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Mount Justice

August 11, 20:30 P.M

"Recognized Robin: B-01, Aqualad: B-02, Kid Flash B-03, Superboy: B-04, Miss Martian: B-05, Artemis: B-07."

The Team- well, tired, beaten down, bruised, bunch of teenagers was more like it- walked slowly into their base.

"Dang," Wally complained. "Who knew thugs could be so violent?"

"Uh, all of us Wally."

The Speedster turned to look at Robin. He had a purple and blue bruise forming on his cheek and his cape and sleeves were torn in various places. Of course, everybody else looked the same.

"Oh yeah. My bad."

The team headed over to the kitchen for some snacks. Wally started stuffing his face with random foods while the rest of the team grabbed popcorn and soda.

"Anybody want home made cookies?" Megan asked innocently.

Everyone gave each other nervous glances. The past few days Megan had made a wide arrangement of goodies, but most of them were burnt to a crisp. Of course Wally didn't mind. Robin stepped in and saved the Team from certain destruction.

"Uh, thanks Miss M, but we're good with our popcorn and soda."

"Oh, alright!" Megan said with a smile.

Robin motioned for the others to come sit on the couch. He turned on the TV and started flipping through random channels.

"May I suggest watching a movie?" Kaldur said as he walked over. "Perhaps the Discovery Channel? I believe it is Shark Week, one of my favorites."

Suddenly, the zeta beam went off.

"Recognized Batman: 02."

The Dark Knight walked in all stoic like. I wonder what happened this time.. Robin thought to himself.

"What?" Wally yelled. "Why is he here?"

"Shut it, Kid Mouth! He can probably hear you!" Artemis whispered.

Batman glared at Wally who immediately shut up. "Yes, I can hear you. I am in need of Robin. We're leaving now." Batman said as he walked in.

"Wait- why?"

"Because, Robin, Scarecrow has broken out of Arkhum Asylum. We need to find him immediately."

"Oh. Alright."

Robin really didn't want to leave. He had just gotten back! He was exhausted and sore, but of course the Boy Wonder would never admit that.

"Rob, come on! We just got back!" Wally complained.

"I know Wally. But I have to go. Scarecrow is an insane psychotic villain! We have to put him back where he belongs.""Fine. Go be with your mentor."

"Thanks, Wally." Robin said with a laugh.

"Robin. It's time to leave."

"Coming Bats!"

With that, the Boy Wonder left his team to fight a crazy guy with a mask.


"So how did he escape?" Robin asked as Batman drove the Batmobile. It was getting dark, which was a bad sign. All the villains came out at night, and it was always harder to stop them than it would be if it were still sunny out.

"He told one of the guards who was on patrol that his family would be in serious danger if he did not let him go. I'm not sure why the man believed him."

"Hm. So do we know where he is headed?"

"We've managed to locate him in a small, run-down neighborhood. He escaped in brood daylight. I thought by now he would have plenty of time to think about his actions before complying."

Robin thought of Scarecrow, sitting in his cell all alone. That would give you plenty of time to think. This was the first time Scarecrow had ever showed himself in daytime. He really was insane.

"Well, that sounds like what an crazy person would do." Robin said. "I'm glad it wasn't Joker who escaped.. I'd rather not deal with him." Honestly, he would choose anyone over Joker. No one liked that freaky clown face.

When they pulled up to an abandoned arcade in the Batmobile, Robin gave Batman a confused look.

"An arcade? This hardly seems like the kind of place Scarecrow would choose."

Batman turned to face Robin. "Be careful. I'm certain Scarecrow has something planned for us."

Robin knew Batman trusted him and knew he could handle himself. But Batman had always been really protective of him. He always felt bad when he became injured. It meant that Bats wouldn't get the villain because he had to take care of his little bird.

Robin nodded, and continued looking around.

The Dynamic Duo cautiously surveyed the area and found a door in the back of the building. Batman unlocked it and they sneaked inside.

