A/N: I know these are totally overdone and cliché, but think of it as a character exercise, defining my next Generation. I like reading these because it gives a quick insight into the characters an author had developed, so I hope you guys think the same way and don't mind my over-used plot line. I figure if I'm on my third 'reading the books' series, I can't really get much more cliché, right? :D

With four entirely different houses to pick from and personalities all over the board, what exactly were the chances of all twelve Weasley grandchildren (and one surrogate) being placed in Gryffindor? Most people said slim to none. There was bound to be just one who was different enough to capture the eye of another house. With bookish Rose, shy Hugo, and ambitious Molly, surely someone would break the long trend.

The teachers had started to take bets around the time Fred and James began their first year. Flitwick ended up buying sugar mice for Neville for an entire year after Rose and Albus's sorting. Professor Lancing (the new and thankfully steady Defense Against the Dark Arts professor) lost his favorite old arm chair in the staff room to Professor Bridwell (the new Transfiguration teacher) when Lily and Hugo rounded out the Gryffindor brood. Even McGonagall made a knut or two when it took little longer than three seconds for James Sirius Potter to be sorted.

It wasn't as if none of them came close to other houses. But somehow, in the end, the hat always found some blazing Gryffindor-ness in each of them….


Teddy Remus Lupin - 2009

"Lupin, Ted!" Professor Lancing called.

Teddy's stomach leapt as he took a halting step towards the stool. He saw Rob Brunswick, a boy he'd sat with on the train, wave to him from the Gryffindor table, and tried to swallow his nerves. It didn't help that people were whispering about his blue hair. He wished he'd had the foresight to change it to a more natural color before entering the hall, but if he tried now, it would only get more whispers.

It didn't matter where he went, or at least that was what he tried to convince himself. So what if his father and his godfather and almost every adult he knew had been in Gryffindor? His mother had been in Hufflepuff. His grandfather and namesake had been a Ravenclaw. His grandmother had even been in Slytherin. It would be okay no matter where he ended up. But maybe what he was most afraid of was what he was about to find out about himself.

These were the thoughts that carried him over to the stool. Just as Lancing dropped the hat onto his head, Teddy saw Neville – professor Longbottom – give him a friendly smile from the staff table. Then he couldn't see anything but the inside of the hat.

"Ah… interesting," said a voice in his ear.

Teddy managed not to jump, not wanting to appear startled, but the hat merely chuckled wheezily.

"Can't hide anything from me, Teddy Lupin. Now what should we do with you…. Keen to learn, I see. Very keen, but patient, as well, aren't you? Happy to see others happy and not particularly snapping to go after what you want. But that's not to say you haven't got ambitions…. And a mischievous side, too."

Teddy swallowed. The hat hadn't said anything about him being courageous yet.

"Bravery? Oh yes, yes. That's something else to think about... Are you brave at heart, Teddy Lupin? But you seem ready to face whichever house I put you in… Right then, the best place for you is GRYFFINDOR!"

Teddy let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding as Lancing whipped the hat off his head and the Gryffindor table erupted.


Victoire Ginevra Weasley – 2011

Victoire twisted her long strawberry-blond hair around her fingers, hating that she had a last name in the W's. She was one of the last ones standing up in front of the whole school. It didn't help that, after a quick, embarrassed sort of wave when she caught his eye, Teddy had barely looked her way once since she filed into the Great Hall. Right now he was too busy racing his spoon around the underside of the table with Rob to even give her an encouraging smile.

"Weasley, Victoire!" Lancing called.

Victoire saw Teddy's spoon fall with a clatter a few feet down the table from him as his head jerked up involuntarily at her name. Feeling slightly better, she moved over to the stool and slid onto it.

The voice in her ear when Lancing dropped the Sorting Hat onto her head didn't surprise her one bit because Teddy had told her all about his sorting two years ago.

"Weasley, eh? Haven't had one of those in a while…. Hm… let's see. Clever… not afraid to take the lead, eager for adventure, and with quite a streak of determination in you. Unafraid of hard work, but much too quick with daring to go anywhere but GRYFFINDOR!"

A grin broke across her face as Professor Lancing removed the hat from her head and Victoire fairly flew towards the Gryffindor table where Teddy and his friend Rob had stood up to cheer her over.


