An unexpected meeting

She was wandering down the beach of the azure sea. The waves, that lost their power due to the meeting with the shore, were gently kissing her bare feet. The shoes were hanging down from the fingers of her left hand. A naughty night wind was playing with wet brown hair. A dress, a little too light for such a cold night, tried to heat up her fragile body. Why did she choose to wear a dress anyway?

She trailed her hand through still wet hair and carried the gaze of her emerald eyes to the horizon line; behind which the first shy rays of the sun could be seen. The night passed by unnoticeably. She didn't want to come back to the forest, to the village where her mother didn't even care if she came back or not, that was why there was no home any more. As well as there was no family left. The only place where she could feel herself needed was..this shore, each sand of which she managed to explore during this long night; this sea that has always shared its warmth and coldness, the rays of the sunset that reminded of her inner self. Every time she came here, all the problems went to the back ground of this sandy world.

She went down the shore slowly, enjoying its chilling laughter. For a moment, she closed her eyes and carefully embraced herself by the shoulders. It seemed that the wind itself was gently hugging her. The loneliness was good enough for her. She didn't want anyone. Those things that she could feel inhaling the wet sea air, that feeling of freedom like flying above the ocean, nothing could be compared to that.

She could understand herself only being alone. Understand that she was…unbearably lonely. Sadness filled her still young, full of power to feel…to love, but already injured with the past and not healed with the present, heart. Only now she felt the coldness of the night that was making its way to the dawn smoothly.

She opened her eyes slowly. Her gaze fell on her bare feet. At this moment she felt someone's presence. Immediately, without any other thought, she looked up and her eyes met so familiar yet so distant gaze of his golden-like orbs. He inhaled her sweet scent that was floating in the air and smirked kindly, making a step towards her and leaving the forest behind. His lips whispered softly breaking the melody of the singing sea.

-I have finally found you, Tiana-chan, my beautiful Akazukin…

-Okami-san!—she exclaimed with her teary emerald eyes.

And without any words, they ran into each other's arms and embraced so tightly and emotionally, that he couldn't but swirl the dear girl in the air.

Their love was forbidden, but they didn't care. They found each other again and let their love shine in the light of the first sun rays forever.