AN: A Xander/Anya missing moment during The Killer in Me. With a guest appearance by Andrew and Dawn.


"Fine! You go first."

Anya twisted in her seat and was met with a tense, annoyed Dawn and a pleased Andrew.

"Yay! Okay…'R'"

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Uh…'I'"

Anya smiled encouragingly at her, and turned back to staring out the windshield. She waited until Andrew and Dawn were fully engrossed in the game ("Ribbing is too a word! Just because you've never seen it in a comic book…), before glancing at Xander and saying in a low voice, "So, what is the plan? Assuming we don't get jumped by bringers the second we get out of the car?"

Xander's gaze flicked to the review mirror. "I don't know. Try and touch him I guess? Figure out if he's corporeal. Jesus, Will and Buffy picked a great night to be preoccupied. Maybe we should've tried Buffy's cell?"

"Yes. Because secret underground government labs are famous for their cell reception."

The corner of Xander's mouth twitched and they lapsed back into silence.

"…An O! I'm kicking your ass, Andrew!"

"It's not fair! You keep making up words!"

"I do not!"

"Let's just say that it's not Giles. It's the First. And we actually survive long enough to do something. What'll we do?"

"I guess we try to get the Potentials, and take them somewhere safe."

"Mmm. Xander?"


"Are you scared?"

One of his hands fell to the console. "No." But his knuckles were white and she could see his jaw clenching. "Are you?"

"Me? Scared?" She scoffed. "Course not."

She laced their fingers together anyway.