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Author's Notes: Hey guys! It's been a long twelve weeks and I'm sure you're all impatient to get reading so I'm not going to hold you back any longer feel free to read and enjoy. I'll just say the following before we go. I mentioned previously that Takato's Light had a single song I used for every chapter while I wrote it. For Takato's Light 2: Hikari's Hazard, I wrote it listening to "Again" by YUI - otherwise known as the first opening theme to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Along with that, you must understand - going into this story - that with the end of Takato's Light, the boundary between worlds is still recovering. While causality corrects itself, you'll be seeing a lot of obscure characters from lesser known animes and mangas popping up here and there across the story. Finally, I want to say thanks to both Kells and creepingshadow for collaborating with me on this story. With that, I'd like to say sit back and enjoy the story.

I still have all these years ahead of me,

To just erase these feelings.

I want to go back and finish,

The things I've yet to finish.

I was supposed to be chasing after my ongoing dream,

Yet I faltered over others while walking this thin, winding path

It's not that I want to return to those days,

I'm searching for the sky I lost.

Don't make that sad face, As if you've fallen victim.

As if you want people to pity you!

Tears aren't the end of your sins!

You have to bear them painfully, forever!

Who are you waiting for in the maze of emotion,

Where you can't even see the exit?

I want to blurt it out more justly,

Just like how I wrote it in my white notebook!

What do you want to run from?

That thing called reality?

I just want to scream out,

I'm only living to fulfill my wish,

Can you hear me?

I can't take the safe way out of everything.

I don't even have a place to return to.

I'm always thankful for everyone's kindness,

That's why I want to become stronger!

I'm on the way!

This is reminding of the old days,

This pain is all right with me.

Takato's Light 2: Hikari's Hazard

Chapter 1: Another Day

One Year After the Events of Takato's Light...

In a dimly lit bedroom of an apartment in upscale Odaiba, a young girl of no more than seventeen lies in her bed with her arms wrapped firmly around her pillow. Her silk, smooth brown hair ran down to her shoulders, complimenting the youthful beauty of her face. She had a slim build; her soft, warm body dressed in a set of pink pajamas that suited her. She snuggled against the pillow, pulling it close to her body while softly whispering, "Takato..."

She dreams of better times, an escape from the harshness of reality. A reality she faces each day with dread, knowing she could no longer hold and be held by the the one she loves. Her dreams were the only place where she could be able to spend time with the one she loved. Unfortunately, her time with him was cut short. The timer on her television went off, triggering the screen and tuning to the first channel it could find. Instantly, the news came on and the reporter began her news cast:

"Good morning, Tokyo! It's a beautiful morning outside, the time is 7 AM local time and the temperature is at a high of 84 degrees! We'll have a look at today's weather in just a moment but first, our top story this morning: DATA was deployed again, this time into Ichigaya to prevent the bio-emergence of more monsters from the Digital World. DATA quarantined six city blocks and worked with the Self Defense Force to safely round up the creatures - called digimon or digital monsters - and safely return them to their world. The area has been deemed an area of high dimensional instability and residents of the area are currently being relocated to new homes to prevent further incidence. Internationally, these continued dimensional fluxes have put pressure on the UN Security Council which struggles to deal with the crisis. As of today, there have been over one-hundred reported cases of cross-overs between worlds in the last month alone."

The girl grabbed the remote off her night stand and turned off the television, wishing it hadn't disturbed her from her night's sleep. She sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes tiredly and mentally preparing herself for the school day. With a long, sorrowful glance to her nightstand, she rested her eyes on a framed photo: her and her friends together in happier times, minus one person—the boy she loved, the person whose sacrifice saved all of existence even though the world would forever hate him for it.

Not wanting to relive painful memories, the girl pushed herself off the bed and walked over to her closet. She grabbed her school uniform and went into the bathroom. After a quick shower, she put on her uniform: a green blouse with a white collar, blue neckerchief, and a matching green skirt. Once she was done changing, stepped out to get her things ready for school. She packed her bag with her books and homework, and clipped on three odd devices.

The first belonged to her: a pink D3, a digivice with three functions: digital, detect, and discover. The second digivice belonged to him: a golden D-arc with a red strap. It was useless now, and served only to remind her of him. The third digivice was a mystery: he had simply appeared with it before his final battle against the greatest evil the digidestined had ever faced, giving the power to overcome it. Where it came from and how it worked was a mystery as no one had been able to activate since. It too had become little more than a second reminder of him.

