Kurt woke Wednesday morning to the sunlight streaming through his open curtains. He blinked at the unusual sensation after so many days of overcast skies and tried to roll over, but a heavy body curled into his side prevented it.

Blaine's deep, even breathing sounded like music to Kurt's ears, and in his sleepy state he hummed happily. This was the first time he'd woken up next to his boyfriend. Usually, Blaine disappeared sometime in the night because he couldn't sleep in the same bed as another person. But here he was, curled up against Kurt with his long eyelashes splayed beautifully over his tanned skin.

Kurt's fingers brushed through the curls around Blaine's temple and he dipped his head to rest atop his boyfriend's. He breathed in the familiar scent of Blaine and wished fervently they could wake up like this every morning. Too soon, they would be back at Dalton in their respective dorm rooms with their respective roommates who would not appreciate it.

"Morning," Kurt said when Blaine started to wake.

Kurt's voice was thick with sleep and deeper than usual. Blaine started, and for once looked alert upon waking. It made Kurt giggle, and he noted for future reference that his lower register seemed to work miracles.

"Do you want the shower first?"

"If you don't mind."

Alert or not, Kurt knew Blaine needed much more time in the morning to get moving, so he shuffled his boyfriend off to the shower while he went to his closet and picked out their clothes for the day. He had just decided on their outfits when his dad appeared in the doorway.

"I'm off to work. It sounds like most of the roads have been cleared, so I'm guessing the travel restriction will be lifted today. If you and Blaine haven't finished all your homework, today would be the day."

Kurt nodded. "Do you want us to clean or anything?"

"Only if all your school work is done. I called Dalton, and they said some kid named Wes has been e-mailing all your assignments to you?"

"Ever the responsible one, Wes is. He's not even in our year. We'll check our Dalton e-mails today and do our work, I promise."

"All right. See you tonight, kid."

Kurt claimed the shower after Blaine, who was still trying to do up all the small buttons on the hunter green shirt Kurt had picked out for him when he came back fifteen minutes later. Luckily, the coffeemaker could be used again, and an extra strong cup sent the jolt of caffeine into his veins that Blaine desperately needed.

"Mom said we had to finish the basement today," Finn said, slurping milk out of his cereal bowl.

"Not us. We have to finish our homework, which we haven't touched since Sunday," Kurt said. "Sorry, Finn. You're on your own today."

The taller boy shrugged. "I'd rather clean the basement than do homework all day."

After loitering over breakfast, Kurt and Blaine went back up to Kurt's bedroom and took turns checking their Dalton e-mail accounts. Wes had sent them each two e-mails with a list of assignments from all their classes. Kurt shook his head slightly at the Head Warbler's enthusiasm for looking after "his" Warblers.

"We didn't work ahead nearly enough on Sunday," Blaine observed, scanning his lists of assignments. "Do you have our Government book? I didn't bring mine."

"Neither did I. What about Biology?"

"Yeah, I have that one."

They piled all their books together and made a note of which class assignments they couldn't do because they didn't have the books – Government and Psychology – and Blaine composed an e-mail to those teachers explaining.

"Vous êtes unpêchers, mon cher," Kurt said, glancing up from his French essay.

Blaine hit send, grabbed his Italian book, and flopped onto the bed next to Kurt. They played this game a lot, Kurt practicing his French on Blaine who didn't understand and Blaine practicing his Italian on Kurt who didn't understand.

"Spero che tu abbia detto qualcosa di dolce, mio caro."

"J'aime la façon dontvous prenez toujourssoin de moi."

"Perchè sto solo provando a prendermi cura di te."

They kissed lightly over their essays, having no idea what the other had said, and went back to work. Kurt finished his two page assignment on the things he would do when he went to Paris one day, thus completing his lesson on future tense, a few minutes before Blaine finished the same essay about a future visit to Rome.

