1. Utada "Me Muero"

She... she was really gone. She left. How could she?

Debra Delong, his constant companion and one of his only good friends was gone. Her parents decided that since they were going to be in Bolivia for longer than they thought, she should join them. They should be a family.

He didn't have a lot of friends, so the ones he had were sort of like his family. She was his family. He was going to miss her. A lot.

He didn't think she'd really leave. He thought she would have come up with some elaborate, crazy plan so she could stay.

As he watches the plane he thinks that maybe he should have come up with the plan.

He is going to miss her a lot, not just because she was his friend… but because he thinks he likes her.

Patchwork: A mixture; something made out of many different things.

I am using songs as inspiration for these drabbles; however when I list the singer, it will be the person who sung the version I used as inspiration, not necessarily the person who originally sang and or wrote the original version.

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