The next several items she grabbed were not normal of the average high school girl. The first was a leather wallet with an ID and a silver badge inside inscribed with the letters: DATA. The second item was utility belt that went around her waist, with several small packs on both sides and a holster. She grabbed a radio next, placing it on the strap of her bag and clicking it on. The radio hummed to life and began to buzz with the usual radio traffic. Finally she grabbed a black Beretta M9 pistol from her desk and threw it into her holster, along with two extra magazines that she threw into the belt packs.

Once she was done, she went out of the room and into the dining room. As soon as she took her seat, her mother came out of the kitchen with a plate of eggs and fish and a bowl of rice, "Good morning honey."

"Morning," the girl cracked a tired yawn, "Breakfast looks good this morning."

"Thank you," her mother said, setting the plate and bowl down on the table, "Eat up, you don't want to be late for school."

"Where's dad?" the girl asked. She was already helping herself to some of the fish and rice, savoring the taste of warm tuna.

"Your father had to go to work early again," her mother answered, "Things have been so busy since the incident."

The Incident. That's what everyone called the devastation caused by the evil known as Lucemon. Lucemon was an angel digimon - the first digimon to be exact - entrusted with the duty to safeguard all of existence. But Lucemon became corrupted by his charge, declaring war on everything so that he could recreate it in his image. His followers, loyal to the end, sacrificed themselves so that Lucemon would have his chance. In the end, he was stopped by the combined might of her friends and the final blow was delivered by...him. Even though Lucemon was defeated, the damage had been done and the worlds were beyond repair. But he, the boy she loved, had absorbed Lucemon's power and used it to restore the natural order of things. But that power was too much for any person; using it destroyed him. He paid the ultimate price to save everything, and the world would forever hate him for it. But that was a memory she refused to revisit. It was painful enough the first time around, and she still hadn't fully gotten over it.

Once she was finished with breakfast, the girl put her dishes in the sink and kissed her mother goodbye. She locked the door behind her on her way out and took the elevator down to the first floor. Outside, her eyes were met with a blast from the sun just hanging over the horizon. She pressed the talk button on her radio and spoke into it, "This is Alpha-08, reporting in. Good morning Koushiro."

"Morning, Kari," a voice replied from the radio, "You're on standby today, but Director Mitsuo wants to see you in his office later."

"Alright, Koushiro," the girl answered, "I'm turning my radio off once I'm at the school. I missed classes all last week."

"I'll let the Director know when I see him," Koushiro replied. The girl released the talk button and continued on her way to school. Her name is Yagami Hikari, or Kari as her friends call her, and today was the closest thing she was going to get to a normal day.


As she made the long walk to her school, she passed an abandoned bakery with the words Matsuda Family Bakery hanging over it. The smashed windows hand been boarded up and a condemned sign hung on the boards, claiming the building had been seized by the government and its owners detained for questioning. Graffiti decorated the front of the store, dirty insults against the 'family that raised the terrorist'. The terrorist had been an unwilling victim of the incident. He temporarily came under the control of Lucemon and unknowingly perpetrated all kinds of horrible acts. When the he finally regained control, it was to find the world hated him for what he had done even though it was against his will. This was the same person who would later sacrifice himself for the world. The boy she loved, Matsuda Takato.

It was a secret the world would never know.

Of course the notice on the front of the building was a lie. Takato's parents weren't detained but relocated to a new town under false identities. Naturally, they had been told the truth of the matter and were devastated at the loss of their son. Even so, they had to go into hiding. The public at large was still embittered over the incident for which Takato had been unjustly blamed. Only she, her friends, and the highest government officials in the world knew the truth.

Why wasn't the public informed of the truth? Because they simply weren't ready for it.

The Digital World - a world existing parallel to the real world but inhabited by creatures made of data - had only recently become public knowledge. Most people still refused to accept the possibility that the Digital World could exist, despite the regular appearance of a digimon in the Real World and a human in the Digital World.

There also existed a third world, made of despair and anguish existing between the Digital World and Real World. As Hikari came to understand, this is the world where most of Lucemon's surviving followers fled after his fall. It had been kept secret so as not to scare the public with the knowledge that a world full of evil entities bent on the destruction of all things. It was known simply as the Dark Ocean.

And these were just the two other worlds she knew about. From what she recalled during the battles with Lucemon, more worlds could possibly exist.

