The Four Nations

Book 2: Earth

Chapter 1: The Unified Village

by DeathGodSlayer

"That was great Twinkle-toes! Just remember to use that experience with the Sabre-tooth Moose-lion and the mindset you went into while facing it and you'll have Earthbending down in no time!" Toph commented enthusiastically to Aang, who sat on Appa's head away from the others on the saddle, steering the large six-legged flying beast through the sky.

"I don't want to think about my friends being in danger everytime I want to use Earthbending, there has to be a better emotion required than fear. The emotion of feeling free, even the element of freedom is the foundation for Airbending. For Waterbending the element of change is the foundation..." Aang responded sadly, his actions against the animal were uncalled for, but he had to save his friend Sokka from danger.

"But you didn't show fear. It was raw willpower that held you in place and stopped the Sabre-tooth Moose-lion. That is the foundation of Earthbending, the emotion of Willpower, to be able to move the Earth itself." Toph responded before spitting off the side of Appa.

"Whatever the case we've got a start on Aang's Earthbending. If anything that's good progress for us." Katara responded, trying to lighten the situation and atmosphere upon the Bison.

"Yeah, all that's left is to find a Firebender that doesn't want to kill Aang and have them teach Aang Firebending..." Sokka responded sarcastically, leaning his head over the saddle to watch the clouds. Suddenly his stomach growled loudly, he clutched his stomach in pain. "And I'm still starving!"

The grumbles of the other's stomachs made them humbly agree to Sokka's statement. "Perhaps we should land and look for some supplies and food before we set off any further." Katara spoke first, the rest of the group nodding in agreement.

Out of nowhere, an unseen blast smashed against Appa, spinning the bison in the air, quick reflexes had the group managing to hold onto the saddle, Sokka catching Toph before she fell, Appa recovered in the air, spinning back around until his riders were comfortably on the saddle again.

"Was that... Airbending?" Sokka curiously and hesitantly asked, it felt as if Appa was hit by a gust of wind, but that couldn't be possible.

"It was Airbending!" Aang replied excitedly, almost shouting it to them. "I knew I couldn't have been the last Airbender, I just knew it!" He yelled ecstatically, steering Appa downwards to inspect the matter further. "Let's check it out!"

"Aang, I don't think we should approach whatever caused the blast so hastily, it might be a trap, or they might react badly." Katara whispered to the excited boy as they near the area where the blast came from.

"Or it could be an Airbender just like me, and if it is, they won't react badly, they'll just be glad there is someone else like them!" Aang replied happily, although in a hushed voice.

They approached the location cautiously, hiding safely behind bushes. It was a clearing where to boys were currently fighting, they had the oddest hair colours imaginable. One had hair as bright as the sun, with large ocean blue eyes. The other had a deep crimson red colour to his hair with turquoise eyes to go with it.

"I haven't seen anyone with red hair since when Bumi was younger, and I've never ever seen anyone with yellow hair..." Aang spoke to Katara, Sokka and Toph, staring at the two boys in mild surprise, the yellow haired one look worse for wear, while the other seemed perfectly alright standing ready to take anything.

The yellow haired boy's hair was naturally spiky, with two bangs framing his face and a set of bangs across his forehead. He was dressed in an bright orange shirt with black short sleeves, his legs had pants that were a similar orange colour, hits boots were more of a darker red, styled very much like Aang's with the bottom of his pants being tucked into them.

The red haired boy's hair, like the yellow hairs was also naturally spiky, yet his was slightly more wavy, having thinner and longer bangs parted to the left side, revealing an almost scar on his forehead, the scar was shaped in the symbol for 'love'. Another distinction to him was the black rings around his eyes, making his eyes look even more dulled. He wore full-length dark trousers, with a pair of laces on each leg, respectively a few inches below the waist and the knees, a long-sleeved crimson coat with flaring hemlines on the front and the back, a grey holster vest held in place by a single strap over his left shoulder and by two buckled belts which he uses to carry his gourd. He also wears another pair of casually worn belts around his waist. Unlike his opponent instead of wearing full boots he wore black sandal like shoes. Yet on his back was also a massive gourd, the contents of which remained unknown.

