Perverts Anonymous

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Miroku walked into the apartment he shared with his girlfriend and their best friend, Kagome, shaking with laughter.

The two girls narrowed their eyes on him as he began to walk through the apartment, obviously searching for... something. He looked behind things, under things, between things, and even along the ceiling and floorboards, and to both women's extreme annoyance, he made a complete mess of their living space.

However, the final straw came when they caught him in Kagome's room – with it being the biggest disaster – much worse than he'd even left the living room.

Finally, exasperated and well on the way to getting angry, Sango knocked him over the head and dragged him into the living room. Tossing him onto the sofa, she demanded that he start explaining...

Or else.

He wisely chose to explain.

"Well, you know today was the meeting of my Perverts Anonymous group, right?" he asked, and both girls nodded.

"We got a new member today... and you'll never guess who it was!"

Sango exchanged looks with Kagome, then took the bait. "Who was it, then?"

"Mr. High and Mighty Sesshoumaru Taisho himself!" Miroku chirped, loving the shocked expressions on the part of both of his favorite females – but especially Kagome's.

"No way!" the woman in question choked, eyes almost falling out of her head. And then her eyes narrowed, instead. "But what's that got to do with you tearing up the apartment, Miroku?"

A beautific smile washed over the eternal perverts face, and he said, "His father is the one that sent him to our group and demanded that he take part – because Taisho senior caught Sesshoumaru with a lot of high quality video of a certain beautiful lady in her native habitat, and quite frequently in her birthday suit."

Suddenly not sure either she or Kagome wanted to know, but unable to keep from asking, Sango prodded her boyfriend. "Well, lecher? Finish the story."

"The beautiful lady in question just happens to be you, my dear Kagome. I was tearing up the house trying to find the video camera. I didn't find any out here-" he opened his palm to show three small spycams, "-but I found these three in your room, Kagome. And I didn't even get the chance to finish looking!"

Kagome was gone before Miroku even finished talking; by the time she was done, her entire room was completely empty...

And she'd found another four cameras, positioned so that every angle in the room was covered.

That wasn't even close, however, to what the completely embarrassed and horrified girl found in the bathroom.

When she finally managed to stop blushing long enough to confront Sesshoumaru on it and demand an apology, the newly outed pervert was completely unrepentant.

"I will not apologize – because I am not sorry at all, and I refuse to lie so blatantly," he replied loftily.

Needless to say, he became Miroku's biggest hero...

And was the definite cause of Kagome needing to be put on medication to calm her sudden case of extreme paranoia.


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