Author's Note:

Okay, here's that fic I said I'd do about Anthea and Irene!Molly texting each other. For those who haven't read Avenging Angels, this universe makes Molly Hooper out to be a cover story for Irene Adler, who is Sherlock's CIA bodyguard. Yes, this is very much AU. But it's fun.

==Unsung Heroines==

They're the people who work behind the scenes. But the Holmes brothers' lives would be very different without these two remarkable women, one known as Anthea and another known as Molly.

==1. Words, Words, Words==

Rating: K

Word count: 182

Pairing(s): none… yet.

Warnings: none.

Irene: yo

Anthea: ...

Irene: meh, you're no fun. what's up?

Anthea: (photo of Mycroft asleep at his desk)

Irene: awww, he looks adorable. late night?

Anthea: night? what's that?

Irene: ouch.

Anthea: yeah. he was going on 48 hrs with a fresh cup of coffee at the top of every hour after 20.

Irene: and you?

Anthea: same

Irene: aww

Anthea: how are things at your end?

Irene: sherlock almost got himself killed again. glad john was there to save him.

Anthea: maybe you should quit bart's and figure out a different cover story. it's keeping you from your real job.

Irene: i KNOW. look, he and i are working on it, kay? it's just… not that easy.

Anthea: okay, it's okay. i wasn't criticising.

Irene: i know, i know.

Irene: i'm tired.

Anthea: same here

Irene: got a cure for that. movie at my place after work?

Anthea: i'll bring the popcorn.

Irene: you're on. I'm thinking… beauty and the beast.

Anthea: disney craving again, huh?

Irene: oh yeah, really bad.

Anthea: right. see you then.

Irene: roger that. bye!

Author's Note:

It was originally going to be a one-shot, but I decided to have it as just a collection of shorts about Anthea and Irene's friendship. As a side note to my fellow Mythea fans, there will be Mycroft/Anthea in the future (there is just not enough of it in this fandom!).

Oh, and prompts are welcome. This set is purely for fun, so let me know if there's something involving these two gals that you'd like to see!

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