AN: I really didn't feel like doing the mating season plot bunny, because everyone has had a go at it, but because of the Stiles & Derek Fest, I figured I might as well take a stab. Plus I haven't really been particularly happy with the last episode as well as some other things regarding Teen Wolf. But that's whatever, on to the story?


It started at lunch.

Stiles was chowing down on his favorite food in the whole world: chicken strips.

He was also musing to Scott about how cool it would be if other types of mythical creatures existed too.

"Dude, imagine if there were vampires in the world. Or witches! Fairies might be a stretch, but... well you never know. I mean, seriously, you just don't know anymore. But imagine living in a world were there are so many cool monsters! Do you think that-"

"Stiles, shut up!" Scott yelled.

Scott felt weird. He couldn't focus on anything, and his sense of smell had went to overdrive. He felt like... he felt like thrusting up against something.

"Sorry, dude," Stiles apologized. "I thought you had come to terms with... your, uh... condition."

"No- It's not that. I- I feel weird. I feel like... I just feel weird."

"Weird how?" Stiles asked. "Weird, as in, I'm gonna wolf out any second now?"

"No... well, yes, but I feel like doing something."

"Oh..." Stiles said, understanding – or so he thought. "What do you want to do?"

Scott looked at Stiles. His eyes were gold. "More like who."

Stiles finally realized what Scott was getting at.

"Oh, damn."

Stiles got Scott into his Jeep as quick as possible. They weren't prepared for whatever this was, so they decided the best thing to do was to get Scott home. Melissa McCall wouldn't be hope until late at night, so he would be away from people for the most part.

Stiles drove as hard as could to Scott's house. Stiles noticed a certain bulge in Scott's jeans.

"So how do you feel?" Stiles hoped maybe talking would help Scott regain control.

"Like I'm gonna explode!" Scott yelled.

"Like feelgood explode, or body explode?" Stiles asked, panicked.

Scott looked at him. His breathing was ragged and hard, each gasp was harder and raspier than the last. "Both."

Stiles tapped his fingers on his steering wheel. He had to figure out to help Scott deal with this. "Well... just hold on until we get you home.

They drove up to Scott's house and got him up the stairs.

Scott dropped into the bed and groaned.

He was really fucking hard.

"What is this?" Scott yelled.

"I don't know! Maybe it's the full moon?" Stiles said, worried for his best friend.

"That's not for another week! I don't feel it's effects for a few more days!"

"I don't know... I'll... Oh my god, I can't believe I'm saying this... I'll go ask Derek."

"Okay... just-... just hurry back."

Stiles paused and thought for a moment. That could work, but he really didn't want to have to bring it up with his best friend.

"Stiles! Why are you still here?"

"I was just thinking... maybe you should..." Stiles trailed off.

"I should what?"

"You should probably masturbate!" That didn't sound as awkward as he thought it would.

"... Stiles... can you please just go?" Scott groaned.

Stiles drove towards the Hale House scared out of his mind. He hated Derek, and Derek hated him. But for Scott, this was necessary.

Oh god, did he really not want to do this.

Stiles barged in Derek's house, panicky and flustered.

"Derek! Scott needs help!"

The house was silent.


Derek really couldn't handle this right now. Stiles reeked of Scott's testosterone and of his own pheromones. And in his current condition, he was tempted to do very dangerous things.

"Derek! Scott needs your help!..." Stiles voiced lowered to a whisper, "I don't know if I'm happy you're not here or really, really worried..."

"I'm here!" Derek sighed. He'd just have to try to contain himself.

"Shit. Scott needs help! He's acting all weird! Can you come down here?"

"No! You should probably leave, Stiles!"

"Not until you've helped me with Scott!"

Dammit, thought Derek, I can't fucking deal with this right now.

"I'm coming!" Derek got up and composed himself. He could keep himself composed. He could keep himself composed. He could keep himself composed.

He really wasn't going to be able to keep himself composed.

Derek walked down the steps, trying to stop himself from jumping Stiles' bones. All he had on was a pair of jeans, the rest of him naked to the enjoyment of whoever gazed upon him.

"Stiles, I can't help you right now. You need to go."

"No," Stiles stepped forward, "Not until-"

Derek moved faster than he'd ever determined he could.

He had Stiles pinned to the wall of his house. Stiles' heart was beating like a rabbit's, fear plastered across his face.

"Oh my god, it's affecting you too."

"Yes, it's affecting all werewolves right now."

"So what is it? Your guys' mating season?" Stiles asked hoping it was just a joke.

"In a way," Derek explained, his eyes clenched shut, arms on either side of Stiles' head. "Wolves only mate when an alpha female is in heat. But since me and Scott are packless, we go into a sort of... frenzy during the first full moon of a year... during the Wolf Moon."

