At Grave's End

Chapter 21

Cat goes for a walk that takes her to a cliff and a ledge in which she has a heart-to-heart with Vlad. What if Vlad is a bit slow getting there and something has to be done to stall Cat in the interim.

I'd climbed for twenty minutes before I found wide enough ledge to sit on. A blast of wind made me rub my hands together, and the red diamond caught my eye. My engagement ring for a wedding that would never happen.

I got up and stared out over the ledge. The rocks below seemed mesmerizing, the distance to them somehow not far or frightening. After a moment, my eyes closed, and I felt myself take a step forward. And then another one.

What in the bloody hell do you think your doing Kitten?

That caused me to pause my foot in mid-air. "Huh?"

I damn well said what in the bloody hell do you think you're doing? Are you really thinking about jumping to your death?

I looked behind me. I was alone. Yet it was Bones voice, clear as if he was standing beside me. I couldn't feel his power so I knew it was just my grief causing me, apparently to go insane.

Kitten. Please don't do this. Soon enough we'll be back together and I'll once again hold you in my arms.

Soon enough just wasn't good enough for me. I again closed my eyes and lifted my foot.

"It must be difficult for you."

At the first syllable, my eyes snapped open. Vlad was standing on a ledge almost thirty feet below my perch, watching me…

Fast Forward to Chapter 26

Cat and Vlad have a conversation about the reasons behind Vlad's intervention on the cliff.

Vlad left right after that, taking the other exit from the kitchen to avoid running into Bones. This time I thought it was less because of their mutual dislike and more that he wanted to avoid more of his gratitude. Like it was pesky to be reminded he'd done a good deed.

Bones came in the kitchen, glancing from Vlad's retreating figure back to me. Then he rolled his eyes.

"Blimey, Kitten, don't tell me you like that conceited sod?"

A smile tugged at my mouth.

"Yeah, I kind of do."

"Wait a minute." Bones said louder than normal. "I had a dream about you and Vlad while I was," he cleared his throat, "incapacitated."

I stopped smiling and stared at him. "What?" I asked.

"I dreamed you were walking away from the rest of the group after arriving here. I could hear your thoughts and you were remembering our time together.

At first I thought you were just taking a walk to clear your head but little by little I began to realize your true intentions were much worse.

I saw Vlad following you but Mencheres had caught up to him to ask some questions so he was quite far back. Before I knew it you were standing on the ledge about to jump.

Vlad was on his way up but he was too far down to see exactly what you were doing. In a panic I started trying to talk you off the ledge. I kept up my banter until Vlad could get to you, realize what you were doing, and talk you out of it.

I watched as Vlad talked you out of jumping, and walked you back to the house."

With that he shuddered. "Like that show horse would care for anyone but himself."

I heard a noise in another part of the house that sounded slightly like an amused snort.

"Odd, huh?" Bones asked.

The smile returned to my face. "Definitely" I said leaning over to kiss him.