Main-characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Wes Montgomery, David Thompson, Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling
Pairings: Klaine, Wevid, Niff
Fandom: Glee
Author: TeamBartie
Rated: M (for sexual interaction and language)
Category: Romance
Summary: It can happen out of lust, frustration or pure love. It can be cheating, or the most beautiful thing you've ever shared together… but these guys have all something in common. It was all their first time… Three Dalton-couples, three chapters.
Important: I'm not Ryan Murphy. Therefore I don't claim the characters.

A little explanation: This will be a three shot. Each chapter will point out how a couple share their first time. This chapter will be the first time between Kurt and Blaine. The second chapter between Wes and David and the third chapter between Nick and Jeff! Every chapter will be different ofcourse, otherwise it'll be boring for you to read and for me to write!

Guys, it's their first time, so ofcourse it's rated M. If you hate M-rated stories, leave immediately! Reading at your own risk!

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Kurt & Blaine

Blaine had just finished dinner and was now making preparations for Kurt coming over. They would have the whole house together for atleast tonight and a big part of the following morning. And maybe, if they were lucky, his parents decided to stay away a little bit longer, and then they wouldn't return until the day after tomorrow in the evening.

Enough time to do what we have planned to do, Blaine thought, as he tried to ignore his stomach. It was tickling because of tonight. They would do it tonight. They had planned to do it tonight. Blaine was slightly freaking out, because he wanted it to be perfect. Ofcourse he wanted it to be perfect. He didn't want to lose the love of his life, because their sex was bad.

He shuddered as he was thinking about that. Would Kurt really leave him if their sex would be bad? It was impossible to think about, since the guys shared everything together and loved each other so much. But a major thing, especially in the future, would be sex. It was the most intimate moment a couple could have. A couple without sex, would fail, that was just the truth.

With shaking hands, Blaine started to lit all the candles he had put in his room. He wanted Kurt to be as comfortable as possible, because he knew it was hard for Kurt.

He took once last glance through the room and concluded that everything was ready. It was a romantic setting, with candles, rose petals and soft background music. The lube and the package of condoms were on the night table, and the lights weren't completely off, but also not too bright. It was perfect, in Blaine eyes, and he hoped that Kurt would appreciate it. He gasped for air as he heard the door bell ring, and he took once last glance in the mirror. He nodded appreciately at himself and then rushed downstairs, taking a deep breath and then opened the door, spotting his boyfriend on the front porch.

The two of them didn't say something for atleast thirty seconds, as they were checking each other out, and then Blaine made the first move, pulling the slightly taller boy into a tight hug.

"Hey, baby. I missed you. Come on in." He released his boyfriend, and took his jacket, earning a shy smile from Kurt, who looked nervous already. Blaine smiled encouragingly and squeezed Kurt's hand. "You don't have to be afraid just yet, Kurt… We don't have to go upstairs right away. We could… first watch a movie, if you want."

Kurt shook his hand, and held onto Blaine's hand. "No… I want to… go immediately." His cheeks coloured red, and he looked away from Blaine, suprised as he felt his boyfriend's hand pushing his face back, so he was staring in Blaine's eyes once again.

"You don't have to be ashamed, Kurt. I'm… excited too. Let's go, then?" He decided to play it cool, though his heart was beating like a maniac inside of his chest. He wanted to stay calm for Kurt…

"Honey, it's okay for you to be nervous. You don't have to stay calm for me… It's your first time after all too." Kurt spoke out, with a slight, beautiful smile. It's like he can read my mind! Blaine thought, squeezing Kurt's hand to react on his comment.

The two of them reached the first floor of the house, and Blaine opened the door to his room, letting Kurt in first. He heard a gasp as Kurt stood in the door, watching the picture. He turned around with tears in his eyes, and without a warning, he pressed his lips on Blaine's. Blaine noticed Kurt pushing him, and soon his back found the wall. Kurt kissed him desperately, licking his way into Blaine's mouth. Blaine was groaning, and cupped Kurt's ass in his hands. Kurt groaned against Blaine's lips, and pulled back.

"I love you so much, Blaine… Thank you for doing this. I really think it's beautiful," and Kurt gave Blaine no time to answer, because the lips were back. Blaine was happy to oblige, and he lifted Kurt up, walking with him to the bed. Kurt was now whimpering, and Blaine laid him down carefully, not leaving Kurt's lips once.