"Hmm..." The red haired crossed his arms in front of his chest. "You're slacking." He spoken apathetically, almost bored even. Suddenly a large block of Earth appeared out of the ground before him, the red haired looked unfazed as the block of Earth rose directly in front of him.

Toph's eyes widened as she watched the fight through her seismic sense. "Incredibly, that one's an Earthbender." She told the others, pointing towards the red haired.

"But he didn't move, he didn't do any of the some strong punches to bring up the Earth?" Sokka spoke in confusion, speaking at a quick pace, his head flipping back and forth between the red head and Toph.

"He did move, but it was an impossibly small amount." Toph responded, she saw it all through he sense of vibrations in th Earth, no matter how faint it was. "He moved his foot barely a fraction of a millimetre to bend the Earth, it's almost as if he's bending the Earth with just his mind."

"Well Bumi could Earthbend with just his face, while being encased in metal and levitated off the ground. So I don't see why Earthbenders have to move, but still it's incredible to see..." Katara replied, remembered the aged, deranged king of Omashu.

The red head suddenly launched the Earth towards the yellow haired boy, who grinned as it approached him. With one quick movement he slashed his arm through the air.

To the surprise of all of them, a crescent shaped blast of air was created behind his arm, that launched towards the slab of Earth, the air, it was shaped into something like a blade, it cut straight through the block of Earth and continued towards the Red head, who sunk into the ground to dodge the attack, before propelling back upwards out of it.

"Now that was some cool Airbending! He totally stood his ground and can make blades of air to attack!" Sokka noted excitedly, fond of anything that made blade like attacks or shapes.

"You're right. Airbending uses the principals of dodge and evade, using the opponents strength against them. But his Airbending was much more offensive, as if he meant to inflict serious damage." Aang responded, remembering his teachings from Gyatso and the other elders.

"Am I really slacking?" They heard the yellow hair speak, both boys had to be older than Aang, perhaps around Toph and Katara's age of 14, maybe as old as Sokka. He was surprisingly upbeat, his tone of voice almost on par with Aang's natural happiness and giddiness, he grinned widely, before continuing. "It's hard fighting against the natural opposite to your element. We've always had problems fighting against each other, but I guess that's what makes it good training!"

Toph's eyes suddenly widened even further. "There's someone behind us!" She called out to her team, and they're close, really close! I should have sensed them sooner than this!"

"That's right, you probably should have." The group's eyes collectively widened, turning around they saw another boy staring down at them, with jet black hair, spiked at the back with two long bangs framing his face and three shorter ones across his forehead. His eyes were onyx black, and set in a mocking stare, as was the smirk on his face. But perhaps the most worrisome was his uniform. It was most certainly that of a high ranking Fire Nation soldier, his armour even more elaborate than Admiral Zhao's was. The chest plate was a burgundy colour lined with gold around the edges, with a red shirt with tight red armlets on his arms, keeping the baggy shirt held down at the forearms. His legs were covered by red pants leading into black boots, with burgundy cloth lined with gold falling around his waist, on the front and back and both sides only.

"Fire Nation!" Sokka shouted in both anger and fear, the group jumped backwards into the clearing away from the Fire Nation boy, surprising the two boys already in the clearing. The Fire Nation boy followed them out into the opening.

"Both of you run while we fend this Fire Nation soldier off!" Aang shouted to both the other boys, before looking specifically at the yellow haired boy. "I need to talk to you later!" He exclaimed loudly, before positioning his staff threateningly towards the Fire Nation soldier, Katara, Sokka and Toph also taking defensive stances.

"Hey, Sasuke..." The yellow haired boy spoke, greeting the black haired boy warmly, giving a small, confused wave at the actions of the others.

