled erotically beneath the tight button down shirt he wore, the ends of it fluttering against his thighs from where it had been pulled out by Ironhide's hands.

Something had to be said for a good holoform, Ironhide mused as the heavy beat of the music ran up through his limbs and body, setting every sensor the holoform possessed on fire. Though he had to admit, his bondmate did that just with a single touch of those calloused palms against his skin. A part of him wondered how long it had been since he had been able to do something like this with his beloved Orion and the answer almost made him scowl.

"Come here." The corner of his lips quirked upwards into a small smirk, eyes darkening to almost midnight black with suppressed hunger. A finger was crooked at his lover, the sexy man pausing and offering Ironhide a seductive little pout.

"What do I get if I do?" Blue eyes sparkled with playful amusement, body arching, both arms lifting over his head as he spun, rear swaying erotically for Ironhide. The man's head tipped back slightly, glancing over his shoulder at his bondmate, knowing exactly what affect he was having on the other male. The shirt rode upwards, revealing tawny skin underneath the edge of that shirt, and a tantalising hint of something more that the untucked edges of the shirt had been hiding.

If only… It was an amusing thought all on its own, if only others could see Optimus Prime, stalwart leader of the Autobots and stoic bot doing the most dirty dancing ever in clothes as a holoform.

Allowing himself to shift backwards in his chair, his legs spread, attempting to relieve the little of the ache that was forming from being so constrained by his pants. His fingers rubbed back through his dark locks, the dark strands glinting with red highlights before he dropped one large hand back down against his thigh and shifted once more. Everyone stayed clear of him, even scarred as he was, he was still handsome, but his fierce nature put everyone else on edge. Anyone that had dared to think of approaching his gorgeous Prime was cornered by a dark glare that sent most scurrying away.

"Come here." It was a husky rumble, dark eyes narrowing for a moment.

Lips pressed together, pink tongue sliding across the lower one before drawing it into his mouth and doing another slow air grind. "No."

A low growl escaped Ironhide, his body responding to the defiance of his lover, the tickle of the mech's silent laughter heightening the pleasure he felt.

"Come dance with me, 'Hide."

"I do not dance." Though his dark eyes spoke of other things that he was quite willing to do the moment the handsome man got within reach.

Abruptly there was a woman curling herself against Optimus, her body fitting against his back, hands slipping beneath the edge of the black shirt and sliding across tawny skin. Grinding herself against his back and rear, she tipped her head upwards, whispering something into the man's ear that even Ironhide couldn't quite make out. One of her crimson painted hands threaded through the silken black waves fingertips rubbing against the smooth jaw.

Immediately the spark bond between them was allowed to fully open between them, the woman's voice instantly coming into focus as the sensations were shared between them.

"You shouldn't be on your own…" Her hands drifted underneath the edge of Optimus's pants, heading directly for something that had obviously caught her attention earlier. Warm palms suddenly curled around the back of her own, stilling them as he shifted a touch uncomfortably away from her. "I could ease that for you…" Teeth nipped at the man's ear, tugging at it and blowing a heated breath into it, actually getting a shudder from him, but one of revulsion.

Rage. It was a thick dark knot within him at the sight of another touching his bondmate, he was on his pedes before he knew it, the distance between himself at the pair decreasing. Fists clenched and the man was desperately attempting to keep his emotions under control as he stalked forwards, his dark eyes narrowing on the woman.

Electric blue eyes were wide as they stared at Ironhide, surprise and heat abruptly suffusing the man's face and expression. His body however trembled with the flutter of excitement, knowing that jealousy on Ironhide's part meant that he was in for one very interesting night. Attempting to detangle her hands from around him, they refused to leave his body and had slipped down into his pants, red tipped fingers curling around him.

The woman however, smirked at Ironhide, clearly challenging him over Optimus as her fingers danced across hardened flesh only to find that it was immediately beginning to… soften in her grasp. Shock danced through her dark brown eyes, a hint of irritation clouding the chocolate colour. Fingers squeezing, she got nothing but a rather uninterested manhood for her trouble.

Optimus actually managed a particularly stoic look, one dark brow arching as he lightly tugged at her wrist, clearly not about to allow her hand to remain where it was. "I apologise, Madam, but that was not for you."

