Just in case you want more...


"Edward, we have a problem," said Alice, as we came in after an afternoon of hunting in the woods around the house. I had never known hunting could be so much fun until Edward showed me a very peaceful spot where we could clean up in a fresh water stream and then spend some quality time alone together. I was finding our quality time alone together more and more rewarding.

"A problem?" asked Edward, somewhat distracted by the fact that he had his lips on my neck. I sighed, blissfully and Alice huffed.

"Please, put her down for two minutes, this is important," she said.

"She's right, Edward," said Jasper, appearing behind Alice. He handed Edward a letter. The paper was cream and expensive looking, with an old-fashioned wax seal at the bottom. Edward blanched at the sight of it and glanced across at me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The Volturi," he replied.

So, if anyone is interested in a sequel, let me know and I will get to work. I have a few ideas floating around in my head and am very much up for re-entering the world of The Club and spending a bit more time working with Bella and Edward :-). If you'd like to see a sequel, please contact me xxx