"Kyle, I need to talk to you."

Just after we get over the cheesy group hug in the cafeteria and Cartman yells at everyone to stop staring at us, my best friend speaks. His tone is serious and I find myself suddenly nervous, my fleeting joy fading quickly.

"Sure, Stan. Is everything okay?"

He takes hold of my arm and pulls me away, heading out of the cafeteria. Cartman grabs my other arm and pulls me back towards him suddenly, a questioning frown on his face as he looks at Stan.

"Listen, Cartman, Kyle and I just need to talk for a second. Okay? Can you last five minutes without him?"

Stan's voice is slightly harsh and I noticeably wince. Cartman releases my arm and continues to frown at Stan for a couple of seconds before turning away, going to find a table with Kenny.

I head outside with Stan, trying to get my head around how the mood between us has suddenly changed so drastically in such a short space of time. Stan stops on the corridor, a good few yards away from the cafeteria. I can hear the chatter from inside, but we're completely alone out here.

"Is everything okay, Stan?" I ask, noticing the nervous expression on his face.

He stares at the ground and doesn't speak for a few moments, a deep frown on his face, as if trying to think of how to put his thoughts into words. I feel suddenly concerned. I just got my best friend back. Why is he not smiling and being carefree? Is there a chance I'm going to lose him again for whatever reason?

"Kyle, I did it."

The long-lasting silence and my deep thoughts cause me to jump when he finally speaks. It takes me a few seconds for his words to sink in and, even when they do, I don't understand them.

"I… What? Did what, Stan?"

"The rumour. About you being gay. I did it, Kyle. I started it. And I'm so sorry. I've never felt sorrier in my life and I should have told you. But I couldn't. I knew how much it affected you. I could see how hurt you were feeling and I didn't want you to know that I was the one who caused it. I really am sorry, Kyle."

His eyes meet mine as he says my name. I stare at him in shock, not expecting that at all. In the last few minutes of joy and redemption, I had completely forgotten about the rumour. It completely slipped my mind.

I stare at Stan for what seems like ages when in reality, it's only a minute or so. It takes me a while to form words.

"Stan, why would you start that?"

Stan's eyes suddenly widen and he speaks in a quick manner. "I hope you don't think I did it on purpose! Kyle, I never meant to hurt you. You're my best friend. What happened was, me and Wendy were talking. Wendy just happened to mention that she's never seen you in a relationship before. Then… well, I kind of told her that I think you might be gay since you never seem to take an interest in girls whenever me or Ken talk about them. She told Bebe and I guess it spread from there."

"So, in actual fact, Bebe started the rumour around the school. Not you," I say, feeling slightly relieved.

Stan shrugs. "I guess so, but I still blame myself. Kyle, I'm so-"

I shut him up with a sudden hug, causing him to gasp in surprise. He hesitates before wrapping his arms around me, returning the hug. I release him before it gets too awkward and smile at him in reassurance.

"Stan, don't worry about it, okay? We're best friends, no matter what. I forgive you. Let's just forget about it and never bring it up again, alright?"Stan suddenly smiles and nods. "Alright."

"Besides," I begin, a thought suddenly occurring to me. "If you hadn't started that rumour, Stan, I don't think Cartman and I would be together right now. We'd probably still be as we were, supposedly enemies, constantly ripping on each other, hating each other in our own way. I don't think there'd have been a chance that we would have ended up together. So, I guess I should really be thanking you. Thanks, Stan!"

I give him another quick hug and have to laugh at his bewildered expression. "So," he begins, "you're thanking me for almost ruining your life? That's fucked up, dude."

We burst into fits of laughter and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Everything is fine now. I've got Stan and Kenny back. Cartman is mine. I suddenly don't think South Park is as messed up as I once thought it was. Well, okay, that's a lie. South Park is the most fucked-up town in existence. But honestly, I'd rather be here than anywhere else in the world.

As we re-enter the cafeteria and head towards our table, I have to grin when I see Cartman and Kenny arguing over something insignificant and pointless.

"Kenny, Terrance and Phillip will always be hotter than Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis! Any retard could see that!"

"That's because you're fucking gay, fatass! Of course you'd think that!"

"That's not the point, Kenny! Even if I was fucking straight, I'd still say Terrance and Phillip are hotter than those hoes. Right, Kahl?" He glances up as I approach the table.

I take a seat next to him, smiling while doing so, and press a firm kiss on his lips, causing him to break into a smile immediately. "Of course, Cartman. Of course."



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