Main-characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Wes Montgomery, David Thompson, Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling
Pairings: Klaine, Wevid, Niff
Fandom: Glee
Author: TeamBartie
Rated: M (for sexual interaction and language)
Category: Romance
Summary: It can happen out of lust, frustration or pure love. It can be cheating, or the most beautiful thing you've ever shared together… but these guys have all something in common. It was all their first time… Three Warbler-couples, three chapters.
Important: I'm not Ryan Murphy. Therefore I don't claim the characters.

Soooo.. We've reached the last chapter of this three shot. :) I was the most excited about writing this one, because I've recently developed a huge love for Niff as a couple. *lessthanthree*


Chapter 3 – Niff

Baby, you look so good in these tight jeans. They're hugging your ass really well. I'm glad Dalton called out a day where we're allowed to wear normal clothes. You look amazing. – Jeff

Nick widened his eyes as he received the text message and looked at his boyfriend, who was sitting at the other side of the classroom, licking his lips. Nick groaned underneath his breath, because Jeff just couldn't say things without that and not expecting Nick to say something about that. He smirked and typed a reply.

Don't you think I'll look better without the jeans on? ;) Imagine what we could do right now… But no, we're stuck in this classroom, with another hour to go after this class… Imagine, Jeff… - Nick

Nick eyed his boyfriend as he read the reply, and Jeff widened his eyes and then smirked. This could only be bad… Nick thought as he waited for the reply, tapping with his fingers on the table, trying to pay attention to what the teacher was telling, but honestly? He had lost interest about ten minutes ago. Staring at Jeff was so much more fun.

Oh… Imagining that I'm sucking your cock? Hmm.. I can do that. You taste so good, baby… Only you can taste like that. Oh, yes… I imagine. – Jeff

Nick held back a squeak and he glared at Jeff, who was staring back with a raised eyebrow. Nick felt something grow in his already tight skinny jeans and it wasn't a nice feeling. He whimpered, and suddenly he had sixty eyes, all glaring at him.

"Mister Duval, is there something you want to share with us?" Mr. Curtis towered over Nick, and Nick quickly put his phone in his pocket, shaking his head.

"No, it's okay, Mr. Curtis. I'm truly sorry." He glared at his boyfriend, who was shaking from laughter. Nick shook his head in disbelief and looked back at Mr. Curtis, who nodded and moved back to the front of the classroom.

Oh, you're death, Jeff Sterling. What about skipping that last class of today? I don't care about detention… - Nick

He saw his boyfriend smirking and nodding, and Nick sighed relived, because this erection his boyfriend, with his naughty, naught messages, had caused, wasn't gone yet. And there was only one person who could take care of… his problem.

As soon as the bell rang, Nick jumped up, covering his boner with his book bag and left the classroom before Jeff could reach him, and he ran up to his shared room with his best friend and boyfriend. He threw open the door and fell down on the bed, trying to catch something of his breath Jeff and his run to the room had taken away.

He looked up when he heard the door getting open. He saw his boyfriend standing in front of the now closed door, with a knowing smirk around his lips. He had his eyebrows raised, and looked at Nick on the bed.

"You were about to touch yourself, am I right, Nick?" Jeff moved closer to the bed, with an excited glance in his eyes. Nick stared at his boyfriend, with slightly darker eyes. He then shook his head. It hadn't even crossed his mind to touch himself.

"Oh, you were waiting for me, then? Fair enough. You've been a good boy, Nick. You deserve a present." As soon as Jeff had finished the sentence, he was hovering over Nick, grinning as he planted a kiss on Nick's lips, then moving on to the sensitive neck of his boyfriend. He nipped a few times, and that was enough for Nick to start moaning and have trouble breathing…

"Those noises you make, baby… Oh god. So good." Jeff wanted to kiss more of Nick's skin, but he was blocked by his shirt. He growled, as he pulled Nick in a sitting position to remove his shirt. Nick was staring at his boyfriend with wide eyes, and it confused Jeff. What if he didn't want Jeff to do that?