"Blaine, Blaine…" Kurt's soft voice sounded desperate against Blaine's lips, and Blaine pulled back, raising an eyebrow. Would he chicken out now? That would be really hard to Blaine, because ofcourse… he was nervous, but also really excited, that he got to share his first time with Kurt.

"Do not worry, Blaine. I'll still have my wicked way with you." Both Kurt and Blaine grinned because of Kurt's word choice. "I only want to say that I'm really happy that I can share my first time with you." He stroke the back of Blaine's neck absent mindedly, as he was staring in Blaine's eyes. "And I'm also happy that you're also a virgin. Then I know that I'm the only one who can satisfy you and make you feel like this." He grinned, and then winked playfully at his curled boyfriend, who laid above him with widened eyes.

"Oh, Kurt…" Blaine nuzzled his face into Kurt's neck and then started to suck and lick the skin there. Soon Kurt was moaning underneath his wet touch. Blaine grinned against the skin, and then thrust down, meeting Kurt's half hard member. Kurt left out a breathy moan.

"Oh my god, Blaine… Do that again," he managed to get out between bared teeth, and Blaine nodded, bringing his hips down again. Now he was gasping for air aswell, and suddenly the clothes they were both wearing were too much.

"Kurt," he whined and held the edge of his shirt. "You're wearing too much."

"Oh, baby… Well, let's do something about that then, huh?" Kurt spoke and then nodded, to give Blaine his permission to remove his shirt. Soon his shirt was laying properly folded on a chair next to Blaine's bed, and he actually snickered. "Thank you for taking care of my clothes like that, Blaine. Even in the heat of the moment."

"Shut up," Blaine grinned, and then removed his own shirt, bringing his bare chest down to Kurt's. They both groaned as they fell together. Blaine started to lick a trail down to Kurt's pants, over his nipples, and stomach and soon enough he reached the place to be. Experimentally he covered Kurt's clothed cock with his hand and it made Kurt thrust up, meeting Blaine's hand.

"Oh- oh god… Blaine, please, just please?" Kurt's eyes were sparkling and slightly darker. Blaine concluded that Kurt just looked really sexy right now, and that he wanted to make his boyfriend moan and fall apart under his touch.

"I assume that I'm topping, then?" Blaine asked Kurt, while he was playing with the zipper. Kurt was groaning in frustration, because Blaine was touching his cock with feather light touches. And it felt wonderful, even over the pants. But then his cheeks flushed red, when Blaine had asked that question.

"Uh, yeah? If you want to…" Kurt looked away from Blaine, but yelped suprised when he felt and heard the zipper going open. And then a chuckle. He couldn't resist to look back, and saw Blaine smiling, and then nodded.

"Ofcourse, baby. I'll be top tonight," and Blaine shove the pants off of Kurt's legs, folding it neatly and put it next to his shirt on the chair. Then he placed his hand right over Kurt's cock, and once again, Kurt was trembling.

"Blaine, please… Stop with the teasing, just do it already!" He begged, and sighed relieved when Blaine made a movement to remove his boxer. Soon he was completely naked, and Blaine was still in his pants. Blaine already wanted to touch Kurt's cock, who was leaking pre-come and really, really wanted attention, but Kurt had some unhandled business to complete.

"We should be both naked, Blaine… I want to see you too." Blaine groaned because of Kurt's words, and kept staring at Kurt's cock, while he opened his pants and removed them, just like his boxer. All of Blaine's clothes were laying on the ground, unlike Kurt's clothes, but Blaine couldn't be bothered about that right now. He was really excited to touch Kurt's cock, to prepare him for his cock…

Kurt's eyes were blackening in lust as he saw his boyfriend stripping in front of him. As he revealed his half hard cock, Kurt gasped for air and brought a shaking hand to it, touching it lightly. Blaine groaned, and gripped Kurt's cock firmly, encouraging his boyfriend to do the same with his.

Soon they were jerking each other off. But it went all too fast. Kurt already felt himself really close to the edge, and Blaine still had to make love to him. So he pushed Blaine off of him, and his now hard cock was released by Blaine's hand.

"I-I.. this was great, but you have to.. prepare me." Kurt said, and saw his boyfriend widen his eyes. He giggled, and stroke some curls from Blaine's forehead. "And before you ask… Yes, I'm sure. I want to share this with you, Blaine. It's always you." Kurt stroke Blaine's cheek and then pulled him down for a kiss.

