Chapter 8: Nightmare in Black:

Damn it something goes right for a change then everything goes to hell. Conan glared at the woman in the door.

"Vermouth." Conan hissed glaring full on at Vermouth.

Hakuba and Kaito were looking at him. Vermouth smiled.

"Hello Cool Guy, you went and made friends with the Pesky Poltergeist." Vermouth scolded him.

Hakuba looked at Kaito who smiled and shrugged.

"What are doing following me around Vermouth?" Conan growled.

Hakuba was starting to notice Conan's voice and manner were less childlike. Hakuba looked from Conan to Kaito. If Conan were 10 years older he would be identical to Kaito.

"Come on now Cool Guy, don't you want to play with me. I could hurt another of your pesky Detective friends." Vermouth said pointing the gun at Hakuba who froze in his assessment of Conan-kun.

"Leave them alone they have nothing to do with it." Conan growled.

"They have everything to do with your little blast back into childhood, Kudou-kun." Vermouth said looking at Hakuba and Kaito.

Hakuba froze almost imminently, Kaito kept his face blank. Conan glared full force.

Hakuba was busy pointing pieces he never saw together. Conan's adult like manner, his body language, and how he could beat both him and Hattori at deducting. It all made sense. Conan was the missing Shinichi Kudou.

"Oh my god." Hakuba breathed.

Kaito looked like he wanted to start laughing and never stop. But now wasn't the time for jokes. Conan was still glaring at Vermouth.

"Now Cool Guy I came here for one reason and one reason only. You want to move ahead in the game of Cop and Robbers listen up." Vermouth said.

Conan didn't relax his guard, but nodded.

"I want the Organization to go down so I'm going to give you a clue as to where our meeting is this month. All members will be there so you can catch us all. Now the clue is where all alcohol comes from, where it goes, and where it stays. Understand?" Vermouth said.

Conan nodded. Vermouth smiled and in a flash she was running out the door and speeding away on a motorcycle.

Conan sighed and closed the door behind her. Then looked at Hakuba his eyes steeled for the very long conversation he knew was about to happen.

"Kuroba you start laughing I have my shoes on." Conan said slowly as he saw the smirk on Kaito's face.

"Come on its funny." Kaito said.

Hakuba looked at them. He was deeply confused at this point.

"Okay I'd like to know what's going on and why it makes so much sense that you're Shinichi Kudou." Hakuba said. Conan rubbed the bridge of nose.

"This is going to take a while. It always seems go apart when your involved, Kaitou Kid." Conan said looking at Kaito.

Kaito's eyes widened. Hakuba's mouth opened.

"Why did you do that?" Kaito asked.

"It seemed like payment enough." Conan said. Kaito sighed grabbing Hakuba.

"Come on we have plans to make to raid a major meeting of epic criminals." Kaito said.

Hakuba started gaping. If the situation was lighter Kaito would start laughing. Conan stepped in front of his father's picture. When did he figure that out. Damn Tantei.

"Shall we?" Conan asked motioning to the picture.

Kaito sighed still holding Hakuba.

"After you Tantei-kun." Kaito said.

Conan smirked and pressed the picture opening it. Conan went down the hall followed by Kaito and the hostage disbelieving Hakuba...

Haibara looked at the rag tag team Kudou-kun seemed to have collected.

Saguru Hakuba the British detective who kept glancing outside every few seconds, Heiji Hattori Detective of the West who was alternating between glaring at his small friend and watching the teen in the corner, the kid in the corner Kaito Kuroba aka Kaitou Kid who was judgling a set of multi colored stress balls.

Kudou was in the center of it all looking at a map on the coffee table. Haibara wondered how Kudou could get so many strange people in the same room.

"Kudou you find it yet?" Heiji asked seeing Kudou smirk.

"Yes I did, could you contact Jodie-sensei?" Kudou asked. Hattori smiled and ran into another room. Kuroba stopped judgling and came over and looked at the map.

"I can cook a plan for a place like that." Kuroba said with a smile.

Haibara suddenly felt like everything was going to be okay. She headed back down into her lab to wait for the news of the raid.


Sorry for the long wait. You'll have to wait longer for Night's Shadow I can't seem to get the fight excaltly right.

Hope you enjoyed.