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A Gentlemen's Agreement

To say that Alexei Dolohov was in a piss poor mood would be a massive understatement. He was so angry that anyone with even a quarter of a brain was giving him a wide, wide berth. Ten friggin galleons, the Slytherin inwardly fumed as he stomped out of the Great Hall, ignoring his fellow students. He was ten fucking galleons short. When his bastard of a roommate got back from St. Mungos he was going to send the son of a bitch right back to his hospital bed.

Angrily running a hand through his shoulder length black hair Alexei cursed the heavens above as he thought about the fact that his team was going to lose to Gryffindor during their next and final match against their arch nemesis. They were going to lose because he was ten galleons short the money he needed to buy himself a replacement for his racing broom. He had enough to buy an okay broom, but not one in the same league as his former broomstick. The broom his assehole roommate had borrowed without asking him while drunk, subsequently crashing said broom into the damn castle, destroying it.

Tonight had been the deadline to getting the money sent off in time to insure he got the broom delivered in time for the match.

He was so pissed he could scream.

Stomping his way down the hallway the Slytherin was so lost in his dark, vengeful thoughts that he almost missed the sound of someone calling him name. Turning around with dark eyes flashing Alexei could feel his temper rise to an even more dangerous level as he caught sight of the man walking towards him at a coltish trot.

Hugo Weasley. Gryffindor. Brainiac. Goody-two Shoes. Teacher's Pet.

What the hell could the know it all want with him, Alexei wondered, curious enough not to just ignore the other man and walk off like he hadn't heard his name being called. Besides, if the Head Boy didn't have a good reason for calling after him he'd just see to it that the Gryffindor rued interrupting him while he was in the middle of a serious mad. Beating on the other man wouldn't be that satisfying, but it would make him feel a little better.

"Thank you for stopping, I wasn't sure you would."

Glaring up at the man, he had always hated that the Gryffindor was taller than him, Alexei crossed his arms in front of him and waited for whatever lame explanation the other man had to give.

Reaching up Hugo pushed his glasses up his nose with one finger. "I wondered if you could spare me a few moments of your time to discuss a business proposition of mine."

"Me do business with you? Please."

Turning to leave the Slytherin went still when he felt the Gryffindor's fingers close around his arm, holding him in place. Glancing over his shoulder Alexei glared. "You want to keep that hand, you'll keep it off me, Weasley."

Putting his hands up in the air to show that he wasn't touching the other man Hugo watched him closely, gauged the Slytherin's mood, and then slid one hand down into his robe pocket, wrapping his fingers around what was inside. Withdrawing the pocket's contents Gryffindor held out his hand, revealing ten gleaming gold coins.

"I understand you need ten galleons."

Eyes focusing in on the coins like a predator spotting prey, Alexei's gaze slowly drifted up to look at the Gryffindor, calculating the odds and how difficult it would be to snatch the coins out of the man's hand before he saw it coming. Deciding to at least hear the other man out before he reduced himself to stealing the money, the Slytherin's face shifted into thoughtful lines as he studied the other man closely for tells. "I'm listening."


"You need ten galleons to replace your broomstick so that you can beat my house in the finals. You won't win without it." There wasn't a hint of doubt in the Gryffindor's voice as he put the coins back in his pocket. "What I mean is, as good as you are, my house's players all have the latest brooms, and let's face it, as a whole they're a better team than yours. You're your team's best player and the reason Slytherin's made it to the finals in the first place. In the end it comes down to who gets the snitch, and you're a better seeker than Grayson. But you need to be faster than him, especially since my team will be gunning for you since they all know you're the ace up Slytherin's sleeve. Not that you won't be a serious threat on any broom, but you're the type who likes the best of everything. You'd hate competing on less."

He couldn't disagree with that, but he wasn't about to bite just yet either. "And why would you want Slytherin to win?"

Hugo shrugged his shoulders. "I don't particularly want you to win, but if your team were to win that wouldn't bother me overly much either. I'm not on the team, nor is any member of my family after all. I'm friendly with most of the team, and I do wish them all the best at the game, but I don't believe I would have a crisis of conscience if you did win, because you'd still be winning by skill. A broom can only take its rider so far. Everyone knows you'll be drafted once school's over to play professionally."

"So having established that I want and need that money to buy myself a new broomstick…what do you want in return for it?" Their present situation highlighted the fact that the other man didn't need money from him, and he doubted the Gryffindor wanted to enlist him to beat the crap out of someone. Not only did people rarely pick on the man, but the four eyed geek had only to tell his Potter cousin that he was being victimized and Lily Potter would go to town on their asses.

