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Fevered, Pt. 2

Stiles was driving, both car and heart going a little faster than necessity called for. How could he concentrate on going the speed limit after what had just happened.

Derek Hale just dry humped him.

Derek Hale.

Dry humped.


And now he had to deal with Werewolf Scott – Erect Penis Edition ®. How was he supposed to handle that? He was positive that Scott didn't have the same self-control that Derek possessed, and even if he did, another frottage session wasn't exactly on the list of things he was gonna do today.

Regardless, Scott was his friend, and he felt obligated to do what he could, bar none.

Pulling up in front of Scott's house, Stiles tried to mentally prepare himself. Not that that was possible, but still. By the time Stiles was at Scott's room's door, his heart was thumping almost as hard as it was when Derek had his body right up against his own.

He knocked on the door. "Scott? Bud, how's it going in there?"

"Stiles, I can't feel anything."

Stiles bursts into the room to find Scott hands in hair, and frustrated. A pillow covered his crotch but his jeans and trunks are around his ankles.

"Woah – hey there, what's going on?"

"I've been trying to... y'know... for over an hour. Since you left, I noticed I can barely feel my hand. It's like it's numb to me, or I can't get myself off. I don't get it."

"Well, I can tell you this. It's mating season, or at least a form of it. You're supposed to be roaming the countryside, apparently looking for other werewolves, likely angsty dorks like yourself."

"Is that what Derek said?"


"So, what? I'm stuck with boner for... however long this thing lasts?"

"About a week, yeah. Unless you can somehow find a way to, uh, drain the tank."

"And how am I supposed to do that, when I can barely feel my own hand?!"

"Haven't quite figured that one out yet."

They sat in silence for a moment, just trying to find a solution out of thin air.



"Alright, let's see it," Stiles said. Bar none, he had promised to help Scott.

"Wait - what?"

"Show me your... Just show me."

"Stiles, this is embarrassing," Scott protested.

"If it makes you feel the slightest bit better, Derek Hale just dry humped me and told me to get out. If that is not embarrassing the word doesn't exist. So lift up the pillow, and show it to me."

Scott's face cycles through a look of confusion to a look like he's about to protest, but a serious glare from Stiles made him choose to close his eyes and lift the pillow.

Stiles eyes widened and he had to pull back his head to get a second perspective.

"That looks like it hurts."

"It aches."

Stiles surveyed the situation.

He would do a lot of things for Scott, die for him even, and this was gonna have to be one of them.



"Hand me your lotion."

"Stiles, you don't have to do this."

"Hand me the lotion, Scott."

Scott picked up the already uncapped bottle of lotion from his bedside drawer.

Stiles squirted a small amount of the creamy liquid into his hand and inhaled.

As Stiles grasped Scott, the werewolf hissed, cold lotion surprising him.

Stiles wasn't used to this, obviously, but he found that touching another guy didn't seem so weird, at least when he had a specific goal in mind.

Scott wasn't used to this either, but immediately, he felt Stiles was accomplishing more than when he was the one holding the joystick, so to speak. He arched his back a little, enjoying the feeling of another person's hands around his shaft. A few groans were elicited as Stiles alternated between his grips. One moment Stiles would grip Scott like he would hold himself, his thumb rubbing the head, but then he would reverse his hand, pulling Scott by his hard-on, like a farmer milking a cow.

Stiles found himself fascinated. Not by his best friend, nor touching another guy, but by the simple fact that he was the reason Scott was feeling so good, writhing on the bed. Watching his best friend clutch his sheets and flex his abs was interesting, to the say the least. He did his best to stay concentrated on bringing Scott to climax.

Maybe, just for a moment, did he find himself aroused.

It goes on for a long while, at least to the two of them, it's a long while, but eventually, Scott is shiny and slick from all of the pre-ejaculate that's built up.

Both of their breathing patterns are harsh, rugged, irregular.

"How close are you?" Stile asks, his hand just now starting to feel raw.

"I'm right at the edge..." A troubled look flashes across Scott's face, though.

"Something's wrong, isn't it?"

"I can't get myself over the edge."

"So wait a couple of seconds, it'll come."

"No, I'm there! It just won't come!"

Stiles looked at Scott; the werewolf looked like he was being tortured over how close to the edge he is. All he needed was that slightest push.

And Stiles knew how to give him one.

Leaning in, Stiles caught Scott's bottom lip between his own.

The moment isn't about Stiles and Scott, it's about two creatures. It's not about the complex chemistry and physics of two souls loving each other, it's the bare bones human need for contact.

The kiss is all it takes to push Scott over the edge. He cries out and spills all over his shirt and slightly exposed stomach. The last spurts drip all over Stiles hand.

Stiles looks at his hand, and with all the indifference of someone drying their hands, he wipes the last of Scott's cum onto the werewolf's shirt.

Stiles climbs to the other side of Scott's bed, laying back contemplating what just happened.

Scott looks over to Stiles. "Thanks."

Stiles doesn't look back. "No problem."

The next few moments are spent in awkward, but content silence. Both ignore the fact that Scott's pants were down, the fact that Stiles had given him a wristy, and the fact that they just kissed.

"Should we talk?" Scott asked.

"Nope." Stiles replied.



"So, are we gonna have to do this everyday for a whole week?"


AAN: Okay, it's been two years, and to be honest I haven't had much motivation to write anything, BUT I wanted to write this because I was bored. Maybe this will help generate enough ambition to keep writing, especially to update Blurred Perspectives. Because I kinda left you all hanging with that, didn't I.

Edit: I was contemplating having Stiles give Scott a blowjob, but I decided not to. It might've been better. You tell me.


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