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The Jokes on You

It was early in the morning, the day after Richard 'came back'. All the heroes were still in bed. All but one, that is. Bruce refused to leave his son's side. Richard was still knocked out cold from the sleeping gas in the med clinic, oblivious to the world. A lump was poking out of the sheets from his cast, and his hair was a ruffled mess.

Bruce was trying to grasp something he didn't fully understand. What had Joker used on Dick? This was the first time he had seen a person's body being controlled but not his thoughts. He could tell by the look on Dick's face when he had attacked that he didn't want to attack, but he couldn't control his body. Bruce was positive it was the Joker's evil doings, making his son try and hurt the people he loved. Bruce wanted to try and get rid of whatever the Joker had put in him. Right now he was trying to find some sort of antidote, but he couldn't quite find the right one. So he had to wait, and he hated every second of it.

Bruce looked at his little bird, sleeping almost peacefully. He remembered when Richard was just nine years old, coming into his room in the middle of the night because he had had a nightmare. He remembered going to Gotham Academy to attend a ceremony because Richard had won a Mathlete's Award. He was so proud of his son. He surely didn't deserve such a great kid, yet here he was with an amazing boy. Then, as if Richard knew Bruce was thinking about him, his blue eyes opened. Bruce quietly said, "Dick?"

The Justice League didn't want Richard to escape or attack again, so they had him strapped down to the bed. Bruce had started to protest against it, but realized it was for the greater good.

He watched his son blink a few times before looking down at the straps that held him.

"Uh, Bruce? Why am I strapped to the table?"

Bruce sighed in relief. He was back to normal. For now.

"It's a long story, son. What's the last thing you remember?"

Richard explained all of the details of how Joker had talked to him about sending the video, and then how he had pulled out the green liquid and shot it in his arm. Dick's voice got quiet. "I remember coming here. Joker actually dropped me off. He told me not to speak, and to attack my teammates."

Bruce, noticing the guilt on the boy's face said, "Richard, don't worry. No one was hurt. You shouldn't feel guilty."

"I know," Richard said to him. "I just wish I could've been stronger. Then maybe I could've fought off the drug."

Bruce looked at Dick with a serious face. "Richard. There was nothing you could do." Then he smiled and ruffled his son's hair. "I'm just glad you're back."

"Me too," Richard smiled.


The Joker frowned. Bird boy should be back by now! he thought to himself. The clown walked around his hideout, thinking of all the possible reasons why his 'sidekick' wasn't back yet.

"Oh Mistah J! Did Robby get back?" Harley yelled as she walked into the room.

"No, Robby isn't back yet. Unfortunately it seems like my body-controlling drug isn't quite as great as I thought."

Harley looked confused. "What do ya' mean?"

"I mean Robby isn't back yet cuz the drug must've worn off. UH! Guess you have to get things done yourself." Joker grabbed a backpack full of who-knows-what, motioned for Harley to join him, and headed towards his van.


After running a few tests, Wally walked inside the med clinic to find his best friend sitting on the bed. Wally walked over to him, smiling.

"How ya' feeling?" he asked.

"I'm good. A little sore, but nothing too bad. I would feel better if I didn't have this stupid boot on, but oh well." Of course. Robin never admitted defeat. Tough little bugger, Wally thought.

Batman spoke up. "Actually, one thing we noticed was that Joker put in an ingredient that speeds up the healing process. But that same ingredient is what makes it wear off."

"So why did he put it in?" Robin asked. The Dark Knight frowned.

"He either didn't know that it would make the drug wear off as fast, or he put the healing ingredient in so that you would be up for a fight any time he needed you. Or both." Batman walked over to the bed. "How does your leg feel? The healing chemical might have helped it enough to take that cast off."

Robin smiled. "It feels really good, actually." Batman nodded and took the boot off Robin's leg, and then the cast. After Batman checked to make sure the leg was fully healed, he helped Robin off the table.

"It feels good," Robin smiled. Batman gave Robin a serious look. "It may feel good, but you still need to take it easy." Wally watched Robin nod, and then walk over to where he was standing.

"So," Wally asked. "Wanna play some video games?"

The two friends walked out of the med clinic, heading straight for the TV. Wally watched Batman and Flash having a quiet conversation but turned back when he heard his name being called.

"Wally! What do you want to play?" Robin called from the other room. They ended up playing Call of Duty, one of their favorites. Wally convinced Robin that they should work as a team because he didn't… Well, he didn't want to get his butt kicked by the Boy Wonder.

After a few hours of video games, Kaldur and Superboy joined in while Artemis and Megan watched. Suddenly Batman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Aquaman walked in, catching the Team off guard.

"Are we in trouble?" Megan asked her uncle. "No, Megan. Not at all." J'onn smiled sweetly.

"We have a mission for you, if you think you're ready," Batman said, looking at Robin. "But this time, we will be coming along."

The teens looked at each other. Robin nodded. "Okay. That is fine with us," Kaldur said. Wally turned to face Batman. "So, what are we doing?"


It was a quiet evening when the Joker injected his drug into a man who had been walking down a the street near a park. It was perfect timing on the man's part. Joker snatched him up and was able to control him within seconds without anybody noticing. He mentally congratulated himself before he started barking out orders.

"Okay, listen up buddy! You're going to do me a big favor!"

The man's eyes went wide with fear. "No, please! Don't hurt me!"

"Oh, be quiet! I wouldn't hurt you!" the Joker laughed. The man immediately went quiet. He tried to say something, but it didn't make any sense. Not like the Joker cared. "Anyways," he continued, "I need you to break into that bank over there. You think you can do that? Take your time, but lets try to get it done before the cops come. Here's a little something to use." Joker handed him a huge hammer. "Take this and use it to smash whatever you can." The civilian's arm reached out and grabbed the tool before he started walking against his will to the bank that was across the street.

"So, Mistah J, what exactly are we doing?" Harley asked.

"Well, darlin' we're going to get our friends, Bats and Boy Blunder down here!"

"Oooooh! Mistah J you're so smart!" Harley clapped. The villains watched as their little 'pet' broke the window of the bank. But just as he was about to smash it again, a batarang flew out and hit him on the back of the neck, knocking him out cold. Joker started laughing. "HAHA! Yes! Finally, we get some good action!" he looked up to where the batarang had come from, and got the shocker of his life. Batman, Robin, Flash, Kid Flash, Aquaman, Aqualad, Green Arrow, some blond girl he didn't know, Martian Manhunter, and some green skinned girl were standing there looking at him. And wait a minute, was that Superman? No, he looked too young.

"Haha!" Robin's signature laugh rang out. "Looks like the Joke's on you, Joker!"

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