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A is for Aloha
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Danny straightened his tie as the elevator slowly climbed to the third level. It wasn't unusual for the captain to call him in to the precinct this late at night. Murder didn't always happen during normal business hours, after all.

He sighed. This would probably be his last case as a Detective for the Newark Police Department. Depending on the complexity of this case, he may not even be able to finish it. His replacement had been found and would be starting next week. Danny was already packed and ready to leave for Hawaii on Monday.

Only three more days left in New Jersey. Three more days of home.

Danny knew in his heart that Jersey hadn't really been home since Grace left. It had been two full months since he had last seen Grace face-to-face. Two months since he'd watched his ex-wife and her new husband take his little girl to a rock five thousand miles away. Two months since he'd last held her hand or given her a kiss goodnight or heard her laugh as he tickled her tummy. He missed her more than he'd ever missed anything in his life.

So even though Danny's family was still here – his parents, sisters and brother, New Jersey wasn't really home anymore. Home was now wherever Grace was. And Grace was in Hawaii.

Danny sighed again, looking down at his shoes as the elevator continued to climb. Putting in his transfer request to the Honolulu Police Department had been a relatively easy choice to make. He hadn't agonized over the decision… he knew that this was what he had to do. Being a good father to Grace was his most important mission in life.

But that didn't mean he wasn't going to miss his home state.

The elevator doors finally slid open, revealing the large offices of the Newark Police Department. Bright lights hit him square in the face, forcing him to squint his eyes. He nearly jumped out of his pants at the sudden eruption of noise.


Shouts and applause came from everywhere as he slowly walked forward off the elevator in shock. The entire precinct stood before him. Everyone was smiling and applauding him as he continued into the room, taking in each and every face. He received countless slaps on the back and handshakes from his fellow officers, co-workers and friends.

At the far end of the office, where his desk was situated, a giant banner hung from the ceiling: ALOHA DANNY!

He smiled as he took in the sight. A large buffet had been prepared, full of foods he assumed he'd have to get used to eating once he got to Hawaii: pineapples, coconuts and bananas. Fish, pork and chicken. There was the largest selection of fruity drinks he'd ever seen in one place. Someone had even taken the time to create a tall pyramid out of cans of Spam.

At the center of the room stood his partner, wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and a lei draped around his neck. Danny's heart sank when he saw that he was holding another one in his hand.

"Danny, get over here!" his partner's voice boomed over the general commotion of the party. Danny complied, but gave his partner what he hoped was an evil glare as a lei was put over his head.

"Frank, you son-of-a…." Danny started, but Frank pulled him into a hug before he could finish.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Frank pulled away, but squeezed Danny's arm reassuringly. "We're going to miss you, man. I still can't believe you are going all the way to freakin' Hawaii! And before our milestone, too!"

Danny smiled and shook his head. Frank had been his partner for 6 years. The two had closed 84 homicide cases, and during the past several months, all Frank could talk about was reaching 100. The 'century milestone' as he liked to call it. He and Danny had made a pact that once they hit 100, they would splurge and purchase two box seats at a Yankees game.

Danny thought Frank might be more upset about never getting those tickets than Danny leaving.

"Frank, just go to a damn game by yourself!" Danny laughed, putting a hand on his partner's shoulder.

Frank shook his head in disbelief. Then, without warning, Frank held up both his hands and waved around, trying to get the gathered crowd to quiet down. Every officer in the place turned to where Danny and Frank stood together.

"Today is a sad day. Today we say aloha to our fellow officer and friend, Detective Danny Williams." Frank swept his arm toward Danny in a grand gesture and everyone began to clap. Danny nodded and gave a small wave.

"Newark, and New Jersey, is losing one of its best sons. But Hawaii is gaining one hell of a detective. God help the crooks that get in the way of Danny Williams!"

Laughter filled the room. Danny rolled his eyes but smiled at Frank's words. He felt every pair of eyes on him, and he suddenly realized that his partner had stepped aside. They were waiting for Danny to say something.

He cleared his throat, not sure of what to say. He found himself looking down at his shoes again, shuffling his feet. It wasn't until Frank slapped him on the back that he picked his head up and once again took in the sight.

These were his friends, not just his co-workers. And while he knew in his heart that going to Hawaii to be with Grace was the best decision he had ever made, in this moment he found it difficult to reign in his emotions.

Damn, he was going to miss New Jersey. And not just the place – his favorite restaurants, dives, or even his office… He was going to miss the people. These people.

"I, uh…" Danny stumbled, not exactly sure what to say.

"Come on, Danny, we've never known you to be at a loss for words!"

Laughter again filled the large room as Danny's head whipped around to the right and he saw his brother, Matty, standing near the back of the room. Somehow he hadn't noticed him when he had first arrived. Next to Matty stood his mom and dad, both beaming up at Danny. He smiled back and turned back to address to the crowd.

"Uh, thanks. Thank you everyone. This… this was quite a surprise and…." Danny waved his arms around, encompassing everyone in his gesturing. "This means a lot to me. I'm going to miss all of you. I'm going to miss this place. But, uh…. I…. well, I don't know what else to say. Thank you."

More applause and Danny did his best to slip through the crowd to his family, accepting more handshakes and exchanging many 'Alohas' along the way. He hugged his parents and brother and then turned to look back again at the gathering of people he'd been working with for most of his professional life. His thoughts began to drift.

What will life in Hawaii be like?

Will he ever feel comfortable in that place like he does here, right now?

Will he find a partner that he can work with as well as he's worked with Frank?

Will he make a difference?

Danny gladly accepted a fruity drink from his mother and raised a toast to his family. It was hard to believe that he only had three more days left in New Jersey. Three more days until his new life began.

His cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket and he pulled it out, smiling broadly as Grace's beautiful face glowed back at him.

Three more days until he got to see his little girl again.

Danny was more than ready.

Many of his friends and co-workers were requesting his attention, but Danny's focus was on his phone. He knew he should mingle and chat, but right now he needed to speak to Grace… his daughter… his life. Everyone else would have to wait.

Home was calling.