But these were all stories for another time and Hikari had others things to worry about. For starters, she had missed all of her classes last week because of the number of crossovers that occurred. By her count, she responded to at least twelve crossovers - all instances of digimon suddenly appearing in the Real World. Because of that, she was behind in her studies and had to spend her weekend trying to catch up with her homework.

On top of that, she and her friends, were being alienated by the rest of the student body because of their friendship with Takato - the terrorist. It wasn't so bad at first, since the majority of the students chose to simply keep their distance. As time went on, some of the students became more aggressive and would occasionally corner one of them. Initially, it was just some words thrown back and forth but one day it grew into a fight between one of her friends and another student. Nobody can say with any certainty who threw the first punch. All anyone knew is that both of them got in trouble with the school's staff.

She hoped today wouldn't be one of those days, but her hopes died down once she noticed a group of girls in her grade talking to each other by the school gate. As she passed them by, she overheard them whispering, "It's her."

"I heard that they were dating."

"Figures that she'd like a terrorist."

"She's looking this way."

"Just ignore her."

Hikari chose to ignore their comments, mostly because she was used to hearing them on a daily basis. She thought that after a year, they would have something else to say other than the same old thing but that was of little consequence. Once she was on school grounds, she pressed the talk button on the radio, "This is Alpha-08, I'm killing the radio."

"Copy that 08. Report back in the afternoon. See you then," Koushiro's voice answered.

She shifted off her radio and placed it inside her back pack, but kept her Beretta at her side in case of an emergency. Once inside the school, she went to her locker to change from her tennis shoes to her indoor shoes. As she opened the locker door, a slip of paper fell out with the word 'bitch' written angrily on it. Hikari sighed and tossed the slip of paper into the garbage, annoyed that someone kept bothering to slip these notes into her locker. She was sure this wouldn't be the last time she heard from whoever was writing these notes.

With some free time before classes started, Hikari went down to the school courtyard. It was a large expanse in the heart of the school, lined with an assortment of trees and flowers. Scattered across the courtyard were several tables and chairs where students were either ate their breakfast or hung out with friends. In a far corner of the courtyard, away from the rest of the students, she found her friends sitting at the usual table. They were all dressed in school uniforms. The girls were dressed like Hikari, while the boys wore the school's male variant: a green blazer over a white shirt with grey slacks. What separated her friends from the other students were the utility belts they wore, each equipped with a radio and a Beretta secured into a holster They saw her coming and waved her over to meet them. She sat down between a blonde boy and dark haired girl, greeting them, "Good morning."

"Hey, Kari," a boy with spiky, brown hair sitting across the table replied. The feature which stood out most about him were the blue goggles on his head. His name is Motomiya Daisuke, a fervent lover of soccer with every intention of becoming the next superstar for Tokyo's team after he started a franchise of noodle carts.

Daisuke barely looked up at Hikari, not even bothering to flick his eyes open. His head rested on the table, his mouth hanging wide open with drool rolling down the side of his mouth. Hikari looked over at the boy beside her and asked, "What's wrong with Daisuke, TK?"

Takaishi Takeru, or TK to his friends, was one of Hikari's childhood friends. He was about Daisuke's height, with wavy blonde hair that had gotten longer over time. TK was the younger brother of rock celebrity Ishida Yamato, and was often the subject of harassment by his older brother's fans before the Incident. TK looked over at Daisuke and explained, "He's was on duty last night when the digimon bio-emerged. He said a Drimogemon freaked out, dug into the subway, and refused to come out. He tried to talk it out but it threw him head first against a wall. Subway trains were stalled for an hour before he finally convinced it to go back to the Digital World."

"Is he alright?" Hikari asked.

"Jou said he'd be fine," answered their youngest, Hida Iori. Iori was two years behind the others, but had grown considerably since she first met him. He was just a head shorter than everyone else, his appearance was misgiving for his demeanor. He was always the most serious in the group, often behaving like the older brother despite his age. By his side was a blue duffel bag filled with kendo equipment, for his practice after school, "Daisuke's taken worse hits to the head with that soccer ball."

"I don't think it would be too healthy for his brain, though," answered the last boy in the group, Ichijouji Ken. Ken had shoulder length, raven colored hair and a handsome face that many girls fell for. Were it not for his current girlfriend and the Incident, girls would be lining up just for the chance to talk to him.