It was Blaine who pulled away from the kiss to reach for the lube and the condoms, but Kurt shook his head, feeling more confident than ever. "No condom, honey. I want to feel you completely."

"Oh god…" Blaine's mind went completely blank when Kurt made that comment, and he was suddenly hungry for Kurt's body. Kurt saw the change in Blaine's eyes, and he was just… really happy with it. Blaine quickly put some lube on his fingers, and moved his fingers to Kurt's entrance. Kurt let his eyes fall close, and relaxed in the pillow, because really… One finger wasn't that bad. It felt nice, actually. Kurt bucked down on that single finger of Blaine, and moaned for more.

"Kurt… This is your first time, why does it feel so good? It should.. hurt." Blaine bit his lip. Maybe he wasn't doing his job well? Maybe he wasn't stretching Kurt in the right way, and then it would really hurt when his cock would enter…

Kurt answered with a moan and "another one!". Blaine didn't know if Kurt just decided to ignore the answer, or he couldn't form a normal sentence, because Blaine's finger buried inside of Kurt's asshole felt so good. Blaine just added another finger, suddenly not caring about the way he did it anymore. He just wanted to let Kurt feel good. That was his goal, to make Kurt come because of him. That would let Blaine in an utter bliss.

"B-Blaine… Oh god…" Kurt was biting his lip so hard he tasted blood. It was beyond anything he had ever experienced. And to top it off, this was Blaine fucking Anderson, who did this to him. Who would have thought that a guy like Blaine, who could have any gay guy on the world, would fall for him? Not that he was complaining… Not at all. He heard himself beg for another, and what he felt then was heaven. Blaine curled up the three fingers and it hit his prostate perfectly. Kurt was shaking and moaning and begging for Blaine to enter his cock, because he was ready…

Blaine looked at his boyfriend who was already falling apart from only his fingers. From only his fingers! Blaine was still wondering why Kurt would feel so good under his touch. When he lined up his cock in front of Kurt's entrance, he was mentally slapping himself on thinking too much. This was supposed to be good. Kurt would let him feel good, no matter what.

"Blaine!" Kurt held his breath when his boyfriend entered him, and he wiggled, trying to make this uncomfortable, burning feeling go away. But shit, it was so worse. He trembled, and clenched his hands around Blaine's shoulders, digging his nails into his skin.

"Kurt? Are you okay?" Blaine asked worriedly, but with a bit of a shaking voice, because this just felt really good, to be buried in Kurt's asshole… But he had to look after Kurt. He had to hold himself back from just thrusting inside of Kurt's hole. It was hard. Too hard.

Kurt answered with a groan, nodding and then started to wiggle underneath Blaine's touch, moaning, nodding to continue. Blaine stared into Kurt's eyes and started to move his hips. Kurt met up with the thrusts and soon they were in a matching pattern. Moans, groans, puffs, "Blaine's!", "Kurt's!" and so much more obscene sounds were leaving the boy's mouths, because this felt better than they had both thought it would feel.

"S-shit, Kurt… I'm close!" It was fast, yeah, but Blaine was a teenager who had sex for the first time with the love of his life, so he really couldn't help himself. He grabbed Kurt's cock and gave it a tug. And Kurt came with a loud scream, all over Blaine's stomach and hand. Blaine followed soon after Kurt, partly because of the sounds Kurt was making when he had reached his climax. Blaine bit in Kurt's shoulder as he rode out his climax. Kurt was watching him intensely and concluded that Blaine made the most beautiful faces when he was coming.

They were just staring at each other for a minute, maybe more, just thinking about what just had happened. Kurt bit his lip, and planted a soft, short kiss on Blaine's lips. "Thank you," he sighed happily and snuggled into Blaine, who wrapped an arm around Kurt protectively.

"No, thank you, Kurt… I love you so much." And Kurt earned a peck on the forehead from his boyfriend, who seemed to be really exhausted. Kurt laughed and pressed kisses on both Blaine's eyes. Then he started to hum a lullaby and Blaine found himself falling asleep under Kurt's embrace and voice…

When Kurt was sure Blaine was asleep, he whispered in his ear: "I love you too…"

Blaine's lips curled up, as if he had heard Kurt saying that.

And that was that. Their first time had been perfect. It was over too soon, but that didn't matter. It had felt good for the both of them, and that was the most important thing.

Ugh, sucky end, and I'm not entirely happy about the fic… Ah well, just lemme know what you think! :D