Different Worlds

As I entered the school's large mahogany doors, I immediately felt the student's nasty stares on me. I walked slowly to my locker. So what if they stare at me? They stared at me because I was the new scholarship kid. Yeah, SCHOLARSHIP kid. So? Just because they're all rich and snobby and gets whatever the hell they want, doesn't mean I'm different. I'm still a human being just like they are, except with less money and less expensive things. Wallflower Academy was one of the best elite schools in the whole world. But I never even wanted to go to this stupid, shitty school. I only got in on the scholarship that I got when I won this national English and Science competition, I didn't really want to go but my mother made me, and she thought that it was a really good opportunity. My friends, Victoria 'Tori' and Alex were so happy when they found out I was coming here. I've known them since I was like four? We went to the same elementary school but I moved when I started middle school because of my parent's jobs. They were rich. Like HELL rich. They had it all; from their expensive cars to their way expensive Chanel bags that even I wouldn't waste my own money to buy. But they weren't the snobby types who would brag about their wealth.

I grabbed my P.E. clothes and stuffed them inside my locker, for they were making my bag heavy. My bag was light except for the new mac laptop and a pencil case. The only thing that I liked about the school was that it had high tech stuff. We were allowed our phones and electronics in the school, probably because most of the kids are rich and even if someone stole their stuff they can just get a new one. Before I closed my locker, I looked at myself in the mirror that I had stuck in my locker, my long brown hair which reached my waist was neat and down. I grimaced as I looked down at the annoying uniform. God, the skirt was so bloody short. I wore the school blazer that was navy blue with the school crest on the left hand side of my chest, a white long sleeved button down shirt underneath with a blue tie and black jumper, the school skirt which was up to mid-thigh; it was blue and checker, and black stockings. I sighed and slammed my locker shut and turned around to find a guy staring at me smiling. He was cute and sort of Goth His hair was jet black and he wore two piercings in one ear. He had a nice face and a nice body. He winked. I rolled my eyes at him and walked off. But before I could take any more than three steps someone caught my arm. I glanced up at the person ready to punch his face in. Then I saw that it was the guy staring. I raised an eyebrow at him. He let go and smiled. "What do you want?" I asked.

He held his hand out to me. "Hey I'm Jay Moore; I'm friends with Tori and Alex."

I stared at his hand and didn't bother shaking it. "Oh hi. I'm Selene. I'm sorry but I'm sort of looking for someone." I told him with an apologetic smile on my face. I wanted to get rid of him, I didn't want to talk to someone so early.

"Yeah sure, no problem. Don't hesitate to come to me if you ever need anything." He walked off, smiling. I smirked. If he was trying to hit on me, well he can forget it. He might be good looking, but that didn't matter, I knew how his type worked. I also knew who he was. He was the school's player and the best one at that. I sort of looked up the school and the students when I came here, so that I'll know people when I talked to them.

"Hey Selene!"

I heard a familiar voice call. I turned around, and Alex was there, smiling at me. "Good morning, Alex."

Alex and I were close, like really close. I was close with Tori too, but felt much more comfortable with Alex. Maybe it was because Tori were really quiet. Suddenly, the bell rang at that moment. Alex linked arms with me. "Tori is sick today. So she won't be coming. Well, ready to go to class?" she asked happily. I nodded, smiling at her.

Our first class was Human Bio, which sort of sucked because we were doing Human Reproduction. We sat at the table closest to the window, and waited for the teacher. Ms Merrington. She was the type who was always late for class. She was different from all of the other teachers; she was immature and can't teach properly. That's probably why she was only put in as a substitute teacher; our real teacher for this class was Coach Newman. But he wasn't around today. Ms Merrington came in wearing this hideous looking lime green skirt, which looked like a freaking parachute. She was a large woman in her early thirties and the skirt made her look even bigger. I stared at it in disgust. I'm not saying I wear the best and trendiest clothes, but I mean come on! You could at least wear something normal, right? Especially when you're teaching at an elite school that was one of the best in the world. I practically wanted to go up to that woman and whack her over the head. Seriously. My thoughts were rudely interrupted when I saw her standing in front of me. "Well, looks like we have a new face in class. I'm Ms Merrington, you're substitute teacher for this class since Coach Newman isn't here. What's your name, sweetheart?"

I stared up at her. Ew, she had like wrinkles all over her face and white hair highlighted her hair. The woman wasn't even old and she already had white hair? She had more white hair than my parents! I wasn't being nasty, just honest. She still stood over my desk, knowing that she won't leave, I answered her. "Selena Hendricks. And I like your skirt, Ms Merrington." I smiled sweetly at her. A few kids snickered and laughed, but she didn't appear to notice.

She smiled back and sort of bounced on the spot. "Don't you think so? I bought it at a sale just yesterday. I think it's a lovely colour."

After that, she walked away back to her desk. Alex nudged me with her elbow. She was trying to hide her smile. "Selene, that was mean you know."

"Alex, you're just saying that but really you think that it looks hideous."

She turned around and faced the classroom. "Okay kids. I was instructed to tell you guys to move seats. So the person sitting on the left side, you're left, move up one seat." Ms Merrington told us.

Alex stood up and walked over to the back since we were at the very front. I groaned quietly. This totally sucks; I can't even sit with my own friend. I felt the seat next to me move and someone sat down quietly. "So you're the new scholarship transfer." I heard a guy's voice say. He had an American accent. I looked at the person who sat next to me. And my mouth dropped open in surprise. Wow, this dude was like a freaking god. He was so effing gorgeous. No kidding. He was so pretty. He was tall about 6'ft, lean and even though he wore the school uniform's thick layers, you could still tell he was ripped and had a lot of muscles. Damn, this guy was hot. And I don't say that often. He had bronze coloured hair that was styled and cut to perfection. Smooth pink lips, sharp features. And his eyes. My god, they were beautiful. They were this strange emerald green colour, which looked like sparkling jewels. I stared at him for a long time, until he finally looked up and smirked at me. "You're drooling, close your mouth before all of your saliva spills out."

Whoa, what did he just say? Drooling as if. I closed my mouth, he was gorgeous but he had a real bad attitude. So, he was the bad boy type. Bleh. Not cool. "I was not drooling. And yeah, so? What if I'm the new scholarship transfer?" I snapped back at him.

"Hmm…Nothing. Just interesting having a middle-class in the honour's section."

What. Did. He. Just. Say? Middle-class? Wow, he was rude! "Whoa dude, middle-class? You're really full of it, huh? That's the thing with you rich snobs, always acting like they're the centre of attention and that the world freaking revolves around them. Well guess what? It doesn't."

He looked at me and his stupid but cute smirk deepened.

Eric's POV

I looked at her, smirking. "Did I say something wrong? Well, I'm only saying the truth. You don't look like you're rich at all."

She looked even more pissed at me, she turned away, but not before flipping me. Nice, she's got attitude. And the way she looked at me earlier with her mouth wide open wasn't really a big surprise; she thought that I was hot. Like every other girl in this school does. But she was different, she gave off that look that she didn't care about what anybody thought about her and she was confident. She was also pretty. With long, straight brown hair that reached down to her waist, full pink lips, soft lightly tanned skin and her big brown eyes. They looked different; they had an empty look to them, like she was lonely. I wonder why.

After what I said to her, she didn't look at me anymore nor did she say a word to me. When class finished she stuffed her laptop hastily in her bag. I smiled. "Bye scholarship." She turned around, only to give me an evil glare and headed out the door. I got up too and joined my best friend, Jay while we walked to our next class.