"What brain?" laughed the only other girl in their group, earning laughs from the others. She had waist length hair dyed purple, and wore a pair of round glasses that magnified her eyes to appear larger than they actually were. Her name is Inoue Miyako, girlfriend of Ichijouji Ken and daughter of a local convenience shop owner.

"You guys suck," Daisuke grumbled, not even lifting his head to look at them.

"We're just kidding Daisuke," TK smiled, "You know that."

"Whatever," Daisuke yawned.

"Why don't you go home?" Hikari suggested, "You look like you're ready to pass out."

"I'll be fine. I just...need...a...few..." Daisuke trailed off, before letting loose a soft snore. At that moment, the bell rang signaling the start of the school day. Daisuke shot up immediately, cursed his luck, and ran off with his bag. The others were surprised at how fast Daisuke got to his feet, noting that was the fastest they'd ever seen him run anywhere, but quickly forgot as they went their separate ways to go to their classes.

Hikari took her time getting to her first class, an English Language class she was taking to help her with her work. It wasn't that she hated the class, it was more that she hated what the other students in her class were doing to her. A prime example presented itself when she walked into the classroom and found the other students were quick to fall silent.

She could feel their eyes on her as she walked over to her desk, quietly detesting her presence. Hikari ignored this and took a seat at her desk. It had been covered with all kinds of profanity written in English, which seemed to be the only reason anyone took the class. Interestingly, there seemed to be a new piece written on the top edge. Hikari ran her finger over each letter, trying to sound out how it would've been read, "M...O...T...H...E? Or is that an F?...R...F, again...U..."

"Good morning class," the teacher greeted his students as he walked in through the door. Everyone scrambled to their seats so the school day could begin.


When the school day had come to a close, Hikari and her friends walked together to the train station with the exception of Daisuke and Iori who had patrol duty that day. From there, they took the train to Shinjuku and got off on a stop several blocks away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the home of the agency they worked for. It was a grand building, splitting off into two separate towers about halfway up. Through the front entrance was a large hall going from one end of the building to the other, with a small reception area and two guarded entrances to the side: one for visitors and the other for employees. Four men stood guard at each gate, dressed in black suits, bullet-resistant vests, and armed with M4 carbine assault rifles.

Hikari and the others disarmed themselves before passing through metal detectors, running their bags through x-ray machines, and showing the guards their IDs one by one. Afterwards, they were each patted down as an added measure of security before reclaiming their weapons. Once they were cleared to enter the building, they climbed into an elevator that would take them to the top floor of the building. At the top, they found the large command room that made up their organization's base. A large, oval room several hundred meters around. The ceiling was a large dome made up of thousands of monitors, all of them linked together to display a large map of the world. Red dots were scattered all across the map, each blinking on and off in succession. Hung from the center of the room were two chairs back to back, each with an attached keyboard. Two women sat on the seats and worked away furiously on their keyboards.

Computer terminals filled the room, in neat rows each with someone busy at work. Guards were scattered at various posts around the room, also dressed in black suits with red arm bands reading DATA.

DATA was the name of the organization, short for Digital Advisory and Tactical Association. On the surface, DATA was an international investigation bureau under the supervision of Interpol. They handled the cross-overs between the Digital World and Real World, returning everyone who was displaced to where they were supposed to be. Unofficially, DATA was so much more than that.

The majority of their ranks were made up of people like Hikari - Digidestined as they called themselves. They were specially chosen by the Digital World to act as guardians to both the Real and Digital worlds, defending the fragile balance between both worlds. The international headquarters was set up in Tokyo, Japan for a variety of reasons - the eight original Digidestined were all Japanese, Japan's government had already secretly amassed a wealth of knowledge concerning the Digital World, and developed a weapon to combat threats from the Digital World. With this lead on knowledge, no one could argue with putting DATA's headquarters in Japan.

Hikari separated from Ken, Miyako and Takeru to see their boss, while they went to their desks. Hikari went all the way around to the other side of the room, to a large glass door with the words scrawled in gold reading:

Mitsuo Yamaki


Digital Advisory and Tactical Association

Through the door, Hikari could see a large oak desk with a computer screen and keyboard on one side, and a stack of papers on the other. Two chairs sat in front of the desk while sitting behind the desk was a blonde haired, middle aged man dressed in a white collared shirt whose sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, a pair of black slack and a blue tie. He was talking animatedly to his computer, completely unaware of what was going on. Hikari knocked on the door and he waved her in. Pushing the door open, Hikari heard a familiar voice say, "I'm just wrapping up a few things here."