They moved on to English Literature together, but realized that wasn't going to work as well because they both needed to use the computer to finish their papers on transcendentalism. Blaine let Kurt work at the computer first and start instead on reading the Nathaniel Hawthorne stories they would be discussing in class on Thursday.

For the next couple hours, they worked in the same way, partially together and partially alone, finishing up their literature, history, and biology assignments. They took a break for lunch and to watch an hour of an America's Next Top Model rerun on Oxygen before going back upstairs to tackle the rest of their homework.

Burt called around one o'clock to let the boys know that the travel restriction had been lifted for Allen County, and that the main roads were clear from the house to the interstate. Kurt hung up and swiveled around in his computer chair.

"We're going back to Dalton tonight," he said. "Does it sound terrible that I'm looking forward to going back to the dorms?"

"No, of course not." Blaine tossed his pencil aside and sat up on the bed. "I can only take so much leisure time before I go a little crazy. That being said, I am also completely sick of doing this homework."

"Then let's take a break and pack."

In addition to gathering up their belongings that had been scattered over the house over the past five days, they had laundry to do. Kurt had brought his home on Friday and never gotten around to doing it because the power had been off. Blaine had never gotten the chance to drop his off at home for the maid to take care of, so they did his as well.

They spent the second half of their day alternating between folding laundry and doing homework for their least favorite classes. A frantic pace had taken hold now that they knew for sure their teachers would be expecting assignments handed in in their classes on Thursday.

"Argh!" Kurt banged his head on the open Physics book. "Why did we let this sit for so long?"

Doing two days work of Dalton homework was no picnic, but they were exceptional students and handled most of it with relative ease even having missed the lectures. Two days worth of Physics problems, however, nearly did them in. To make matters worse, an e-mail arrived from Wes just after three o'clock with another day of assignments.

"Five more Physics problems," Blaine said regretfully. "But nothing else due tomorrow, so maybe we can actually stop doing homework soon."

Even dedicated students got sick of school work after a full day of it. The last five problems proved impossible to decipher having missed three consecutive lectures. Blaine wrote another e-mail, this one to their physics teacher, requesting an extension and a private lesson during study hall when they came back to school.

Kurt and Blaine were dead on their feet by the time dinner rolled around. Kurt found it astounding that they'd done nothing but read, write, and lay around, yet they were more exhausted than his parents and Finn, who had been on their feet doing strenuous work all day. Carole took pity on them.

"I think you boys deserve control of the TV tonight," she said.

Normally after a tiring round of homework Kurt and Blaine curled up in one of their rooms (whichever one was devoid of a roommate for the evening) and watched a Disney movie to unwind. But with Finn and his dad around, Blaine would probably want to watch whatever game was on ESPN, so Kurt resigned himself to a night of boredom.

"What do you want to watch?" Blaine asked Kurt. "I think we're on The Princess and the Frog, right? But we can skip ahead to Tangled, if you want."

"Ugh … Disney movies?" Finn questioned.

"Disney princess movies are our tradition after a really tough study session," Blaine clarified. "We watch them in order, starting with The Little Mermaid. It took me awhile to convince this guy to add in The Hunchback of Norte Dame and Hercules."

"They're not princess movies!" Kurt protested.

Despite his mock offense, Kurt felt ridiculously pleased that Blaine admitted to liking Disney princess movies. Even Nick and Jeff, Blaine's best friends, had been shocked to find out how much he loved singing along to the movies.

"But there are princesses in both movies."

"It's not the same."

Blaine rolled his eyes in an exaggerated way that always made Kurt laugh and give a rare smile that showed his teeth because Blaine just looked so sassy. His boyfriend leaned back in his chair and flapped a hand at Kurt.

"You are such a Disney snob."

Kurt laughed out loud. He opened his mouth to tell Blaine just how stereotypical he sounded right now, but he caught Finn's stunned expression across the table and bit back his retort. Blaine had never acted this way – like himself – in front of Kurt's family before, and he wasn't going to risk his boyfriend retreating for anything.

