There was an eerie silence as Harry landed. He kept his eyes closed for another few seconds as he tried to regain his footing and stop his stomach from rebelling at the same time.

He opened his eyes slowly, expecting the worst, and couldn't help but laugh at the gobsmacked expressions that met him. Harry's eyes immediately found Dumbledore's and he couldn't resist giving a little jaunty wave at the look of utter shock and outrage the old man was wearing.

He couldn't believe the boy had done it. The little upstart had actually won. And he'd done it without showing off at all yet at the same time showing off completely. He'd shown no skill, talent or magical ability that would cause the wizarding world to believe he could defeat Voldemort and yet he'd still managed to bloody win.

Harry couldn't help laughing again. This was just too perfect.

The crowd started cheering, taking Harry and even themselves by surprise. Most of the people had to admit they were baffled and impressed. Just maybe the kid deserved to win after all.

Harry grinned and gave a big swooping bow causing some of the audience to laugh at his audacity. This is was it, he realised. His last moment in the spotlight. Everything that usually brought him the attention he despised was gone. Harry had achieved the admiration of the wizarding world without the expectations that usually came attached. He'd earned the respect of his peers with simply his sense of humour and cunning, though that didn't mean they had to like him any more than they currently did, he hoped that given time he'd be able to make a few good and lasting friends.

And most importantly, he had his secured his neutrality in the war. Voldemort wouldn't be doing anything at the school while Harry was still there so there would be no repeats of his heroics during his early years. Nothing that would cause him to have to swoop in and save the day. He wouldn't even be fighting Draco in the corridors anymore, not now the world expected them to be 'brothers'. A Malfoy always lived up to his image after all.

Though Harry knew there would be bumps along the way, Ron Weasley would no doubt make himself a nuisance at some point or another and there was still the whole Sirius thing to deal with, Harry couldn't help the hope he felt expanding in his chest like a balloon.

A balloon he hadn't felt in almost five years. Since he had first learnt of the magical world that was waiting for him. It had popped with his first worry of money, then again with learning of his parent's fate.

But now he had it back simply because he'd managed to do the impossible.

Harry grinned. His future was looking bright and mostly trouble free and he knew he'd do anything to keep it that way. After all, a man is represented by his actions and with a little bit of effort…

Harry Potter was impossible.

Mischief Managed.