The Fire Nation boy gave a nod in return, giving a small smile as well. The group's defensive stances loosened. "You know each other?" Sokka asked in confusion, looking at how comfortable both the blond and the red haired appeared to be.

"Yes." The Fire Nation boy answered Sokka's question, before turning to the yellow haired boy once again. "I told you I would find them, but it was your power that brought them right to me, although I never expected them to be so jumpy." He chuckled lowly before moving over to the other two boys. Aang and the group carefully watched his movements as they turned right around they were met with the grin of the yellow haired boy.

"Hey! The name's Naruto Namikaze. And this is Gaara Sabaku and Sasuke Uchiha!" He spoke eagerly, pointing to the red head and the Fire Nation boy respectively.

"What's going on here? Are you in cahoots with the Fire Nation?" Sokka asked suspiciously, raising his boomerang up again, glaring hard at all three of the boys.

The yellow haired boy, Naruto looked directly at Aang. Giving him a small, respectful bow of the head, complimented with a smile. "Avatar Aang." He spoke to their surprise, surprised at how easily he recognised Aang. "Welcome to the village of Sìguó, you and your friends are safe here. I promise you. I'll show you the way to town if you like, where you will be offered food and a place to rest. If not, then you can be on your way and we will pretend like you were never here."

At the mention of food, Aang's group's stomachs growled loudly and simultaneously. "I can't say no, I have some questions for you. But if you swear that no danger will come to us, we will join you back to your village." Aang's eyes darted towards the Fire Nation boy, Sasuke at the word danger, narrowing suspiciously.

"I swear. Follow us, we'll lead you to town." Naruto grinned, walking in front of Aang's group with Sasuke and Gaara, despite the fact they were 'leading' them, a path was already pretty much put in place, all they did was follow it on the way to town.

"So Sìguó, that means Four Nations doesn't it. What's the story behind that name?" Sokka asked in interest as they passed through the gates of the village, a large wall of earth surrounding it. As soon as they entered they found the meaning behind the name was very evident.

Walking around the town were Earth Citizens mostly, but there were even Water Tribes people walking around, probably on migration from the North Pole to the South Pole. "Water Tribe, Earth Citizens." Katara looked around in amazement, but she stopped in place, staring in shock at a sight.

Even Fire Nation was in here, both normal citizens and fully armoured soldiers, they sat comfortably or walked around town. "What's going on here? Why are the Fire Nation in this village?" Sokka immediately jumped in accusation at the sight.

"Not all of the Fire Nation is evil." Gaara spoke for perhaps the third time in total since they saw him fighting against Naruto, that including what he said to Naruto before they learned his name. "Around you now you see the citizens of the Fire Nation that would like to see this war come to an end."

"This village in an envision, where the four nations come together in peace as they used to one hundred years ago. So that's what it does really." Naruto shrugged his shoulders in an attempt to explain the situation. "The village leader offers refuge to anyone who is passing through, even Fire Nation soldiers. Although Fire Nations soldiers, even suspicious looking citizens are heavily monitored during their stay in the village and informed of any attempts to bring the war into this village or to bring this village into the war will be met with severe punishment and consequences."

"Amazing..." Aang looked around in wonder at the village. "How all these people could come together like this, even when their on the opposite sides in this war." He looked over to a small park, children from all races were playing happily together, none were being excluded or prejudiced against. "Even with all the strife in the world people can still come together." Aang smiled peacefully, before his face hardened slightly, looking towards their three guides. "I'd like to meet your village leader please, I want to thank him for show me that there is hope for the future of the world."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly in mild surprise, before turning into a wide grin. "Sure! Follow me!" He gestured for them to follow him with his hand. Leading them towards the largest house in the village, all houses were made out of Earth and painted elegantly, this house being the grandest of them all. Naruto entered through the front door without notice or warning. Sasuke and Gaara followed after, Aang and his friends walking into the house last.