"I'm conducting an experiment that requires your participation."

The Slytherin's eyes narrowed threateningly. "You want to experiment on me? For your uncle's shop?"

Laughing, a bright and happy sound, Hugo shook his head with eyes dancing with amusement. "No, of course not. I know better than to think you'd ever agree to be used as a test subject for any of my uncle's joke shop products. You've probably never stepped foot in one of his stores."

Why would he? "So then what kind of an experiment is it then?"

"The experiment in question requires only a couple minutes of your time and doesn't involve any danger to your person. In theory anyone would normally do, but this is a special case and you fit the parameters perfectly."

"And just what parameters do I fit so perfectly?" Alexei wanted to know, not liking the way the Gryffindor was presenting this business deal at all. He was definitely getting the feeling that the other man was trying to slowly ease him into agreeing to do something he really, really wasn't going to want to do.

"You're the baddest without being evil guy at this school."

Both eyebrows hitting his hairline at the matter of fact reply, Alexei didn't know what to say to that. It was actually sort of flattering, knowing that the Gryffindor held him in such bad regard. Did all of the Weasley's too numerous friends to count think he was the baddest guy at Hogwarts? He had to appreciate the not being evil add on too, the Slytherin thought with reluctant humor. Though some would argue whether he was evil or not.

"Okay, I'll bite." He decided. "What exactly do you need a bad guy for?"

"Well as you may or may not know I've dated a lot of people."

"Now there's an understatement." The Slytherin interrupted, smirking at the other man. It was a well known fact that the popular for reasons that escaped him Gryffindor never turned down a request for a date unless he was already seeing someone. Relationships which never lasted owing to the fact that usually the man before him went on a couple of dates with someone, male or female, and then somehow turned them into just friends, which accounted for the fact that the Gryffindor was rarely alone. As far as he knew the longest the curly topped egghead had ever gone out with someone was two weeks.

Not at all offended Hugo nodded his head in agreement. "Finding my soul mate has proven quite difficult. Now that the end of our final school year is approaching I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I shan't be continuing the family tradition of meeting the one for me while still at Hogwarts. I even have some concern that I might end up like my Uncle Charlie, married to my work instead of someone else. Though he seems to prefer it that way so maybe it won't be as bad as I imagine it to be."

"And this has what to do with me?"'

"The point is that ever since I started dating in my fifth year I have gone out with girls and boys, jocks, nerds, introverts, extroverts, good looking and not so good looking, brilliant and not so brilliant…in short, I've dated a wide variety of people without discrimination or preference for a certain type. Most people, as I understand it, have a type. I have not found a type that I am particular attracted to. Partly, I presume, because none of the individuals I've dated thus far have been able to illicit a reaction from me that is more than one would expect when dealing with typical teenage hormones."

The Slytherin sneered at the Gryffindor. "Or you could just be so lousy at the dating game, ever think of that."

"Quite a bit, actually. It's my worry that I might be somehow defective when it comes to my sexuality." The Gryffindor's response was matter of fact, without a hint of embarrassment or shame. "I enjoy snogging, but not so much that I want to do it nearly as often as most couples seem to. I have considered that I lack technique, but I would think that someone would have said something by now if that were the case. Not to mention I am the smartest man here so it defies logic that after all this time I wouldn't have developed the knack for it. So either I've never snogged someone competent in the process, which is hard to believe, I lack something that impedes my abilities in this area which is possible, or I simply haven't found my type yet and am just abnormally picky."

It was rare for him to be shocked dumb, but this was one of those occasions. And when he did regain his ability to speak Alexei only had one question. "I repeat, what the hell does this have to do with me?"

The gleam that came into the other man's eyes then had a very bad feeling erupting in the Slytherin's belly. "I've never snogged or been snogged by a genuine bad boy."


"Oh no. No, no, no, no, NO! Not happening. So not happening. Not even with a wand at my head and an Unforgivable curse coming my way. No." The Slytherin backed away from the Gryffindor like he was faced with a coiled cobra who was preparing to strike. "You are out of what little mind you have, Weasley. Absolutely and completely out of your mind of you think I would ever…you have to be joking. Did one of your idiot cousins put you up to this?"

Hugo shook his head. "No. Why would they? They'd be worried you'd curse me for even suggesting the idea."

"As well they should."

