I don't think anyone else has done this in the Gallagher Girls section, but I've seen it in others. Like Song of the Lioness, I love that series too!

But at the end of GG4, it was the perfect opportunity!

It was the day before school started when Rebecca Baxter had been walking in the Hall of History. She was about to leave, when Mr. Solomon's words, "Notice things" had taken a grip on her mind and she spotted a book on the case of Gillian Gallagher's sword. Before she had realized it, she began running toward it, hoping that perhaps, it might hold answers-however slim those chances may be.

"Targets Acquired, ten o'clock."

Those words seemed familiar. She had said the very same thing to Cammie during winter break. After a quick scan of the first page, her thoughts were confirmed. It was the CoveOps report Cammie had written before she had runaway.

She quickly took off in search of her other roommates, Elizabeth Sutton and Macey McHenry, to show them her findings. It didn't take long; she was a Baxter, after all. She dragged them hurriedly to their suite and began explain what was written on the sheets of paper she carried. Their eyes began to brighten with tears as they remembered what had driven Cammie to runaway. They all understood why she did what she did, but that didn't mean they had to like it. But since they were spies, they hid their emotions and kept their faces neutral.

"So who wants to read first?" Bex asked her roommates.

"I will," said a voice they hadn't expect to hear at all.

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