The front room was empty, yet it was obvious this was where all this business for the village happened, it was a grand room with a consistent shade of green going around the room. With the colours yellow, red and blue thrown around on items such as the curtains or rugs. At the far wall of the room was a small wooden step, over the platform was the banners of all four of the elements; Water, Earth, Fire and Air in that order from left to right. Underneath each banner was a sitting cushion, a yellow one under the Air banner, red under Fire, blue under Water and green under Earth.

"Whoa!" Everyone heard Sokka exclaim in awe, everyone turned to see him marvelling at an incredibly large sword with a curved tip, the blade was almost the same height as Sokka himself, the sword casually leaning against the wall, there was a full circle cut out of the blade near the hilt of the blade and a semi-circle cut out of the edge near the tip. "That's a really big sword!" Sokka was almost drooling, his hands unknowingly moving towards the massive blade.

"Hey!" A hand came down to slap Sokka's, snapping him out of his trance. They all so another boy, the same age as Naruto, Gaara and Sasuke. His hair was a silver white, with an unnatural faint blue tone to it reaching down to his shoulders, the colour instantly reminding Sokka of another's hair. His unusual purple eyes were narrowed, glowering at Sokka. He was seen in a blue shirt with white stripes in the middle of the sleeves. On his arms he wears blue sleeves which appeared to have been cut out from his shirt, not being connected to the rest of his clothing in anyway. He also had leather straps around his back and chest, crossing over at the front with plain blue pants going into brown boots that reach halfway up below the knees. "That's MY really big sword!" He mumbled out, eyeing out Sokka as he snatched the blade away from Sokka, carrying it as if it was nothing over to the platform, where he placed it against a wall again and sat on the blue cushion. "So Naruto, Gaara and Sasuke, found the Avatar have you?" The boy spoke with a wide grin.

"Yeah, and he wants to meet the village leader." Naruto chuckled, he Gaara and Sasuke all moving onto the platform, sitting down on the yellow, green and red cushions respectfully. He smiled once more before addressing the group. "Together, we make up the leader of this village."

All their mouths dropped at the statement, staring wide eyed and agape at the four boys before them. "That can't be possible, you all can't be over 15!" Sokka shouted in disbelief.

"We are all 15 but together we have a collective age of 60, so we can plan out for the village better! And you best believe it, we built this village ourselves about one year ago!" The white haired boy called out again. "The name's Suigetsu Hozuki by the way." He quickly introduced himself.

"Avatar Aang." Naruto spoke again with a smile, it appeared he and Suigetsu were the talkative ones, as Gaara never spoke and Sasuke didn't seem to want to. "You are welcome in the village whenever you like, and you are free to stay as long as you like."

"So if that's the Avatar and he has arrived at our village for the first time there is only one thing left to do..." Suigetsu grinned madly, before getting up and stepping outside the house. "PARTY!" An eruption of cheers were heard by the villagers, eager to get a party on the road.

The party kicked off quickly, a fire was lit, light dance music filled the air and a variety of food equalling a feast fit for a king came flooding in. Everyone took off to their own individual segments, either beginning with dance, food or just relaxing.

Two hands darted for the same piece of meat, grabbing it at the same time. Suigetsu and Sokka scowled at each other, daring the other to be the first person to pull at the food. Their faces covered with smudges from food they wolfed down in an attempt to out eat the other.

However both of them began laughing loudly, giving a high five. "I have to say we got off on the wrong foot, but you're actually pretty cool!" Sokka laughed loudly, sighing loudly in content.

"Well you tried to touch my sword!" Suigetsu laughed as well. "You know, I've never met a Southern Water Tribesmen before, relations between the two Water tribes haven't been good lately."

"You're from the Northern Water Tribe?" Sokka asked in surprise, receiving a nodding from the currently chewing Suigetsu. "No wonder your hair seemed familiar to me, at the Northern Water Tribe the Princess Yue!"