"Baby? Don't you want me to…" He bit his lip, because it was Nick who suggested to ditch the last class of the day, because he was probably driven by lust. Nick's eyes widened even more when Jeff asked him that and he shook his head.

"Oh, honey… No, no, no… I want you to, please?" He begged, as he was playing with the edge of Jeff's shirt, eyes boring in Jeff's.

"Okay, if you insist." Jeff grinned his beautiful grin, and moved Nick's arms away to remove his shirt. It showed the perfect stomach of Nick, and Jeff gasped at the sight, even though he had already seen it for like a thousand times. It never got boring. Nick grinned, because he knew which impact he had on his boyfriend. He now worked fast on getting Jeff's shirt out of the way, because really… Jeff's stomach wasn't bad aswell.

"Baby, you're so beautiful," Nick gasped as Jeff's shirt was off, and he put his mouth at Jeff's neck, kissing his way down to Jeff's belly button, and twirled his tongue around it. It was driving Jeff absolutely crazy, and his pants were getting tighter and tighter. Nick smirked against Jeff's skin, and then mouthed his boyfriend's half hard cock through the fabric of his pants. Jeff inhaled some air, only to let it out really quick again.

"Nick… Please. Do something, anything. I've been without this for so long… How long has it been?" Jeff sighed relieved as Nick removed his pants, and also slid down his boxer. Jeff's erections jumped up and Jeff left out a contented sigh.

"Baby… Baby. You're wearing too much clothes. You have to strip in front of me… Please?" Jeff was looking at Nick with those damn puppy eyes of him, and Nick couldn't do much else than agree to his boyfriend's wish. He jumped off of the bed, and he felt truly ridiculous when he started to remove his own – too tight! – pants and his boxer. Shyly he joined Jeff on the bed again, but when he felt Jeff's erection brushing against his own, he squeaked, and buried his face in Jeff's neck.

"Jeff? I've been thinking about something…" Nick mumbled against Jeff's skin, as he was searching for his boyfriend's hand to grab. When he heard a mumbling response from Jeff, he looked up, staring into Jeff's sparkling eyes.

"I… I want you to make love to me. Please? I.. I'm ready." Nick nodded, and bit his lip, as he was waiting for Jeff's reaction. He worried his lip between his teeth, as Jeff's face grew shocked. He had never thought about Jeff rejecting him. He trembled underneath his touch and tried to get away.

"If you… don't want to, then it's okay ofcourse! I totally understand. It's a big deal, sex… I know… I shouldn't have assumed that yo-" but he was cut off by the familiar, warm, perfect lips of Jeff, who was actually growling against Nick's lips.

"Silly, silly you. Ofcourse I want to make love to you. I would be flattered, honoured, and you'd make me the happiest man alive." Jeff nuzzled his nose into his boyfriend's neck, and started to make his way down, quicker now, because he knew what was about to happen.

Soon his cock would be buried deep inside of Nick. The thought of it made Jeff shudder with happiness. He lazily laid his hand over Nick's boner, and started to jerk him off. He loved the sounds Nick was making. And he loved that the erection Nick had now, had been caused because of him. And only him.

"J-Jeff!" Nick's voice was shaking, and his hands found its way into Jeff's hair, pulling slightly at it, letting him know that it certainly wasn't enough. "T-There's lube… and a condom in the nightstand. Please," he whined, and he saw Jeff smirking. His whole body was shaking with need, it needed attention. And he needed to come. He needed to come from only the cock of his boyfriend buried deep inside his asshole. He made a whining noise, as he thought about it, and waited patiently for his boyfriend until he would return with all the things they needed.

Jeff crawled back and Nick saw the condom already around Jeff's cock. Nick gasped. This was really happening, he was about to have sex with the boy he loved the most. The last step in their relationship. An important step.

"Are you ready, baby?" Jeff asked, as he opened the bottle, spreading and warming some lube up between his fingers. He then watched Nick, who nodded and had his eyes closed.

