hallo! man, its been a really long time! Have to apologize for that. This year was a great one for games...and a bad one for my wallet. lol. Well, now that I have played enough of Skyrim, Portal 2, ME3, and Skyward Sword, i thought I would take up this again. Sorry if this chapter is kinda short, Im feeling a bit rusty. Next chapter is going to focus on Rookie, so please, please, IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT HIS CHARACTER, i WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HEAR THEM!

The Master Chief cracked his knuckles. He'd seen tougher looking foes. This was just one more in the long line of enemies he had to kill.

"Rookie, cover me." He commanded the young ODST, who was currently struggling to pull a dazed Six into cover.

The spartan rolled, the second rocket coming so close to his head he could feel its heat through his helmet. He took that as a hint that he needed to close some distance.

Moving with inhuman speed, he sprinted across the gap. The Combine didn't even have time to realize it needed to reload before the butt of an SMG rammed into its face. The impact was strong enough to crack a normal person's skull, but the alien only took a calm step back, retaliating with an elbow to the gut.

The Chief bent with it, coming back up with a smashing upper-cut, the SMG shoved into its stomach, the trigger pulled. He took note of how the alien's white armor fizzled, absorbing the point blank barrage of shells. No doubt it was upgraded to resist any type close range stress. Great. He kicked it in the chest, forcing the combine back and allowing them some breathing room as they circled each other, wearily examining each other for any weaknesses.

He frowned slightly, hand to hand combat was never his forte. Improvising, now that was another thing all together.

The reprieve was over. Combine and Spartan braced themselves, then charged back into battle. Fist met fist. The Chief could feel the force shock-waving up his arm. He slid to the ground, kicking his enemy's legs out from underneath it.

Rolling back up, he calmly turned to face where the combine was struggling to pull itself off the ground, its large red orb for an eye glowing in the dark. That gave him the idea he was looking for. All enemies had a weakness, and he might of just found it for this one.

He grabbed its arm, jerking it back up. Its momentum carried it straight towards him. He flattened a hand, then jabbed it right into the center of its eye. Circuits blew, glass cracked as his hand exploded out the other side of the combine's skull. It twitched once, then died.

Master Chief withdrew his hand, fingers dripping with some type of brain matter. He turned his gazed towards his two companions. "This things dead. Lets move out."

The Rookie stared at him in silent awe. He looked at his own fist, wondering if he could do that. In the end, he only shrugged and went to help up Six, who was just now shaking his daze off. He extended a hand, but it was quickly slapped away.

"Don't touch me." Six staggered to his feet. By the way his shoulders were hunched they could easily tell he might of been a little peeved about getting hit by a rocket. "We done here?"

They looked up towards the complex, the search lights illuminating its foreboding concrete walls. For all the world it looked like a prison, and in another life, who knows. It very well could be been. The rebels told them that this was a checkpoint for the trains that entered the city. If there was a way into the city, it had to be here.

"Time to find some answers." The Chief replied, and led the way into the complex.

Somewhere else...

There was a void, as deep and as black as there ever was. In its fathomless depths, a tiny, minuscule light shone. It belonged to a small lamp that was perched neatly on a desk, the papers and documents on its surface cleanly arranged and organized. The lone person manning the desk leaned back in his chair, and adjusted his tie. Before him lay the dossiers of three certain soldiers.

He almost smiled. Almost. Things were running along smoothly, as he had predicted. These three subjects, unbeknownst to them, were following the plan quite well. Soon, they would complete their task. They would trigger those unforeseeable consequences he favored so much, and put into action what he really came here to do. After he was through with them...well...that's when the real work would start.