"Yue!" Suigetsu's eyes widened at the name of the white haired girl. "How is she? I left the Northern Water Tribe when I was 12? Tell me how she is?"

"...She's dead..." Sokka responded hesitantly, Suigetsu's face went into shock, before falling dramatically. "You knew her?"

"She was my best friend. We shared a lot of things, including problems with our birth." Suigetsu responded solemnly, his hand brushing slowly through his silver white hair.

"Ah, well me and Princess Yue kind of had a thing, but it wasn't really a thing, it was definitely a thing, but not a serious thing, although it felt like a serious thing. In short, we had a thingy thing, that wasn't really a thing, but was indeed a thing." Sokka responded, trying to explain the relationship he shared with Yue.

"I literally did not understand one word of that." Suigetsu's face was one that wasn't impressed, his eyes had narrowed towards Sokka, his eyebrow had raised, with his mouth pushed as far as it could go to the left.

"Neither did I." Sokka replied quietly, before bursting into laughter. Suigetsu joined him near moments after, they laughing loud and filling the air.

Katara saw Sokka and Suigetsu laughing from afar, an arm slung around each other's shoulder. "So... are you really a Firebender?" Katara's words dragged hesitantly out her mouth, her fingers fidgeted around the cup between both her hands, her eyes looking over to the black haired boy sat next to her, his interest being solely on the camp fire on the many people dancing in front of him.

"I am." The black haired boy replied, his eyes never leaving the festivities before him. Although he still managed to notice Katara's slight jumping out of her skin. "Firebending is not a power to be feared. The hands that wield the power in in actuality the things that should be feared."

"I think I understand what you mean..." Katara pulled her knees closer to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. "I've met a few Firebenders with such conflicting personalities and opinions about Firebending. Like one called Jeong Jeong, he thought Firebending was an eternal burning curse, he hated the fact he was a Firebender. And there's these two other Firebenders that travel around together, Iroh and Zuko, Ir-"

"Zuko!" Sasuke's eyes snapped open at the mention of the name, h turned towards a confused Katara "Where is Zuko? How is he?"

Katara frowned significantly, she loathed that boy, who had chased her mercilessly around the world, who nearly burnt down her small village. "How is he? You have no idea what he has put us through! He's been chasing use around the world trying to capture Aang, he nearly killed Aang and himself at the North Pole. How could you possibly care for a monster like him?"

Sasuke's own eyes narrowed towards the Water Tribe girl. "You have no idea what Prince Zuko has been through. Have you ever wondered how Prince Zuko received that scar on his face?" Sasuke asked Katara, who's eyes widened, she hadn't thought about it before. "He received it from his father, being forced into an Agni Kai, a duel of fire against him, even after he refused and begged to not fight his father. Fire Lord Ozai branded him with that mark to show his cowardice, and all this happened because Prince Zuko spoke out against a plan that would sacrifices the lives of young recruits..." Sasuke's voice trailed of, only staring in annoyance at the water tribe girl. "You think because it's the Fire Nation against the world, because the Fire Nation started this war it is only you who has suffered, there are people in the Fire Nation who have suffered as well. Remember that." Sasuke stood up from his seat, walking away from Katara, who looked towards the ground in disappointment in herself.

'Have I really been so judgemental, I mean, Zuko's sister seems crazy, and he got that scar from his own father...' Katara thought sadly of the scarred Fire Nation Prince, perhaps she had made a great mistake about him.

"Why aren't you at the party?" Toph found the person she was looking for, Gaara. He stood away from the sights and sounds of the village party, standing on a bridge over a small river that seemed purposely built to flow gently through the village.

"I could say the same thing to you?" Gaara responded, still overlooking the small river.

"My Seismic Sense is going into overload with the amount of people running around like maniacs, it's almost nauseating." Toph chuckled weakly, moving to stand next to the boy. She could think of his features, as she didn't know them.

"Gaara looked over to the smaller girl, he noticed the blank expression in her eyes, how they didn't move for the slightest thing. "You're blind." He realised quickly enough, getting a nod in return from the girl.