"Do we even have Disney movies anymore?" Burt asked.

"Of course we do. They're in my room."

Kurt went upstairs to get The Princess and the Frog. When he came down to the living, his family had settled into their usual places. He popped in the DVD and joined Blaine on the couch. He was surprised to feel his boyfriend's hands on his waist tugging insistently. He leaned back tentatively, barely letting his back touch Blaine's chest.

"Why are you so tense?" Blaine whispered as the movie started. "Do you want to be the big spoon?"

"No, I'm … I like being the little spoon sometimes. I just – You're acting very … Blaine-like."

He chuckled in Kurt's ear. "I don't know what that's supposed to mean."

"Just that I'm not used to you touching me at all in front of my family, much less cuddling with me right in front of them."

Kurt craned around and caught the hurt on Blaine's face.

"We don't have to. I just thought since we always cuddle …. You can sit up, Kurt."

Blaine released his hands from Kurt's waist. Kurt studied him closely, wanting to know for sure Blaine wasn't acting this way because he thought he was supposed to. Kurt knew the look Blaine wore when he felt rejected. He had it on now, though he tried valiantly to mask it. Kurt guided his boyfriend's hands back to his waist and relaxed against his chest. Blaine made a contended humming deep in his throat that put a ridiculously giddy smile on Kurt's lips.

When the end credits began to roll, Kurt reluctantly moved away from Blaine's pleasantly warm body. They had agreed to head back to Dalton no later than seven o'clock so they had plenty of time to make curfew and deal with any detours or delays on the interstate. Burt and Finn helped them load up their bags of clean clothes and school books.

"You boys drive carefully," Burt said. "No texting each other or anything."

They went through this every time Kurt and Blaine drove back to Westerville in separate cars, but Kurt promised, once again, to be a responsible driver. He didn't mention that they talked to each other on the phone the whole way back to campus, because any kind of distracted driving made Burt crazy.

Kurt had just slipped in his earpiece and rounded the corner at the end of the block when Blaine's picture and name appeared on his phone. He glanced in his rearview mirror to see his boyfriend's red Mustang several car lengths behind.

"It feels weird not sitting right next to you after being around you constantly for five days," Kurt said.

Blaine chuckled on the other end of the line. "I know. I was going to suggest we stop for coffee if we make it back to Westerville with time to spare, and then another movie in my dorm since Nick will be at Mathletes until nine."

"A more responsible guy would suggest finishing our Government and Psychology assignments since we'll have our books."

"A less responsible guy would realize a movie is an excuse to make out with his boyfriend."

"Ah. Then a 'movie' it is."

"Drive faster."

Kurt laughed out loud and pressed down on the accelerator, which caused Blaine to burst into laughter over the line. He slowed down to within a reasonable proximity of the speed limit as he put on his indicator for the highway.

"I know it's a selfish and horrible thing to say with how much damage has been done in Lima, but … I'm really glad we got caught in that rainstorm."

Silence greeted his confession, and he cringed, knowing he'd admitted something he should have never said out loud. He regretted all the property damage the flooding had done to this hometown and all the people who had suffered because of it, but he couldn't bring himself to regret Blaine getting stranded with the Hummel-Hudsons for five days because too much good had come of it.

Blaine's response came at last, the words whispered softly into Kurt's ear.

"Me too."

Because now he knew that there wasn't a damned thing wrong with him and no one worth his time thought there was.


Kurt and Blaine's French/Italian conversation:

"Vous êtes unpêchers,mon cher." = "You are a peach, my dear."
"Spero che tu abbia detto qualcosa di dolce, mio caro." = "I hope you said something sweet, my dear."
"J'aime la façon dontvous prenez toujourssoin de moi." = "I love how you always take care of me."
"Perchè sto solo provando a prendermi cura di te." = "Because I'm just trying to take care of you."

Thank you to Mari McSly for helping with the Italian translations. I don't speak French or Italian, so I was at the mercy of Google Translate until she came along to help me out.

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