"Hold on. Perfect timing, Yagami," Yamaki said, motioning for her to come around to the other side of the desk. Hikari pulled one of Yamaki's chairs with her and took a seat beside. Looking at the screen, she a man staring back at them. Behind him were trees and several anthropomorphic geckos with brass horns on their heads walking back and forth. The man had wild brown hair that shot up like flames, a stark contrast to the business suit he was wearing. Hikari recognized him instantly as her older brother, Yagami Taichi or Tai to those closest to him. She hadn't heard from him for the last six months, because he had been busy working on something in the Digital World. Something he refused to talk about under the grounds that it was top secret. A smile appeared on his face once he saw his sister, "Hey Kari."

"Hi, Tai," Hikari smiled widely, "Where are you right now?"

"Gekomon Village," Taichi replied, "I'm wrapping up a few things here before the big day tomorrow."

"What's tomorrow?" Hikari looked between Taichi and Yamaki for an answer.

"That's top secret for now," Taichi said in a matter-of-fact tone, earning him an annoyed sigh from his sister, "Anyway, have Yamato and Sora arrived at America yet?"

Yamaki looked at his watch and smiled, "They should be arriving in New York City about now. We're waiting for them to call before we set up a digi-port."

"That's good," Taichi breathed a sigh of relief. Hikari looked between the two again, wondering if whatever Taichi was doing was related to New York in anyway. There was nothing going on in New York as far as she knew, granted she didn't watch much news.

"Do you have your speech prepared?" Yamaki asked, his tone growing more serious, "It's important that everything goes smoothly and it would look bad if you go up there without a-"

"I've already sent it to you," Taichi replied quickly, "I scrapped it and started over a couple of times, but I think I've got something that works."

"Alright, I'll review it and send you some notes afterwards," Yamaki stated, "In the mean time, rehearse that speech a little bit. I'll contact you again when we've set up a digiport."

"Understood," Taichi nodded. The computer window shrank away into the desktop, resulting in Yamaki quickly switching off the screen to hide any classified information. Yamaki stood up to adjust the blinds to his glass door, making sure nothing could be seen from the other side and returned to his seat. Hikari returned her chair back to the other side of the desk, and sat back down, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes," Yamaki nodded, "I just wanted to make sure everything was alright with you."

"Everything's fine, sir," Hikari replied to her superior, "May I ask what the concern is, sir?"

"Well, it's been a year to the day since," Yamaki fell silent, as if wondering what words to choose what he planned on saying, "Matsuda...passed away. And it's pretty obvious that you two were...close."

"I...know," Hikari answered quietly, her gaze falling downward. She found it hard to believe that it had only been a year since the Incident occurred. Yet to her, it seemed to have been an eternity - an eternity of his memory forever burned into her heart. She yearned to see his face just one more time, to hold and be held by him - even if it were just for a moment. A moment she knew would never come. She had spent enough time crying over it though, and knew tears weren't going to bring him back. He would not have wanted her to shed tears over him - his sacrifice.

"As long as you're alright, you can stay on active duty," Yamaki stated, "All the same, I'm going to keep one of the other digi...whatever you guys call yourselves assigned to you so that we can keep an eye on you."

"Okay, sir," Hikari nodded.

"Dismissed," Yamaki waved her away. Hikari stood up from her seat, saluted her superior and walked out of his office. Outside, she ran into a girl her age with red brown hair tied into a pony tail at the side with a green ribbon. She wore white blouse beneath a gray blazer and gray skirt with a white trim. She had the same equipment on her uniform as Hikari, as well as a yellow D-arc hooked up beside her pistol. She carried a file full of document in her hands and seemed to be in a rush, but stopped upon seeing Hikari, "Hi, Kari."

"Hey, Jeri," Hikari greeted her. Her name was Katou Jeri, a close friend of Hikari's and Takato's ex-girlfriend. There had been plenty of tension initially between the two, especially concerning Takato, but the two had learned to get along since then, "Where are you off to?"

"Dropping off a report on last night's bio-emergence," Jeri sighed, "Is Daisuke alright? He took a pretty hard hit last night."

"Yeah, he looked alright this morning, although he was tired," Hikari answered, "So were you there last night?"

"Unfortunately," Jeri frowned, "Drimogemon, a bunch of Gotsumon, a Golemon, a Minotarumon, and that couple that went missing a month ago all turned up. The couple was really freaked out - apparently they were transported to the Digital World and were fighting for their lives the whole time."

