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Hi! My name's Sydney! I'm 24 years young and I'm about to start my first day at Strata! I cannot wait! So, the night before, I had laid out my clothes and set my alarm for 6 am...So why does it feel like it's 8 am? And is that my phone ringing? I don't open my eyes as I reach over for my blue Iphone.

"Hello...?" I mumble into the damned object. "Hi is this Sydney Golder?"

I sit up and stretch. "Yeah...who's asking?" The voice on the other line chuckled. "This is Grace, the manager of Strata." Holy Mother! My eyes fly open and my head swivels to look at my clock. 8:30! "OMGOD! I'm sooo sorry! I'll be there as soon as I can!" I quickly hang up and make a mad dash to my bathroom. Quick shower, check. Hurried makeup, check. Breakfast...a piece of toast...check.

As I sprint down the steps, I quickly go over the application that Grace had sent me a few weeks ago. "Name...Sydney Golder. Age...24..." I still had the toast in my mouth as I made it to the fashion store not 10 seconds late. Grace and another girl about my age, Renee?, were standing by the counter when I came in. I fixed my short red hair and walked over. "Um..Hi..Sorry I'm late.." I tried to smile. So far..not so good. "Oh! There you are! I was actually trying to tell you, you don't start till tomorrow." Grace and Renee laughed and I paled. "But," Renee said, "Since you're already here..maybe we can get some training in you eh?" Was it just me...or was that sarcasm I heard? "Renee, what a good idea! You go ahead and get Miss Sydney started and I'll get her info into the computer." Grace smiled and left to the back room.

I turned to Renee and opened my mouth to say something when she gave me the Death Glare and snapped. "Here are the rules; don't, under any circumstances, talk to me. Don't even look at me. Do that, and we'll get along just fine." She sat behind the counter and opened the newest edition of Nuances. I just stood there like a fish out of water. What was HER problem? With a sigh, I went to go greet a lady walking in.

By the time my shift was over, I knew the store like the back of my hand...sorta...Renee had already left as soon as Grace came over, but not without a goodbye glare. Seriously...I hadn't even said one word to her! "Well Sydney, how was your first day?" Not wanting to start anything, I just smiled and said it was great.

When I got home, I dropped onto my bed and preceded to cry into my pillow. After I was done with my little pity party, I picked up my phone and called my best friends ever; Ashley, Taylor, Sarah, and Brittany. I told them about what happened and they all said that Renee was being a total bitch.

And so ended my very first day at Strata...Time to reset my alarm clock..and my phone alarm...

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