Molly Audrey Weasley -2013

Molly was not accustomed to being this anxious. She never did anything unless she was sure of herself, the best way to avoid failure. That was why she had spent most of the summer grilling her aunts and uncles (after Teddy and Victoire had gotten extremely annoyed with her constant interrogations and started avoiding her) about the sorting. She had read every book she could find about the houses, recorded all accounts from her aunts and uncles about how the hat had placed them, and was determined that she would convince the hat that she belonged in Gryffindor, just like her father.

She was sure that was where she would get herself sorted, so why was she so queasy? She glanced around at her pale, nervous classmates, a few visibly shaking. It must be the atmosphere. Their nerves were catching.

The line dwindled slowly until Molly was the only one left. She saw Teddy and Victoire sitting at the Gryffindor table practically jumping out of their seats as they waved their arms at her and raised an eyebrow at them. Now they wanted her attention. Molly watched on, nonplused, as the pair of them collapsed back in their seats, stifling laughter. She hadn't noticed that the two of them had spent the entire sorting trying with increasing exuberance to catch her eye, turning it into a silent and almost frenzied competition to draw her out of her thoughts.

"Weasley, Molly!" Lancing called, smiling kindly at the unlucky last student who had to stand alone at the head of the hall.

Molly saw Victoire mouth "good luck!" at her as she began to make her way to the stool, head held high and short red hair swishing around her jaw. Remembering the way her cousin and Teddy had been laughing a moment before, Molly ignored Victoire's luck.

She sat down on the stool and the Sorting Hat slid down over her horn-rimmed glasses.

"Very ambitious, you are."

The voice in her hear didn't perturb her one bit, but its vey first comments about her personality did. She had expected to hear that she was clever or bold. Ambitious was not part of the plan.

"Yes, yes, quite the desire to prove yourself. High goals, my dear, high goals. A sharp mind, no doubt about it, but always planning. Definitely a drive to work, that's for sure…"

This was not going according to Molly's plan at all. The hat had mentioned qualities for every house but Gryffindor. Hastily, she summoned the carefully constructed thoughts she had been practicing all throughout the rest of the sorting.

I'm bold, daring, not afraid of anything –

"Are you sure? You seem afraid of not being placed in Gryffindor like the rest of your father's family. Wanting to fit in doesn't seem very bold or daring to me."

I'm not afraid! I'm a Gryffindor!

"You want to be a Gryffindor," the hat said slyly. "So badly that you concocted this cunning scheme to trick me into placing you in that house. I would say your best match is Slytherin,"


Molly panicked, wondering if the hat had shouted the last word, gulping at the thought of telling her father… of disappointing him.

You CANNOT put me in that house!

Not accustomed to being told what to do, the hat seemed to cool towards her.

"I can put you wherever I see fit."

I won't go! You can shout it all you want, but you can't make me go sit over at that table.

"Perhaps I can't, but others can."

I swear, you will never get me over to the Slytherin table! I'll transfer to Beauxbattons before that happens. Haven't you seen all the books I've read? If you won't put me in Gryffindor where I belong, then I'd obviously go to Ravenclaw.

"You think you know how to sort better than I do?"

I know how to sort me better than you do. I've known me for eleven years. You think a few seconds in someone's head means you know them? I know for a fact that you've been wrong before.

Molly sat gripping the edges of the stool so hard her fingers were white, waiting for the hat's response. Maybe offending it hadn't been the best idea. But she was right and she wasn't going to back down.

"You have the audacity to argue with me? Very well then…"

Molly knew the hat was drawing it out simply to get back at her. And the worst part was she had no idea where her argument would land her. Slytherin, probably. It seemed like all those people were prone to fighting from the stories she'd heard. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling decidedly sick.


Molly gasped as the hat was pulled off her head at last and cheers echoed around the Great Hall. She had forgotten about the rest of the school watching her. Before the hat could change its mind, Molly leapt off the stool and nearly sprinted down to the Gryffindor table. She didn't even complain when Victoire hugged her and dragged her down into the seat next to her.

She couldn't wait to tell her father! At the moment, Molly was too happy to be able to breathe again to think about much else, but later she would reflect smugly that she had been right after all and the hat had been wrong. Er… until the end.

A/N: So just the first three for now! I'm kicking myself for starting a story I'll have to update, but I just really wanted to try this! Hehe, only Molly could get into an argument with a hat! As you can clearly see, some will be longer than others. Some will probably be ridiculously short because not everyone has great internal conflict. And I know that telling you ahead of time that they would all end up in Gryffindor is a bit of a spoiler, but the point of the story is more like why they all end up there, rather than where they're going to end up anyway. Hope that still makes it interesting!