Chapter Four

Samara and John stayed close together as all the first years were guided into a room. They didn't know what was going to happen, but there was going to be something. A teacher was describing the houses to them while the students stood around anxiously. The teacher left and there was whispering all around.

"Are you worried?" John asked.

Samara shook her head. "Not much. I've been through worse than going to school,"

John didn't say a word, but he was definitely nervous. They way the rest of the first years were acting wasn't very comforting, either. They were saying some things about a test and no matter how hard she tried, Samara couldn't calm John down. It was only then that she realised she couldn't see anything in her head. Which meant neither could anyone else. She didn't know why this was, but it was brilliant. While all the other students were whispering worriedly, she was finally starting to feel happier. A few minutes later, the teacher came back and they were all lined up. Samara made sure that she was stood behind John. As they walked out into the hall, Samara was completely spellbound. The sights were truly breathtaking. The room was taken up by four long tables, with a fifth table at the other end of the room where the teachers sat. Floating candles illuminated the room from several places that made it all seem like something from a storybook. But the most brilliant thing of all was the ceiling. Samara had already read about it in Hogwarts: A History, but she couldn't have imagined what it would actually look like in person. Of course, it looked just like an ordinary sky, but the thing was, this was indoors, so it was pretty amazing to see the sky. The sight of this place immediately threw all thoughts of the sorting straight out of Samara's mind. But in front of her, John only seemed to become more nervous than anything.

Samara looked back just in time to see a hat being put down on a stool before the first years. She was only dully surprised when it began to sing; after all, she had been expecting some rather strange goings on.

The first years were then lead up to the hat one by one. It was put on the their heads and after a short wait, it screamed out the house that they had been sorted into. When it came to John's turn, he had a terrified look on his face. It took Samara three seconds to realise that the look wasn't actually directed at her. She smiled at him slightly. Smiling felt strange to her; it was something she rarely had cause to do. John was sorted into Gryffindor and as he walked over to the table, there was a loud cheer. Samara's gaze lingered on him a while, but then she looked back at the hat. She didn't pay very much attention to the next several people being sorted, until her own name was called.

All eyes were on her as she walked up to the hat. As she sat down, she stared straight ahead, keeping her eyes on a certain point at the far end of the hall. She closed them as the hat was placed on her head. It seemed to take a little while to decide. Samara held her breath.

"Ravenclaw!" It said at last. Samara let out the breath she had been holding and walked down to the Ravenclaw table. For a minute, the entire hall was silent, but as soon as she sat down, low murmers erupted everywhere. Samara looked down at her hands in her lap, knowing exactly what they thought. They thought she was a freak, an abomination. It had all been said to her before, but even so, the pupils discussing her like something bad still stung.

"Hello," said a girl beside her. "My name is Natalie. Yours is Samara, yes?"

"Yeah," Samara said, not looking up. When Natalie didn't say anything more, Samara spoke again. "What do you want?"

"Nothing. It's just… some people are saying things about you and I thought you might like someone to talk to, but I can't really think of much to say… Are you from America? You sound like you're American,"

"Yeah." Samara said. Her outward demeanor remained unchanged, but inside she smiled. Natalie seemed slightly annoying, with all her talking, but she was well meaning. Maybe Samara could finally make a friend.

"What's it like there? Where do you live? Tell me everything!"

Samara shrugged. "I dunno. I live on Moesko Island, near the state of Washington. I live with my dad on an old horse ranch. My mother used to keep horses, but they all drowned themselves. My mother was very grieved and killed herself by jumping off the same cliff,"

"Oh my,"

Samara smirked slightly at Natalie's reaction. None of this was funny to Samara; on the contrary, she still wished her mother could be here today. But Natalie had instantly stopped speaking as soon as Samara had mentioned her mothers death. And she had left out all the parts about herself as well.

"So," Natalie said, attempting to restart the conversation. "How do you like Hogwarts so far?"

Samara grinned at that, surprising the both of them. "You know, I think I'm going to like it here. Sure beats living in a barn,"

Natalie laughed, apparently thinking she was joking.

The next morning was Samara's first day of classes. She had been up all night – as usual – reading some of her books. She longed for a real book. Not a book about spells, but one that actually told a story. She loved reading books and then making out in her head that she was one of the characters. A lot of the characters had something Samara had never thought she would have: friends. But she was making friends now. John and Natalie. She hoped she would see them at some point today.

Her first lesson was potions, with the Hufflepuffs. That sounded interesting. She wondered what they'd make. Nothing to complicated of course. In fact, they were probably just going to learn some random stuff about potion making. This was, after all, their first lesson. Samara was quite excited, even if she didn't show it. Her first ever lesson in her new school. She just hoped nothing bad happened.

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