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Summary: Already starting to feel inferior so early in his life, Shen leaves his family for five years to train with an exiled peacock: Warlord Junfa. But will Shen survive the sadistic tortures of this disturbed warrior?


Some years before Shen's exile (7-8)

"You said you wanted to learn kung fu, Shen dear" explained his mother, smiling with a gesture to Master Flying Rhino. "You want me to learn from this lumbering great oaf? Think, mother!" exclaimed Shen in outrage, and his father stepped forwards. "Don't speak to your mother like that, Shen. You should be grateful we're even considering letting you learn such a violent art." Shen's father waited for his son's response, and the peachick nodded. "Sorry, father. It's just... all Flying Rhino can do is charge things, or whack them with his weapon. That's undignified, and beneath me" explained Shen.

"Refer to him with the proper respect. Master Flying Rhino has saved this city many times, and we are grateful to his services. If you continue being insolent, then we will just forbid you from learning this dangerous art. Why would you even need to learn kung fu, Shen?" demanded his father, genuinely confused. "Because it will make me less weak. I'd rather learn to fight than to write up treaties."

The arguement went on, and Flying Rhino was even brought in. Despite disagreeing with Shen's approach, the master did agree with him that a rhino and a peacock were far removed in terms of fighting. However, he might like to learn alongside a proteege of his, a green peahen called Jade Wings. Since she was a commoner, Shen again said no, and finally stormed off to his room.

The Oil Wastelands, a few days later.

Out of the doors of the destroyed pagoda, a scruffy looking peacock was shoved unceremoniously across the ground. Dressed in peasant clothes, the only remaining sight that marked him as Shen were the metal claws on his feet. In front him, Warlord Junfa led him to a side of the cliff. Shen's combat teacher wore a very thin armour made of lightweight steel plates. Once known as The Silver Blessing, now the armour had been blackened by charcoal and soot.

The Black Peacock, as he was now called, led young Shen to a cover that towered over the two birds. "Open the hatch!" cawed Junfa, to his confused protege. Nothing had been said, causing Shen no end to frustration. Up on the cliff, a towering and demonic fortress held the foundry that built the drills. Oil and charcoal was farmed, alongside huge structures that built the titanic metallic drills.

A dawning comprehension crossed Shen's face, and the exhaust chute opened. Foul black smoke exploded outwards, Junfa jumping out of the way, but Shen was too shocked to do anything. The first gulp of tainted air caused the peacock to black out, his brain just shutting down from the pain his lungs felt.

An hour later, Junfa threw him in front of the smog again, and once more Shen blacked out. This continued at shorter intervals, and when Shen managed to survive ten seconds alive in the smog, Junfa allowed him a break. Patches of black latching onto his feathers, Shen looked nothing like the royalty he had come from.

Which was just what Junfa intended, proudly watching the young peachick be subjected to toxic air for the full day. As Shen screamed in pain and anguish once more, Junfa closed his eyes, relishing the cries of pain. People like Shen, royalty and prestigious people, made him what he was today. Sure, he remembered the days when he strode about in gleaming white armour.

Flanked by his own elite group of peacocks, cranes and other birds, along with the legion of citizens, Junfa had been a celebrity. He was broken from the memory of life past by the silence of Shen's screams. Looking down again, Junfa saw that his charge had not fainted yet. Instead, the peacock was hacking, waving the smoke away. His lungs were, no doubt, threatening to collapse.

Stepping forwards, Junfa felt what sustained Shen.


That, and willpower, made an invincible cloud around the young peacock. With a cry of anguish and rejection, Shen collapsed once more. Who cared if he killed the little prince? He'd send the body back as an example. Ready to drag Shen out again, the Warlord stepped back in surprise, for Shen managed to do that himself up, standing back up and opening his tail feathers.

Some of the smoke was weakly flapped away, and then that little movement was too much. Junfa walked forwards, and picked Shen out of the smoke, seeing red welts and blackened feathers marring his protégé's once perfect body. Satisfied, the Warlord carried Shen into the pagoda, and into a specially prepared room. As attendants draped him slowly onto an ordinary bed, Junfa moved smoothly over to a mixing bowl and finished the crushing.

An amateur alchemist himself, the Warlord added a few drops, and soon the specially prepared drugs wafted smoke into the air. Closing the windows, Junfa and the attendants walked out, leaving the hallucinogenic smoke in the room to torture Shen.

As toxins entered the young peacock's mind, Junfa would destroy both the peacock's mentality and form, ready to be restructured. Having been deprived of air, Shen's lungs worked overtime, pulling in clean air, but also the wafting smoke. Junfa closed the door, just as Shen began to thrash and cry out.

Screw revenge, thought Junfa. The Warlord's torture of a young peacock Lord, one that would become something he could not, was exhilarating. To destroy Shen's future, something that made Junfa seep withjealousy, was like gorging oneself on a large feast.

The gigantic dragon of black smoke lunged out of the sky, and Shen ran. Tripping over his metal claws, the peacock felt his own protectors stab their steel talons into his body. Precious lifeblood poured onto the ground, the dragon rearing up and opening its mouth. Shen disappeared in a haze of multicolor, reshaping to become himself again.

Now his body was becoming smoke, and as his breathe came out Shen saw it was black. This was... impossible. Shen's own breath was now choking him, expelling itself from his throat. A golden throne, the back shaped like a peacock's plumage, turned dark slowly. Shen reached out a wing, but before his eyes it rotted and decayed to nothing, falling into a dark hole as it disintegrated.

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