Ironhide's anger immediately evaporated at those words, that tone so honest and succinct, so much the Prime that it made him want to let out a bark of laughter at her indignant horror. Only his Orion could ever say something like that and not even crack a smile at the ridiculousness of the moment.

"He's mine." Ironhide's rumble was sexy as hell, navy eyes flashing with a hard glint of possession and he stepped forwards, large hands suddenly clasping the tight rear and tugging the shorter man forwards into his body. Palms stroked possessively over that warm rear, squeezing firm flesh through the fabric. "Aren't you, Orion?" Head dipping, his mouth stroked hotly against damp lips, tongue flicking out to taste them and growled in response. As his head lifted, Optimus's mouth followed his, desperate for a kiss, his hat flopping onto the floor and rolling.

One calloused palm rubbed over that tight rear again, before trailing fingertips along the length of the man's spine, tracing each vertebrae as he went. Finally his hand cupped the back of Optimus's head, fingers curling amongst the silky strands and tipping that head back so that he could devour that willing mouth, tongue sliding in and tasting every inch. Arms wrapped around his waist, holding him close, their hips rocking together, bodies heating all over again at the slightest contact.

Mouth sliding across one cheek, he nuzzled just beneath the curve of that strong jaw, licking and nipping across flushed skin, knowing exactly what would make the beautiful man shudder and arch in response.

The woman let out a rather nasty little word for the two of them before stalking off into the smoky bar.

"Maybe I should dance with you…" The corner of his lips turned upwards with a rather pleased smirk. Twirling the shorter man, he pulled him in close so that his hands could stroke across each thigh lightly, thumbs teasing the inside of them, feeling Optimus squirm in response. "All that swaying…"

"In public?" Optimus groaned, his head arching back, feeling the slightly stubbled jaw rubbing against his own, his entire body shuddering with desire and need. "Ironhide…" A sharp gasp escaped him as a hand slipped down into his pants again, stroking him slowly from base to tip, thumb circling the throbbing head slowly. Instantly the man was hard again, unable to help his natural response to these hands touching him. "This isn't advisable."

"This from a bot who practically seduced this entire place with his swaying hips." Ironhide let out a rather bemused snort, teeth nibbling along the length of the man's throat, feeling the vibrations of his sexy little moans as he was stroked and coaxed. "You aren't escaping."

However, Ironhide's holo-projectors were already beginning to twist and distort reality around them, shielding their interlude from prying eyes. He might be willing to dare a lot of things, but he would not and never would share his Orion Pax with the world.

"Always looking after me." The dark haired beauty smiled, head resting back against Ironhide's chest, willingly giving himself up to anything Ironhide desired.

Loosening the hip-hugging pants, they were sliding down over graceful thighs, his free hand stroking across the golden flesh softly, rubbing back and forth. Freeing himself, he twisted along with the music, his length rubbing hotly against the warm cheeks of that tight rear, feeling the man practically squirm in response. Palm sliding up along the trim belly and chest, fingertips tracing and learning the planes of this particular holoform, his fingers found a nipple and pinched hard.

Gasping, electric blue eyes widened as his head rolled back, back arching as he was stroked. The hot head of that length pressed against his entrance, his body bent with the slow sweeping movements of the music that was pounding through the bar. His arms reached back, sliding into Ironhide's thick mane of hair, clinging onto him for dear life as their hips rocked together, the movement sliding that length into him inch by erotic inch. It was a welcome burn, a sensation he openly delighted in. Flushed cheeks and wet lips made for quite the erotic sight.

"Always wanting me… always hungry." And he sheathed himself completely inside his lover, their hips fitting together perfectly, just as a throbbing beat filled the air. Ironhide proving that in some ways he could dance, his hips rocking and grinding himself deeply into his lover, sliding deeper and deeper as their bodies coiled around one another.

The black shirt had somehow become unbuttoned, fingers pinching and rubbing heated little circles around them, before dropping to cup and stroke his shaft once more.

All Optimus could honestly do was hold on for dear life and ride out wave after wave of hot pleasure that surged and swept over him, his blue eyes becoming misty with pleasure as his sweetspot was struck again and again as they ground together. This was what he had missed, the easy touches, the honest pleasure they found in one another. His head tipped to the side nuzzling in against Ironhide's throat, feeling the pulse thunder just beneath his lips, his teeth nipping and worrying the skin between them.