"Please… I need it, Jeff. Please?"

That was all Jeff needed. He moved his lubed finger to the entrance of his boyfriend, and slowly pushed in. He felt Nick tensing underneath his touch, but then he relaxed, because it felt rather nice to have a finger inside… Nick silently asked for more to push up against Jeff's finger. Jeff seemed to understand, because he entered another finger, making Nick moan, which made him shudder from excitement. Soon three fingers were buried inside of Nick, and Jeff was searching for that one spot that would make Nick squirm and beg…

"Ooooh, Jeff! Please, please, please. You're amazing. I love you. I want you. Now. Please. Please?" Nick babbled, and Jeff grinned, because Nick had reacted exactly the same as Jeff had imagined he would react. Nick stared up, and his eyes were driven by lust. Jeff licked his lips and leaned down to press a hungry kiss on Nick's lips. Nick sighed into the kiss, but then whined as Jeff pulled his fingers out.

"Shhh, it's okay, baby," Jeff cooed, as he slicked up his rock hard dick. He positioned in front of Nick's entrance, and then slid in, as he kept staring in Nick's eyes. They were shut and Jeff noticed the pain all over Nick's face as he was sliding in.

"Keep breathing, honey… You're doing great, I'm almost all the way in," Jeff whispered, as he stroke through his boyfriend's hair. "See? I'm there… Now tell me as you're ready to go… Oh, baby… You feel so good, do you know that?" Jeff was shaking, slightly freaking out, because he got no response of his boyfriend. Even not a pained sound. It came as a godsend when Nick left out a breathing moan and nodded.

Jeff pulled out, and slowly slid in again, moaning at the warmth surrounding his cock once again. Nick was now moaning aswell, his eyes still shut. They quickly picked up the pace. Jeff was pulling in and pushing out quicker, and Nick met his thrusts just at the right time. Jeff had a trouble holding back his release, because he had yet to find the spot… That special spot.

"Jeff!" Nick lifted his back off of the bed, and met Jeff's thrust again. Jeff had found the prostate of his boyfriend, and he was now hitting it with every thrust.

"Ugh, hggggggn," Nick groaned, as he trusted more desperately now. He needed the release, and he needed it now. He had trouble breathing, when he felt Jeff's breath against his ear, tickling his earlobe.

"Let it go, baby… Let it go!"

And that was it for Nick. His back arched off the bed once again, as he emptied himself all over Jeff's stomach. Jeff followed soon after and he filled his boyfriend's hole with his come. He was shivering and shaking from the orgasm. So was Nick. He was a mess underneath Jeff, but Jeff didn't matter. Nick was beautiful, even now, with the sweat covering his forehead. Jeff leaned down to give a long, loving kiss at his boyfriend as he pulled out. Nick pulled a face, but then sighed contentedly, wrapping his arms around Jeff. Jeff reached for his cock, rolling the condom off and threw it somewhere near the trash ban.

"Baby…" Nick whispered, and brought his hand up to cup Jeff's face. Jeff stared down into his boyfriend's eyes. They were sparkling with love, and Jeff swallowed. Nick was so beautiful right now. Jeff opened his mouth, but Nick shook his head, laying his finger over Jeff's lips. Jeff teasingly kissed the finger, but nodded. Then he jumped up off the bed, snickering because of the protesting sound of his boyfriend. He quickly ran to the bathroom, wetting a towel and brought it back to the bed Nick was laying. He held it up and smiled apologetic.

Nick nodded, and sighed happily when his boyfriend started to clean him off. Jeff cleaned himself too and then threw the towel in a corner. He climbed into the bed, next to Nick, and wrapped his arms back, leaning his head on his chest. He felt Nick's lips in his hair, and he giggled, looking up, meeting beautiful eyes.

"I love you, Nick…"

"And I love you, Jeff."

Yay, cliche moment! :D I hoped you enjoyed this fic. It was just a lame excuse to write some smut I guess, hehehe. Thank you all for reading!