A/N: Hey guys I'm REEEEEEEAAAALLY sorry, but for now I have to discontinue this story. I'm going to be honest, if my parents knew I wrote or liked yaoi (not that they know what it means) I would be dead L

I was at shock at the reviews that I got! I wasn't expecting many and I have like what? 8 now? I nearly cried when I saw how many I had, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy! And I really don't want to end this story but its really hard for me to get on the computer these days, considering its in my parents room. UGH! Then school is starting on like the 22nd and I'm also very busy with my Drill Team practice and its just really hard right now. My brothers hog the computer and I cant write with other people around they distract me. If I ever get any spare time between school/practice I will pick this story back up, I promise!

I hope you guys don't hate me,