Chapter 2: You're who now?

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I groaned and rolled over, slapping the cursed clock. Sitting up, I looked at the time and sighed. "Oh joy...another day at Strata with the Queen of Mean..." I dragged myself to the bathroom and stood there, looking at the mirror. Short, frizzy red hair; large violet eyes; and freckles all over my cheeks and nose. "What would anyone see in me?" I got in the shower and sighed, the warm water relaxing me.

After getting dressed in a green Marble Lily cami; a short white skirt from Pure Cloth; and, of course, my favorite boots, black boots from Mad Jack; I sat at the kitchen counter and ate Special K while watching Fashion Police. I like the show...just not Joan Rivers. Hated her. Too much botox.'s 8am..and I'm halfway to Strata...something I stepped through the doors, I spotted Renee. Did she...actually...SMILE at me? Yeah something's wrong..."Oh hey Sydney!" She all but ran to me. "I just wanted to say sorry about yesterday..It was that time of the month if you know what I mean." She giggled...SHE ACTUALLY GIGGLED!

"Um...Oh yeah I understand..." I replied warily. Who are you and what have you done to Renee? It was then that I saw...Him...He was so tall...with coffee colored hair...and the most wonderful green eyes... "Sydney? Helloooo?" Renee waved a hand in front of my face and frowned. "Hm? Oh sorry...I kinda zoned out..." She arched an eyebrow and gave me that 'whatwereyoureallydoing?' look. I glanced at the man again and sighed softly. Renee looked at him too then grinned. "Dominic! You here to see Grace?"

He looked over and nodded. "Actually..yeah.." He walked over and I move to make a run for it. "Oh! Dominic! This is the new girl!" Renee grabs my arm and I pale. 'Close, but no cigar' my grandfather used to say..Dominic extends a hand and smiles at me. "Hi. Name's Dominic Strata." Did he just say what I think he just said? "You're who now?" Was all I managed to choke out. "I'm the owner of this store." He said. It was then that I fainted. Curse you Special K and your lack of sugar!

When I woke up, I was back in my bed. Still in my clothes. I sat up only to be gently pushed back down. " hit your head pretty hard..." Was that..Dominic? "Nyaaa..." I groaned as my head throbbed. "Why do I feel like I've been hit by a truck going 160 mph?" Dominic laughed. " a way you kinda fell pretty hard. I don't believe I caught your name Mrs...?"

"It's Miss Sydney Golder." It came out sounding like Mizz..His eyes seem to widen a bit. "You're not married?" Wait a second... "Nope." Is he going where I think he's going? "Boyfriend?" The bane of my existence. "What guy would ever like me?" Story of my life... "I would.." ERRR! REWIND! He blushed and I just kinda...I don't know...resembled a fish? He quickly stood and all but ran out of my apartment. "That could have gone better..." I slowly sat up and looked at my clock. "Wow...He stayed with me for a's already 6..." Then I dug through my pockets, looking for my keys. Oh crud...I picked up my phone and called Ashley. "Yellow?" Her voice asks on the other line. "Blondie! It's Sidders. Hey wouldn't happen to have the number for a Dominic Strata would you?" I bit my lower lip.

Ashley Fredrick was the top writer in the whole world! Not to mention my closest friend. "Maybe...why?" I had hoped she wouldn't ask. "Well...he may or may not have taken my keys..." I heard my favorite blonde laughing across the wireless connection. "Dominic Strata? The guy who owns that really famous fashion store?" I nodded. "Yep." She sighed and I could hear her typing away at her computer. "Alright, let me check. Hey! You know your birthday is next week right?"

Did she really think I had forgotten? "Ash...I'm going to be could I forget?" More typing. "Well I invited the whole gang from high school." Wait... "What? Everyone?" I could see her smirking. "Yep. Even Zack." Oh no...not my crush form high school! "Ashley! No! Why?" She laughed and hung up. "Dang it Blondie..." I stood up and looked at the calender on my phone. "TGIF..." I muttered before trudging into the living room to watch The Young and The Restless.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ONE WEEK LATER...

It was a was also my 25 birthday...and it was snowing...The Gods seemed to hate me this year. "What I wouldn't give for a-" It was then I bumped into someone and had burning hot liquid splash onto my dark green Penbridge prep school coat."YEAOCH!" Was of course my uber smart reply. "Hey what the heck? Watch where you're going you-...SYDNEY?" Now hold on a second...I knew that voice anywhere! "Taylor?" We both grinned at each other like we'd just done a successful murder...Then came the hugging and the squealing. "OHMYGOSH I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" We screamed at the same time. This day was going to be great!

Sitting at a table in the 'break room' at Strata, Taylor and I had some catching up to do. "Okay..If I let you hide out at my place for a you swear not to go pyromaniac on anyone?" She actually had to think about this. "Fine...But first..." She pulled out a card from her bag and handed it to me. "Happy Birthday Sidders." She smiled.

Gods this takes me back to our high school days...Me and Britt sitting in the lunchroom our freshmen year. Brittany Jones had been my BFF since 3rd grade. After 8th grade we chose to go to the same public high school instead of the private school the rest of the class was going to. There we met Ashley Fredrick, Taylor Arson, and Sara Priest. We four did practically EVERYTHING together. Sadly we all split after our senior year. Brittany went to the University of California; Ashley to New York; Taylor..well I don't know..; and Sara went to Harvard. Me...well I went to the Art Institute of Chicago.

I opened the card and gasped at what I saw. A picture of the four of us our junior was Christmas time. I could tell because we all had Santa hats on. It was also the year I found out my grandmother had cancer. I had lived with her my entire life. It killed me when she died just a few days before finals that year. I placed a hand over my mouth, stood and hurried out into the blizzard.

I could hear someone calling my name as I ran, but I just couldn't stop. I turned to cross the road and fell on a patch of black ice. I looked up and saw the headlights coming my way and I screamed. Tires squeal and next thing I know I was being held against a mans chest.

Now I wasn't a small woman...I was like 6 foot 5 inches...but I did weigh less then a feather. My eyes fluttered open, the salt tears frozen to my pink cheeks. I looked up and I could have sworn..Dominic was holding me. A door opened and I could hear Renee, Grace and Taylor talking about something. "Oh good..Dominic found her!" Grace exclaimed as she came over. I was just in a thin t-shirt, jeans, and ankle boots. I was also shivering and my lips were blue.

"S-Someone...C-C-Cold..." My teeth were chattering really bad. Dominic held me tighter and rubbed his hands on my arms and legs, trying to warm me up. I closed my eyes and rested my head against his shoulder. "You took my keys." I mumbled with a soft chuckle. He smiled into my hair and set me down in a plush chair. Taylor had made her escape, no doubt she would call me later. Renee wrapped a blanket around me and Grace pulled up a few chairs for everyone.

"Okay Sydney...tell us what happened. Please." Grace looked at me sympathetically. I took a shaky breath and looked down at my hands. "Just...a bad memory..." I picked up the picture that had fallen from the card and sighed. "Junior year of high school I found out my grandmother, whom I had lived with since I was a baby...she had heart cancer. She died just a few days before I had finals. Needless to say...I only passed because my grades were good. But I failed finals. It killed a part of my soul when I said my last goodbye." My voice was just above a whisper by the end of my tail. A hand reached over and wiped the tears from my cheeks. I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands.

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