"Fair enough. I thought winning the Quidditch cup and getting a broom would be worth having to kiss me just one time, but I guess not." The Gryffindor's smile was as sweet as apple pie. "Sorry to have bothered you. I'll simply have to find someone else who's in need of ten galleons and doesn't find the idea of snogging so disagreeable. Good night, Dolohov, sweet dreams. Good luck at the match since you'll be needing it."

Watching the Gryffindor turn and start walking away Alexei couldn't believe that the man had somehow managed to piss him off even more than he'd been before the annoying prat had showed up. How was that even possible? It shouldn't be possible, the Slytherin mentally ranted as he lifted his hands to make a strangling motion behind the other man's retreating back.

And that little parting comment about how he'd need luck in order to win the Quidditch match, like that would get him to change his mind. As if. He'd win the damn cup no matter what kind of broom he flew on. He was the best seeker Slytherin had had in decades, everyone knew that. So what if the Gryffindors all had top of the line brooms and would be gunning for him? So what if this was the last Quidditch game he'd ever play at Hogwarts, his last chance to FINALLY win the damn cup that had eluded him for years. So what if the rest of his team wasn't that great and would no doubt let Gryffindor rack up the points, even to the point where it wouldn't matter if he caught the snitch if he didn't get it fast enough.

Shit! Damn! Fuck!

Cursing with all his might and strength the Slytherin stood there for a moment and then took off running after the damn Gryffindor.

Luck was with him and the damn Gryffindor in question hadn't gone far, the four eyed geek turning around when he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him, not looking that surprised to see the Slytherin coming towards him.

"Hello again."

"Shove it where the sun don't shine, Weasley." The Slytherin seeker growled. "And come with me."

Marching off to a hallway off the beaten path Alexei waited until the other man was standing patiently in front of him before he laid down the law. "Okay, I'll accept the deal on two conditions, and they aren't negotiable."

Looking mildly interested Hugo cocked his head to the side. "What are the two conditions?"

"One is that you never, ever, tell anyone that I snogged you. You take it to your grave, swearing on your grandmothers' souls that you'll keep your mouth shut...and the second is that you keep your hands and tongue to yourself. Hands I'll break, tongue I will damn well bite off, got it?"

"As I'm fond of both my hands and my tongue I will keep them to myself." The Gryffindor agreed, holding out a hand in the Slytherin's direction. "And you have my word on the souls of my grandmothers that I won't tell anyone about our business deal. Why would I want people to know that I had to pay you to snog me after all."

Good point. Dammit. Now that the man had agreed to his terms he had no way out.

Damn, damn, damn.

Taking a deep breath Alexei stared at the offered hand and then reached out and took the hand the Gryffindor was holding out towards him, firmly shaking on the deal.

And moving before he could talk himself out of it the Slytherin let the man's hand go and transferred his own hands to the man's slim shoulders, getting up on his tip toes as he placed his lips against the Gryffindor's.

The man's lips were soft and yielding under his, and as promised the Gryffindor made no move to touch him or deepen the kiss. The sweetness of the mouth pressed against his surprised the Slytherin, enough so that he almost forgot that he hated the man's who he was being forced to kiss and allowed him to enjoy the taste and feel of the other man's lips for a moment. And now that he thought about it they hadn't discussed how long he had to snog the other man for. Not that he wanted to stop what he was doing that badly. The man definitely wasn't terrible to kiss. He could remember the last time he'd...

And that thinking had the Slytherin breaking off the kiss, mortified by the thoughts that his obviously screwed up mind was thinking.

"I see." The Gryffindor said softly as he opened his eyes at the ending of the lip contact, reaching into his pocket with one hand to retrieve the promised coins. Holding them out to the other man Hugo's face didn't betray for a moment his thoughts about the kiss they'd just shared. "Here you go, as promised. Ten galleons."

Automatically taking the coins from the other man Alexei shoved them into his pocket, feeling embarrassed and off balanced. "Thanks."

Nodding his head Hugo smiled briefly and then without a word turned and started walking back the way they'd come like nothing had happened between them.

Watching the Gryffindor go as he tried to deal with the fact that he'd just snogged Hugo Weasley for money, Alexei couldn't help but feel that he'd just made a monumental mistake for ten friggin galleons. And now that he thought about why the other man had asked him to kiss him the Slytherin couldn't help but wonder how he'd measured up to the others.

Not that he cared whether the man had enjoyed being snogged by him…but he did have a reputation to uphold.

Though they weren't telling anyone about this so what Weasley thought of his kissing technique didn't really matter.


He wanted to know now.