"Yeah, because of it my parents would allow me to do any good Earthbending, they kept me at the basics. So I would sneak out and learn better moves and techniques. My parents were always so overprotective and unable to see me as more than just a small blind helpless girl..." Toph replied, she could feel the sting of tears forming, but fought it back, she left her home for a reason, and nothing would change her mind about it.

"Hmm. My parents died when I was three." Gaara responded unhurt by the tragedy, no emotion in his voice at all. "My adoptive parents saw me as nothing more than a tool to be used to protect them. While you were pampered and treated like a princess, I was practically a slave. While your parents tried to keep you away from Earthbending, my adoptive ones nurtured and encouraged my use of it, all to create a better tool to protect them, so I could serve them better." Gaara continued, his voice never turning to irritation or rage, simply blank. "Do not misinterpret how your parents treating you as them not understanding. It is obvious they cared for you enough to keep you out of harms way."

"Well I don't want to be kept out of harms way!" Toph snapped, a single tear fell slowly down her face. "I don't want to be weighted on like I can't take care of myself, I can carry my own weight!"

"I'm sorry..." Gaara responded, looking back over the bridge. "I did not mean for my words to be insulting, it was merely an observation." Even when begin shouted out he had kept up this blank persona. "So your Seismic Sense, how does it work?"

Toph smiled at Gaara's apparent interest in her abilities. He didn't seem to be lying just to diffuse the situation, however she could be wrong. His heart rate didn't change at all, so he could just be a really good liar. "Through my feet I am able to sense vibrations in the ground, emitted from even the smallest of things. I create a mental picture of it in my head so I can basically see everything around me."

"Incredible. And can it be taught?" Gaara spoke again, Toph's eyes widened, for the briefest moment, his heart rate increased. Was it interest in her? Or excitement at learning about such a technique?

"I think so..." Toph smiled. "I could try teach you it, but I should warn you that it's not very detailed, I can see the shapes of people and distinguish them by the way they walk. But I can't see any major details, like clothes or facial features..."

"That's fine." Gaara responded back, before bowing respectfully to her, whether she could see or not. "I look forward to learning it." He rose back up and began walking away back towards the party.

"Wait!" Toph called out to him, Gaara stopped, turning around to face her. "I can see you're carrying a lot of weight, you body walks as though your carrying something big on your back, you kind of lean forward. What's that thing on your back?"

"A gourd." Gaara replied quickly, before turning around again.

"What's in it?" Toph asked further. This guy was different than Aang and Sokka, both of them were both open about lots of things, they were also both terrible liars.


"You know, I'm so glad that I found another Airbender..." Aang spoke quietly, he and Naruto sat away from the party, yet the sights of it could still been seen in the distance, the sounds had quietened, but could still be faintly heard. "Finally I have someone to play Air-ball with!" He suddenly spoke in a much more cheery, excited voice.

"What in the world's Air-ball?..." Naruto looked towards the Avatar in confusion, eyebrow cocked up with the question.

Aang's face fell at his response. "How have you survived? Or does this mean there are still other Airbenders alive?"

"No, until I hear that you had come back, thought I was the only one. I've never encountered another Airbender..." Naruto spoke quietly and sadly, looking passively at the floor. "As for my survival, I'm not an Air Nomad. I was born and raised in the Fire Nation." Naruto revealed to the Avatar's shock, Naruto caught the expression on Aang's face. "Yes, all my certificates all my documents list me as a Fire Nation citizen."

"Then how is it you can use Airbender?" Aang asked with surprise and interest.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders in confusion. "From what I discovered my abilities go back to my Great Grandfather. He was an Air Nomad travelling the world at a young age when the genocide happened, therefore he wasn't at any of the temples. In fact as they were going on he met a Fire Nation woman and had my grandfather, who was born a Firebender. My grandfather eventually had my father, who became a High General in the Fire Nation Army, during a campaign in the Earth Kingdom he met a woman of Earthbending and Firebending descent, fell in love with her, deserted his campaign and retired from the army and had me, even though he was young he held a lot of standing with the Fire Lord, who praised his abilities. For some reason I was born a Airbender, I guess the ability to bend a particular element works the same as biological traits caused by Dominant and repressed genes, after three generations the gene that develops Airbender was finally dominant in me."