"As a way to find out who is compatible for a new pack..." Stiles edged, hoping to get some information out of this experience.

"Exactly. We would normally be roaming the country looking for a suitable mate, but because of the alpha... I'm here."

"And this is gonna affect you for how long, exactly?"

"As long as a normal mating season... a week."

"That's it? Lame."

"We copulate profusely during our mating season," Derek looked into Stiles' eyes. "Profusely."

"So, I just have Scott stay in bed for a week. Could say it's chickenpox or something..."

"That's if you make it out of here alive."

"What do you- Oh my god, you're not gonna kill me are you?"

"Not if you don't stop sweating. You're sweat... there's pheromones in them, and the more you sweat, the more there are pheromones... which arouses me."

"But you look for suitable mates! Two boys, that's-"

"Not as uncommon as you think... Nature believes in sex as a whole. Homosexuality, though rarer, is just as natural as heterosexuality. Two males can raise a pup after the first part of its rearing is done by its mother. Only alphas have heterosexuality and sexual fidelity both built in them. One alpha male... to one alpha female so they can birth pups."

Derek panted. Talking about it was helping.

"So you're gay?" Stiles asked.

Derek glared at him.

"It was just a question!"

"No, Stiles, I'm not gay." Derek panted. "I'm sexually omnivorous... It's the quality of sex that matters to me, not the sex of the partner."

"Oh... That's cool too."

"Stiles, can you stop talking?"

"Why? I thought it was helping."

"It was, but now... It's irritating."


They stood there for a moment.

"Should I try to leave?" Stiles asked.

"Only if you want to be chased down."

"You can't control it or something?"

"This is me controlling it!"

"So if you let it go-"

"I'm going to if you don't stop talking."

Stiles bit his lip.

Silence ensued for a few moments.

"Do you find me attractive?" Stiles couldn't help it. If Derek was 'sexually omnivorous' that was as good as gay. Or, at least, to a part it was.


"Do you find me attractive? It's a simple enough question."

"Do you see my arms?"

"Yeah," Stiles drew the word out, puzzled.

"Do you see me sweating?"

"Yeah." Still puzzled.

"Do you see me down there?"

Stiles took a glance. Oh god, that thing look like it was alive, trying to get out.

"Yeah, I see it."

"There's your answer, piece it together."

Stiles thought for a moment. "Well this is awkward."

"Stiles...," Derek ignored his comment. "I'm gonna try something. I need you to stay silent. And to not react in any way, if possible."

"Okay..." Stiles wondered if he'd pull some more mumbo-jumbo like he had with the wolfsbane bullet.

Derek kneed his way inbetween Stiles' legs. When his bulge came in contact with Stiles' thigh, he hissed in pleasure.

"Oh, wow, what are you-"

Derek's hand flew up to Stiles' mouth.

"I said, stay silent."

Derek rubbed himself against Stiles, all the while closing his eyes, enjoying the friction between his member and his jeans. This might actually work. He could pacify his need, and Stiles would be safe to go during his refractory period.

Stiles just prayed that Derek wouldn't get too handsy.

Derek groaned, Stiles smelled too good. And felt so right. He thrusted against the brunette, fevered with the urge to come. He could feel Stiles' worry, but that came second to his safety, and this was the best that Derek could do without traumatizing or hospitalizing him.

Each thrust brought him one little bit closer to his edge, and he felt himself enjoying the proximity of Stiles' body up against him way too much.

He wanted more... But knew he couldn't.

Derek rubbed up against Stiles one last time.

He cried out, and felt himself pulse against the younger teen.

He wished he didn't have to send Stiles away.

Stiles was mortified. If ten minutes ago, someone had told him that Derek Hale was going to dry hump him, he'd say that he'd sooner blow the man, but now he was afraid to think about such jokes.

"You should go. Now."

Stiles ducked out of Derek's braced arms and made for the door.

"But, what about-"

"Leave, Stiles." Derek won't let himself be tempted.

Stiles ducked out of the house, not needing to be told twice.

Getting in his car, Stiles recounted what just happened.

Oh my god, his mind reeled, Derek Hale just dry humped me.

Starting the car, Stiles groaned.

He still had to deal with a horny Scott.


AAN: It's oddly short, and it really does count as PWP. I could've gone differently around the part where Derek is explaining everything, I was debating on whether making Stiles a slut and having him give Derek a handjob or something. But I didn't. Well, this is one of the entries I'll submit for the Derek & Stiles Fest, I'll try to do more before it ends.

Edit. It actually sort of sucks. Wow, didn't knowtice how bad until just now.