Thanks to Lady Antebellum for the song 'One Day You Will' which, as you can see, got me thinking as I was listening to it this morning.

Disclaimer: I don't own Lie to Me, because if I did I'd be watching season four right now instead of crying into a cup of tea.

One Day You Will

She knows they aren't ready for this yet. That he isn't ready yet. She watches as he flirts with other women, as he spends drunken nights in his ex wife's arms, as he continues to push her and challenge her and infuriate her in the way only he can.

She knows he isn't ready to admit that they could have more than this. Realisation and acceptance might be a long time coming, and she almost wants to laugh at the irony. For a man who spends his life searching for the truth, he's missing the most obvious thing of all. Days slip by, and more scattered moments between them build up the evidence, and he still doesn't see. Or doesn't want to see.

She might be aware of her feelings – and his – but he isn't, and timing is everything. She can't go there until he's ready, until he knows this is where they are going, and that it's right for them – and he just doesn't see that, yet.

She's jolted from her musings by his voice; he's ambled up to her without her noticing, and is scrutinising her face with that familiar look of his. "What are you thinking?" he asks, and she smiles at hearing him ask that question.

"Can't you tell?" she teases, and he responds with a good-humoured grunt.

"I taught you too well."

"Hmm," she replies with a smile.

"So, what was it, then? That you were thinking?"

"I can't possibly say," she says, beginning to walk towards her office.

She turns when she reaches the door, laughing at the sight of him giving her an over-exaggerated puppy-dog look and pouting. "I want to know."

"Don't worry," she says with a cryptic smile, reaching for the door. He watches as she begins to close it, and just catches her final words before it shuts completely. "One day you will."