Summary: Bella Swan is no ordinary immortal. When Aro discovers her family's powers, he decides to keep them prisoner. When the Cullens make a less than voluntary trip to Volterra, what they find will be something they never could have expected.

*Rated M for Language, Rape, and Sexual Scenes. You have been warned . . . :) *



In a world where vampires and werewolves exist in the shadows, humans can believe they rule all. Humans do believe this, because, no matter what they see, if they don't want to believe their eyes, then whatever it was doesn't exist. It just doesn't. What exists only does so because humans say they do. Vampires and werewolves only exist in books and movies, not in real life. Anything that looks like it could be an attack by either one is considered only an animal attack.

I've been in the hands of vampires for the past six years, along with my mother and father, and some of my family have werewolf blood. I know they exist, even if humans will refuse their existence until the day their world ends. I know this, not just because of the . . . relationships I have with each species, but because of the fact that I myself am an immortal being, one whose existence has also been denied by the human race.

I was careless when I was captured, and I've been paying the price ever since. My parents were only caught because they tried to save me. They've been sitting in the dungeons, being starved and tortured to death since the day they joined me in Volterra's castle. Why are they still there if they're dead? Because they're not. What we are, our species of immortal, cannot die from illness, starvation, or injury. An immediately fatal wound, like decapitation or something along that line, would be their only means of escape. Any other injury will heal with time, maybe not as fast as a vampire or werewolf's injury, but still much faster than a human's. And the pain? Everything still hurts, which is why it's so effective at getting me to do what they want in return for leaving my parents alone until I refuse again. Sometimes they think it's nice to give me a reminder of what will happen if I say no, but that's not very often, thankfully.

By now, you're probably thinking, "Well, if they're in the dungeons, then where are you?" You would be correct if you assumed I wasn't down there with them, and if you guessed I was now the pet to a castle full of sadistic, human-drinking vampires, you would also be correct.

Lucky me, huh?