"So what happened?" Aang asked in interest again, this was incredible. Naruto had the blood of three nations in him.

"Obviously my parents hid my powers, and me aswell, to the rest of the world I didn't exist save for a birth certificate, kept me home schooled, only allowed to train at some times. Then when I was seven somehow Fire Lord Azulon discovered my dad's Airbender heritage and my mom's Earthbender heritage, despite they were both Firebenders. He had them executed for 'tainting the wondrous, powerful Fire Nation blood'. My parents had me escape on my mom's pet Nine-Tailed Fox and denied any existence of me, the fox took me all the way across the Fire Nation to a small village, I lived with a family called the Hyuuga family before I left at age 11, found Gaara, then found Suigetsu and Sasuke."

"I'm sorry for bringing it up..." Aang responded sadly, feeling uneasy with bringing up such a tragic past.

"It's alright!" His head snapped up to see Naruto beaming at him. "I quite like the story, it gives me hope that people will come together again one day. And besides, now that I found you I finally have someone to practise Airbending with!" Naruto's smile helped Aang smile again. "Follow me, I want to show you my Wind-board!"

Her large train crushed the forest beneath it, smashing it's way across the world in search of the Avatar. He had escaped her after she had to make a quick getaway after coming across the Avatar's group and her brother and uncle all at the same time, without Mai and Ty Lee she was severely outnumbered, so she took out the biggest threat; her Uncle. Azula was not foolish enough to challenge the Dragon of the West, especially when he had reinforcements.

"I'm so bored being cooped up in this thing all day..." Mai spoke, the boredom in her voice being incredibly obvious to all.

"Then why don't you count all the fluffy clouds as they pass by, Mai? It's a really super way to pass the time!" A cheery Ty Lee commented, attempting to make the best out of any situation no matter what it was.

"Well it will be hard when we're not travelling in a direct line." Mai pointed out sarcastically to the former circus member, who was staring out the window while sitting on her small throne.

"What did you say?" Fire Princess Azula's voice was laced with surprise, she hadn't noticed the train machine moving in a different direction, it was almost as if the conductor was trying to subtly move around something. "Conductor, care to elaborate?"

The conductor panicked on the spot, he had been caught red handed, sweat dropped from his forehead. "W-We were navigating around a village that lied directly in front of our course."

"And do I care about some meagre little village now?" Azula asked sarcastically, they had ran this train through many camp sties on their trail of the Avatar, why should this time be any different?

"We'll you see, there is a rumour about that village, Sìguó. Apparently that is where 'The Black Pyre' now currently resides. The men do not want to cross that path against him. So we were carefully moving around the village." The Conductor replied fearfully, surprised when he received no shouting or dismissal in return, rather, Azula seemed to sink into her throne in surprise.

"So that's where the cutie has been hiding all this time!" Ty Lee spoke eagerly, now completely interested in both the conversation and the town.

"Ugh, this isn't going to end well. I see a lot of shouting and fighting on the horizon." Mai let out a droning sigh, filled with contempt for the current situation, before she turned to Azula. "So what is it, Azula? What do you want to do?"

"Conductor! Set a course for the village of Sìguó!" Azula commanded, a large, pleased smirk growing on her face. "Time to go bring in at least one traitor to the Fire Lord."

"So does this mean?..." Ty Lee responded in a giddy voice, she hadn't seen 'The Black Pyre' in many years, not since her time in the Fire Nation.

Azula nodded to her air-headed friend. "Yes. Girls. Prepare yourselves. We're going to pay Sasuke a visit..."

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