"What happened to them?" Hikari asked curiously.

"We brought the digimon back to the Digital World and took the couple to a nearby hospital so we could keep an eye on them," Jeri explained, "Physically, they're fine; a little malnourished but no injuries from what we can tell. They were transferred to Matsuzawa Hospital afterwards. Honestly, I think the Digital World messed them up a little bit."

"I'd imagine so," Hikari commented, "Spending a month in another world, with no idea where you are or how to get home. That's got to be scary."

"Yeah. What were you doing in Yamaki's office? Is everything alright?"

"He just wanted to talk."

"About what?" Jeri asked quietly, a worried tone in her voice. Hikari frowned, sheepishly answering, "About...Takato. It's been a year since..."

Before Hikari could finish, she found Jeri had already wrapped her arms around her, "I know. Are you alright?"

"I'm...fine. Thanks for worrying about me," Hikari stated calmly to Jeri. Jeri let Hikari go and smiled warmly at her, "I'm glad you're alright. Anyway, I've got to drop off this report. I'll see you around."

Jeri rushed off again, leaving Hikari to return to her desk. It was in a room on the far side of the building - much smaller than the central room but still larger than Yamaki's office. The room was lined with desks organized in neat rows. On each desk was a desktop computer and piles of papers. Hikari took a seat at her desk, located between Takeru's and Miyako's, and set down her bag. She started her homework since she had nothing else to do.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital was renowned for being one of the best mental health facilities in the world. Founded in 1879, it was the oldest psychological hospital in Japan with a maximum capacity of 1005 patients. In the receiving ward of the hospital, where patients were kept before the staff could determine which ward to send them, a young couple was kept in the same room. The man, tall but skinny for a 35 year old with scars along his body and dressed in only a patient gown, was in the same bed as his wife, a frail thing of only 36 whose hair was a disheveled mess. The wife cried into her husband's shoulder, weeping tears of joy. Both were glad that their ordeal was finally over; they had awoken from the nightmare that the DATA agents called the Digital World. They had absolutely no intention of returning to that place anytime soon. However, they knew it would forever haunt them in their nightmares.

They wanted to see their children, who had been in the custody of their grandfather - the husband's father. Unfortunately, the facility had a policy against visitation while patients were still in receiving so they would have to wait until they were transferred to wherever the hospital planned on taking them. It was painful enough for them to spend a month worrying that their children were alright, but to be denied the right to see them over a stupid rule was beyond cruel. All they could do was wait and hope they could see their children soon.

As they lay in each other's arms, a dark mist crept up over the sheets and wrapped the room in its icy grip. Fear paralyzed the couple, for they had seen this mist before and knew it could only mean one thing. One of those monsters would be appearing soon, maybe to take them back to the Digital World. They watched in horror as the mist slowly gathered itself at the foot of their bed and took form, taking the shape of a body with glowing red eyes.

"What does it want, Tomoya?" the wife asked her husband.

"I don't know, Nagisa," the husband replied, moving his wife behind him and tightening his fists. He growled at the body of darkness, "Whatever you are, leave us alone!"

The dark entity moved to the side of the bed, eyeing the husband and wife hungrily. A terrifying grin appeared on its face and it laughed at the couple. Annoyed with the entity's laughter, Keitaro took a swing at it only for his fist to go right through the entity. Tomoya fell through the other side and hit the wall. He scrambled to his feet and faced the entity without hesitation, only for it to pin him against the wall with an outstretched arm.

"Tomo-!" Nagisa cried out, only to have the entity grab her as well and pin her against the opposite wall.

"Nagi...sa!" Tomoya reached out to his wife, knowing that would be useless. The entity looked between the two of them and hissed with a rattling voice, "Yagami...New York..."

"What?" Tomoya asked the entity. It responded by tightening its grip on both their bodies, causing them to wail out in pain.

Just then, a knock came at the door followed by one of the nurse's asking, "Is everything alright in there? Mr. and Mrs. Okazaki? Hello?"

Before the door could open, the entity split itself into two clouds of mist. One cloud entered the body of Okazaki Tomoya, while the other entered the body of Okazaki Nagisa. They both screamed out in horror as they felt the entity assume control over them. Their bodies hovered for a moment in the air, enveloped in a bright light. With their screams, the door flew wide open and a young nurse dressed in blue scrubs ran in to find...



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