Again and again they arched and writhed, their bodies moving in a strong meshing of both body and soul. Intimate. Ironhide growled low in his throat while he pressed so deeply into that tight warm heat that he felt he had become a part of the other mech. Their bond was practically vibrating with the pleasure that skittered from one end to the other, building up in waves, threatening to wash both of them away.

Muscles clenched down hard, trapping Ironhide within that passage, Optimus's cry of ecstasy was muffled into the side of Ironhide's throat where a dark love bite was beginning to form. Warm fluids spilled over his calloused fingers, his head dipped as his mouth found his lover's, feeling a tongue lick over the scar that ran across his lips and he shuddered coming hard and deep within that body, filling him with liquid white heat.

Both of them arched together, bound by all the strings of their love and happy to be entangled.

The Autobot Base, Nevada, Earth

"Optimus, you want to see something funny?" Jack grinned as he glanced over at the tall Prime who was hovering by the display screens, studying the readouts and looking as stoic as the Prime ever got.


"Don't take it personally." Arcee winked at the children, following in Bulkhead as they returned from their patrol routes through the surrounding areas of Nevada. "Primes are built that way."

"Never seen Optimus laugh, cry or loose his cool." Except around one bot. All of them knew it was unspoken, since the arrival of Ironhide, it was only when the mech was in the same room that the Prime seemed to come to life.

"While Optimus certainly keeps his emotions in check, I have known him far longer than any of you have. He was different before he was made a Prime." Ratchet offered Rafael a gentle smile and the room seemed to grow just a little more brightly when First Aid poked his head back out from within the new medical room, large pale blue optics glittering with happiness that came from his current carrying state.

"Optimus wasn't always a Prime?"

"You might not believe this, but he was a Data Clerk." Ironhide ducked through the doorway, setting down his newest weapons into the small armoury he was amassing on one of the empty walls. "But I knew the moment I saw him, he was something infinitely special." His dark blue optics softened as he slowly moved over to where the Prime hovered, both arms coiling around the mech's waist and drawing him back into the warmth of his frame. A soft kiss pressed against the side of the mech's jaw, a few words of love being offered silently through their bond before his head twisted to gaze at the humans. "I will admit now that Ratchet does hold the honour of having met Orion first, but I like to think I knew him far more intimately for longer."

"Why do you call him, Orion?"

"Because to me, no matter what changes his body has undergone, he will always be my Orion Pax."

"Distracting." Optimus sighed, his optics half shuttered, knowing that he wouldn't be able to focus for long with Ironhide coiled around him. The powerful frame pressed up against him, arms hugging him close, their frames fitting perfectly together. A smile instantly tugged at his lips, a fingertip lightly touching against the scar that ran across the softness of Ironhide's lips, feeling the mech's glossa tickle it erotically. "Though you do realise I am right here."

"Every time I come here we seem to get another new arrival." Agent Fowler stepped off the lift and gazed up at the mech who was… cuddling the Prime like he was a… he instantly cut off the thought as his gaze swept the length of the mech's frame, taking in stock of the largest Autobot he had yet seen. "Introductions, Prime?"

Ironhide reluctantly released his bondmate, hands sliding across the slender hips lightly, before stepping away and coming over to where the human stood. His expression darkened a touch, jaw clenching slightly. Humans it seemed didn't have much tolerance for relationships of the same gender and it just pissed him off most of the time.

"Agent Fowler, may I introduce my bondmate, Ironhide." Pale blue optics gazed up into his lover's face, his palm sliding against one powerful arm, hoping that Ironhide wouldn't perceive this man as a threat to them. "Ironhide, Love, Agent Fowler is our liaison with the human government of the United States."

"Okay." Agent Fowler had not been expecting that one, having learned that the closest thing that Cybertronians had to marriage was something called a spark bond, what ever that was. "So you finally got in the muscle." It was obvious that this mech was fiercer than any that had arrived before him, the scars that ran the length of his frame showed him that much.

"Something like that." One of the children called out.

"I thought I would bring this information to you myself." Soon one of the screens was flicking to life with several new readouts that clearly showed several ships dropping in through the atmosphere… "We have several new arrivals and from all appearances they are Cybertronian in origin… the only problem is… who's side are they on?"

And in the background, Arcee swallowed hard as she stared at the readouts, knowing that one of those had to have been Firestar… yet no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't speak up about it… She desperately hoped the others though… would be just as friendly…

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