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Takato's Light 2: Hikari's Hazard

As you may know by now, I'm ending Takato's Light 2 and retiring from fanfiction indefinitely. I'm not going to waste words beyond it was fun while it lasted, but I need to focus on other things now. However, I don't like leaving readers hanging so I'll put up a summary of the parts I didn't cover in this story.

The Rest of the Story

Shortly after Hikari arrives in the Digital World with the Matsudas, she learns that Lord HolyAngemon has prepared a welcoming party for the new residents. The rest of the digidestined and the Tamers appear shorlty afterwards to meet them and the festivities commence. Hikari is embarrassed because she came to the celebration in her school uniform but Takato insists that she looks fine and asks her to dance. They dance to the tune of 'Eyes on Me' by Wang Fei, sharing a passionate kiss towards at the climax of the song. The kiss sparks the year of unreleased sexual tension the two have and they excuse themselves for a while to get it out of their system.

The next day, Hikari excuses herself from school to stay with Takato - although the two have difficulty looking each other in the eye because they're both embarrassed over what they let themselves do the previous evening. This is interrupted when they are called back to DATA HQ, where they find the complex in flames and Bagramon leaving with Lucemon's book. The digidestined and Tamers try to pursue the mega but are cut off by Astamon. THey defeat him but have lost sight of Bagramon. They learn that Legion has led several strategic attacks against major cities across the globe - Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, London, Beijing, Moscow, Cape Town, New Delhi, Manila, Rio de Janeiro, Jerusalem, Cairo, and the Vatican.

They learn that Bagramon's forces have begun building up around Tel Megiddo, along with a contingency of several mercenary groups and local insurgent fighters. DATA coordinates with several military forces to coordinate an attack in the Real World.

After a week of planning, soldiers from across the globe are air lifted into the area where they parachute their way down. Takato and Guilmon biomerge into Gallantmon, pushing themselves into the heart of Bagramon's forces. Hikari and Angewomon do their best to keep up but Gallantmon moves to far ahead for them to follow. Hikari is then reminded of her orders to open a gate for the DSDF to come through and assist allied forces. She meets up with Koushiro and Kabuterimon who are already setting up the gate, and covers them from a force of Devimon approaching them. The gate opens and the DSDF come through, overwhelming Bagramon's forces. A path opens up for Hikari and Angewomon to catch up to Gallantmon. They arrive in time to see Bagramon handing Gallantmon Lucemon's book before taking his own life. Gallantmon absorbs Bagramon's data and the color of his armor inverts.

Hikari and Angewomon are horrified by what they see and demand to know what he's doing. Gallantmon explains that he needed a body since she helped destroy his last one. Gallantmon does battle with Angewomon while Hikari goes into shock at the thought that Takato went insane from dying. Taichi and Yamato arrive with Omnimon who assist Angewomon in their battle. Taichi tries to talk sense into her sister who is almost completely catatonic at what is happening.

Gallantmon laughs at Hikari, explaining that Sussanoomon absorbed his data - trapping him inside Takato. However, Takato's body wasn't strong enough to handle Lucemon's consciousness so he put himself to sleep until Takato biomerged with Guilmon to create a stronger body. As Gallantmon, his consciousness was able to emerge and he became Lucemon again. Hikari is even more frightened to realize Lucemon is back but the shock is enough to knock sense back into her. Hikari vows to defeat Lucemon while saving Takato and Guilmon in the process.

Lucemon laughs, saying he'd like to see them try. The others arrives and an epic battle ensues, during which, Angewomon and MagnaAngemon are able to wrestle the book out of Lucemon's hands. Hikari and Koushiro breeze through the book looking for a way to exorcise Lucemon out of Gallantmon. The book reveals that Takato and Guilmon are still alive somewhere inside Gallantmon's body, Lucemon's will is just suppressing their consciousness. Hikari calls out to Gallantmon, pleading for Takato to take back his body. Lucemon feels himself losing control and regresses into Megidramon while an unconscious Takato appears before Hikari. Takato awakens and is informed about the circumstances. At this point, he uses his D-Arc to try and purify Guilmon. Megidramon flees and starts destroying all the digimon he can find - trying to absorb enough data to create a new body. Takato and Hikari work together with Angewomon to purify Guilmon's data and destroy Megidramon. While momentarily bodiless, Lucemon uses all the data he's absorbed to create a new body and he becomes Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode.

From here, Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode proclaims his intention to absorb reality and create a more perfect world. The world starts to fall apart around them and they commit themselves to stopping Lucemon there. Their work together with their digimon but are unable to lay a scratch on Lucemon. Hikari, Ken, and Koushiro consolidate Lucemon's book for some weakness he has in this form but find the book is now spouting unintelligible gibberish written in an insane language.

Takato's strange digivice which he acquired from Takuya starts to glow, and he is shown a flashback where the digidestined of the 'Frontier Era' defeated Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode by destroying a larvae hidden within his sphere. As the flashback ends, Takato and Guilmon are transformed into Sussanoomon before the digivice breaks. Sussanoomon reasons that this is the last time he'll be able to use this power and decides to make it count by destroying Lucemon forever. Sussanoomon uses some power to awaken Gatomon, Patamon, and Lopmon as Ophanimon, Seraphimon, and Cherubimon. The three celestial digimon try to hold Lucemon in place while Susanoomon breaks his way into Lucemon's sphere. Susanoomon destroys Lucemon Larvae Mode, and Shadow Lord Mode becomes unstable. The body starts to leak energy and explodes on a scale similar to the big bang. The Celestial Three try to contain the explosion with Susanoomon at the epicenter trying to absorb all the energy.

The energy is too much and Susanoomon knows he's going to perish. With that in mind, he uses some of his power to say good bye to Hikari one more time before the explosion recedes. Susanoomon is nowhere in sight. Hikari is devastated by the idea that she has lost Takato and Guilmon again despite her efforts to save them.

A few days later, Hikari takes notice of the fact that the world is completely different from how it was before. She later learns that they've completely forgotten about the attack by the D-Reaper, or Bagramon. DATA never existed and the Tamers have completely disappeared from the world. She visits Gennai and is told that with the worlds healing themselves, people will forget about their experiences with people from the other worlds. She asks if this means she will forget Takato, but Gennai expresses uncertainty since Takato never did make sense in the grand scheme of things. The story ends with Hikari going to class one day with Takeru and learning that there is a new student in her school named Matsuda Takato. The two are seated next to each other and exchange brief hellos.

And that's how the story would've gone. I apologize for not finishing it. If you want to know why, please read the afterword for my other fic Oyabun. So for one last time, this is leonardo1123581321 signing out!