Where is that guy? Robin thought.

"Oh! Do you hear that? It sounds like the Batman is here! And it looks like he brought his little friend with him!" came an eerie call from the shadows.

Robin looked at Batman- no talking was necessary when you're the best crime-fighting team in Gotham.

Robin let out a cackle of laughter before he threw a birdarang at Scarecrow, pinning the sleeve of his shirt to the wall. He didn't want to get close to the villain, knowing that he kept his fear toxin somewhere inside his ugly mask.

"Aw, come on! No need to do that! I just want to test my new fear gas! Come and get me!" Scarecrow taunted.

Batman swooped down from the ceiling and kicked Scarecrow right in his face.

Then Robin came up right after him and was about to punch the maniac in the gut when the unexpected happened-

A goon came out of nowhere and tackled Robin to the ground. Scarecrow, now free of being pinned to the wall, quickly threw what looked like a gas pellet on the ground, blowing toxic gas into Robin's face. At first, it seemed like nothing happened. But then Robin noticed that the walls of the arcade started turning different colors- red and white to be exact. And then he knew exactly where he was: Inside a circus tent.

Batman turned around and knocked the goon out then went and easily tied Scarecrow to an old video game. Robin was lying on the ground shivering; noticing all the little changes in the scenery. He noticed a sign on the wall that said Haley's Circus in bright yellow letters. He had only been hit with Scarecrow's toxin once. And it had only lasted a few seconds because Batman had given him the antidote. Robin was already losing sight of what was real as he tried to concentrate through a clouded mind.

"Robin!" Batman said as he picked the Boy Wonder up in his arms. He had seen the affects of Scarecrow's fear toxin too many times. It seeped into the deepest, darkest, part of your mind and made it seem like your fears were being pulled out into reality.

Then, Robin started panicking.

"No! No, no, no, no, NO! Don't do it, please!"

Batman knew exactly what memories were being pulled from Robin's head. He quickly went to his belt for the antidote when terror struck- he didn't have anymore. He quickly scooped up Robin and made a full out sprint to the Batmobile.



"You can have it… If you can catch me!"


Wally was having his usual conversation with Artemis when the zeta beam went off.

"Recognized: Batman: 02, Robin: B-01."

"Hey! Rob's back!" he exclaimed as he ran over to the beam. Wally got the shock of his life when he saw Batman rushing in, carrying a panicked Robin in his arms. He went straight to the med section of the mountain and Wally right on his heels. The whole Team looked confused as they quickly followed Batman towards the med clinic.

"Whoa, Bats! What happened to Rob?"

"He was hit with Scarecrow's fear gas."

"Is there any way I can help?" Wally asked, sincerely. He knew the Dark Knight didn't really.. Appreciate him sometimes, but he looked so frazzled he had to ask.

"Yes. You can stay with him while I go and get the antidote."

"Sure, Bats."

And with that, Batman left Wally and the rest of the Team with his little bird as he rushed off to get the medicine.

"Wally! What has happened to him?" a concerned Kaldur asked.

Wally explained everything he knew or heard about Scarecrow.

"Rob was hit with the Scarecrow's fear toxin. It gets really bad.. He started hallucinating. Batman will be back any minute with the antidote, but he asked me to stay here and watch him."

"He asked you?"

"Yes Blondie! I'm his best friend! Of course he asked me!" Really? She was going to start this now when his best friend was hurt?

"NO! Don't do it!" The Team quickly went to Robin's side when he called out.

"Rob! Snap out of it!" Wally yelled.

"Don't jump! Please, don't!" The Speedster started getting nervous. He hoped that Robin wouldn't say too much.

Megan jumped in and tried to telepathically get Robin to come out of it, but his mind was too clouded for her to read.

Kaldur then stepped in. "Robin, what you are seeing is not real. Please, listen to us."

But despite the Team's efforts, Robin didn't stop. Bats better get here soon.. Wally thought.